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The first compact contactless bicycle dynamo. Maximal light with minimal effort. No friction, no batteries, no cables. Light & Cool!
The first compact contactless bicycle dynamo. Maximal light with minimal effort. No friction, no batteries, no cables. Light & Cool!
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Improvements, Time Schedule & Questionnaire

Posted by Dirk Strothmann (Creator)

First, I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback, comments, ideas after my last update. We have learned much from this feedback but in view of so much inquiries I was not able to answer them all and instead I want to offer an overview of the actual project status here:

The overwhelming majority voted for the optimized "Micro" version I presented in my last update, even if this means a small delay in delivery. Anyway, we want to deliver the "classical" carbon models to all backers who want them.

Meanwhile we have optimized the generator and could eliminate the annoying flickering of the lights nearly completely. We will integrate this feature in all variants in future (Carbon or Micro, front- and rearlight).

We also integrated a new technique that works highly efficient at any speed (especially high speed). Almost any hub dynamo looses efficiency with higher speed (> 20km/h) and also our older prototypes do. But the circuit we need is too complicated for our first series, because we lack resources to develop a stable circuit which is ready for production in a few weeks. We don't want to loose more time on this optimization and now decided to offer the following to our backers:
You can choose the optimal speed range which is best for you and I think this is much better than giving all of you the same standard solution.

This means:
Magnic Light illumination starts at a certain minimum speed (for example at least 3km/h or at least 9km/h). If the minimum speed is higher (light starts at higher speed) then the emitted light will be brighter at higher speed. For example the 3 km/h version starts illumination at 3km/h and the 9 km/h version starts at 9 km/h, but at higher speed (say 30 km/h) the 9 km/h version performs much better and is much more efficient than the 3 km/h version.
We will send out a questionnaire to all backers asking if you want to have the "slow" version starting at 3km/h("S"), or the "fast" version which starts at 9 km/h ("F"). We think this is a useful optimization because we have different kinds of cyclists with different speed range- and we can integrate this feature easily without any risk of malfunction.

Here is the new time schedule:
We have started production of the generator kernel this week- so the first series kernels will be available end of August.
Injection molding parts for the revised "micro" version will be availabe at the beginning of October so we can ship the "micro" version at the beginning of November. You will get two lightweight micro lights (left and right including adapters) with better visibilty from all sides instead of one heavier "Carbon" light- if you like.

In the questionnaire we need two informations from you:
Speed range: "S" (slow) or "F" (fast)
Type: "M" (micro) or "C" (Carbon)

This means, we can offer the speed range selection for the Carbon version too (and it will also be free from flickering) but the magnet component won't be optimized in contrast to the "Micro" version.
We can ship the Carbon version end of September.

We hope that many of you choose the new optimized "Micro" version because this will be the product we want to launch end of this year in contrast to the "carbon" version which can be regarded as collector's item.
We also plan to add a special to the Micro version (engraving, hologram or both) as distinction from the standard version.

The last months we got requests from small and large companies for more than 50 countries- but they have to wait until we have finished delivery to the Kickstarter backers. So you won't see us at bicycle exhibtions this year any more because time is scarce and actually we don't need any kind of promotion. We were asked if there are different kinds of applications for our technique like (USB-) chargers for GPS, Iphone, ... generators for industrial sensors,...

The answer is yes and we already applied for protection- so there is a lot of work ahead.

The questionnaire will follow within the next days.



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    1. Henrik & Denise Van Ryzin on

      Still awaiting survey in Hawaii. Any updates? Winter is coming - we need lights :)

    2. Christopher R. Souser on

      Also looking for an update..and don't recall receiving a survey.

    3. Phillip Ross on

      Hey, I have not seen an email yet - so we would like the Micro version in slow. please

    4. Missing avatar

      Lin Osborne on

      Has the questionnaire been sent? No problem, if not, but I want to make sure I'm not missing emails/communications.

    5. Dirk Strothmann 4-time creator on

      We plan to send it out next week. Reason is simple: We don't want to "forget" things and some days later present an additional survey. There is one point (concerning electronics) which needs a final decision and we don't want to present a hasty reaction.

    6. Missing avatar

      James Yoo on

      where is this survey?

    7. Henrik & Denise Van Ryzin on

      Cant wait to get the survey! I'd also like a bit more info on the fast and slow speeds. Keep up the great work!

    8. Craig Miller on


      Perhaps you are already doing this in your preparations for sending out the survey, but if not, could you point us to a couple of photos to remind us of the differences between the Carbon and the Micro?



    9. Dirk Strothmann 4-time creator on

      Some backers asked for a combination of slow/fast mode which is a brilliant idea- if we don't manage to integrate the automatic speed adaption within the next weeks (which astonishingly is not integrated in standard hub dynamos afaik). But meanwhile we also got an offer from an electronics company for help- so we will check this before sending out the questionnaire.
      If we don't add the adaption circuit I think the combination of two different lights (left and right side) is a very good solution because at slow speed < 9km/h the "slow" light shines and at high speed the "fast" light provides more power.

    10. Andrew Rasmussen on

      It would be good to get some more data to base the fast/slow decision on, even if it was just suggesting which normal riding speed would be on the borderline between fast and slow being the best choice eg "If you normally ride at a speed below X km/h then choose slow, otherwise choose fast." Better, might be to know what speed the slow maxes out at.

    11. Nathan Simpson on

      I agree with Darell on the Comments page. If you are offering all these options I want one that does everything. I an wait.

      I would also like to see some specifications of the light output and efficienciesat the lower and higher speeds.

    12. butch gaudy on

      please include some pics and/or renderings.

    13. Missing avatar

      Frank Tsai on

      thanks for more good news. Can we choose like 2 micro light one in slow mode and the other in fast mode?

    14. Kerry Staite on

      Thank you Dirk!, may I please also have in my BIg carbon, Fast unit, 2x narrow optic, rather than 1x narrow and one wide. thanks again!

    15. Missing avatar

      Anthony Tripley on

      G'Day Dirk - very exciting stuff. Looking forward to the questionnaire as it means we are getting closer to delivery!!