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The first compact contactless bicycle dynamo. Maximal light with minimal effort. No friction, no batteries, no cables. Light & Cool!
The first compact contactless bicycle dynamo. Maximal light with minimal effort. No friction, no batteries, no cables. Light & Cool!
The first compact contactless bicycle dynamo. Maximal light with minimal effort. No friction, no batteries, no cables. Light & Cool!
483 backers pledged $76,340 to help bring this project to life.

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Magnic Light cases

Hi Magnic Light backers,

Today first 30 Magnic Light cases for shipping have arrived here- rest will follow on Thursday. Actually I prepare shipping and simultaneously the Magnic Light presentation at Taipei Cycle from Thursday to Saturday. Hope I don't make mistakes and your lights reach you soon. The complete family actually helps and we hope to manage all within easter holidays which last 2 weeks and start on Friday. 


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Webshop for adapters

Hi Kickstarter Backers,

This week we have now received all pieces for production and we are working nearly all day (and little bit of nights) on production now. 

The last days we got many requests from Kickstarter backers for additional adapters. This makes sense if you want to use the lights on different bicycles and don't to screw each time. Once you have adjusted the adapter on your bike it is really easy to switch. If you need additional adapters please choose from our new webshop we have opened today and choose the shipping option "Kickstarter". In this case no additional shipping cost appears and we can send the additional adapters together with your lights. We can offer adapters for roadbikes with caliper brakes, for bicycles with v-brake/cantilever system and additionally clamp adapters. Here I ahev some images from our webshop at:   There you find more details.


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Additional Adapter & changes

Dear Kickstarter,

The last days we got many requests for additional adapters- which makes sense if you have different bikes and quickly want to switch between. With different adapters mounted on your bicycles this is very simple because the Magnic Light click mechanism allows to switch easily in seconds. Tomorrow we want to open a webshop where you can order additional adapters without additional shipping cost. Please only use the Kickstarter part of the webshop which is made exclusively for Kickstarter backers to do this. For switching between different bikes with additional adapters you also need theses small plastic click adapters (made of very stable polycarbonate) for the click mechanism. 

When we planned the shipment to Kickstarter backers we did not take into account that you might need more adapters than lights- which means we do not have additional click adapter pieces available now (while we have enough aluminum adapters hopefully). But we will get additional ones in the first days of March. This means if you choose additional plastic adapters your lights will arrive ~ 2 weeks later- but you save the extra shipping costs.

The following is mainly interesting for backers with racing bike adapters: Some backers with racing bikes use fenders. This might cause problems with our front-racing adapter. If you want to use fat tires for the racing bike adapter the same problem occurs: As you can see in this image the adapter has a diameter of 34 mm. 

There should be at least 3mm space on both sides of the tires so we can't recommend to use it for bikes with tires of size more than 28mm. Two alternatives are possible. Either you can use two rear-light racing adapters instead of one front-light adapter or you use two clamp adapters which are mounted at the fork. 

Only the rear-light adapter for racing bikes will have the brake light effect because it moves with the brake shoes- so if you use it for the front light you will have a break light effect at the front, too. The only disadvantage of this variant is that the distance to the rim should be a little bit more than for the standard static version where the distance to the rim does not change when braking. So if you like to have maximal light the distance to the rim should be as close as possible which is not possible with the rear-light adapter (on the other hand even the larger distance of more than 5mm is still ok for very good light). 

For the rear-light the distance does not need to be very close because you'll easily get much more light than makes sense:-). Please let us now soon if you need to change.

One more thing: If you wonder why the lights on these photos still have no logo the explanation is simple: The protectors and light bodies have both been silkprinted as published in my last update but only the protectors have reached us so far. 

Unfortunately the shipment was splitted and the light bodies reached Hongkong international airport 17 minutes too late before work stopped for Chinese New Year holidays! I was ready to jump through the roof- but it won't have changed the situation. Now these pieces have to wait until tomorrow when shipment starts again after holidays. This costs us ~10 days- because we can't insert electronics before bodies arrive here.

Again I hope for your understanding.


final days...

Dear Kickstarter Backers,

While we are waiting that the last pieces for production of your Magnic Lights arrive here next week I want to give you a short overview and show some more images.

We are currently in the process of building the magnet kernels while the lights and protectors are printed with the magnic light text and logo this Friday. We will receive the packaging boxes for shipping midth of February but we plan to deliver to the early bird backers before and send them the boxes later. After packaging boxes have arrived here we will deliver to you in the order of backing. 

So let's have a look at the Magnic lights that you will receive:

Mounted on my daughters bike (with V-brakes) this looks like this:

a closer look at the rearlight:

We got many questions concerning adapters and mounting. Here I present a small photo gallery showing how easy it is to mount and demount Magnic Light. It was one of our biggest problems we had to solve the last months and we are really proud that we found a solution that is very stable (suited for heavy offroad cycling), flexible (because it can be adjusted to fit to nearly every bike) and easy (after one time installation of adapters with two screws it can be fixed in seconds in the following)- faster and easier than we originally planned last year:

Finally here are some photos from the pieces waiting for silkprinting tomorrow:

After silkprinting they will look like this:

Here is an image from the injection mold production:

and finally images of the adapters for racing bikes and the clamp adapter for bicycles with disc brakes or special bicycles (Magnic Lights can be used on different bikes- If you need more adapters let us know before we ship them)

After nearly one year of product development I want to thank you all for your patience with Magnic Light. Originally we did not plan to develop a product on this professional level- it just seemed impossible to us. It was only possible with the help of some highly motivated companies who strongly believed in this project - mainly because they saw that we got so much support from our backers! Now I am really confident that we manage to ship all rewards to you until end of this month.


Delivery & Packaging

Dear Kickstarter backers,
We want to inform you that shipment of our Magnic Lights will start in January. We have not received all pieces yet and have to wait until beginning of January until material will be complete. Concerning the handling for each light we have added a small protection box that protects Magnic Light from scratches (mainly the lense) and from magnetic material. You should use these boxes when you demount the lights and put them in a bag- they also protect your credit cards, mobiles phones,... from magnetic forces of Magnic Light.

In this upate we also show the packaging you will receive: It is our standard box for the "complete" set consisting of two front lights + one rear light but we will also use it to send just one or two lights for those who have ordered this option. (or two or four boxes accordingly for the large sets). Each package also includes your adapters (for racing bikes or bikes with V-brake/Cantilever or extra adapters if ordered).

We have received most of your surveys now (a few are still missing and we hope to get them soon) and there some open questions that have not been answered yet. I will answer the remaining open questions this week (There were a lot of things to manage the last weeks so I hope you are indulgent with some late replies). And we are looking forward to receiving your feedback when the first Magnic Lights are mounted on your bikes in many different countries in a few weeks.