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The first compact contactless bicycle dynamo. Maximal light with minimal effort. No friction, no batteries, no cables. Light & Cool!
The first compact contactless bicycle dynamo. Maximal light with minimal effort. No friction, no batteries, no cables. Light & Cool!
The first compact contactless bicycle dynamo. Maximal light with minimal effort. No friction, no batteries, no cables. Light & Cool!
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    1. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      Hi Cord, Thank you for the reminder. I have forgotten to ship the screws- but will send them next week.

    2. cord on

      Hi Dirk, did you get my message re the missing set of screws for my third adapter?

    3. Alastair Schoen on

      Hey Dirk, have you seen my response? I sent it and photos again directly your support email.

    4. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      Hi Alastair,

      Can you send me a photo of your installation and tell me what kind of wheels you use? Maybe this gives me a hint because we had not this problem so far. Sounds like the tail light produces more light than the front lights in your case?

      Best Regards,


    5. Alastair Schoen on

      Hi Dirk, I originally sent this message more than a week ago to the support email, but no reply. Anyway, while the rear light performs well and well meets expectations I have some concerns about my two front lights. I have attempted many positions on two bikes and have put the lights as close to my rim as my brake pads (1-2mm off the rim). I have read the manual in detail looking for any advice I may have missed. However, even at my highest speeds (about 50kph on a road bike) the 2 lights produce very little usable light. Verifiably less than my cygolite expilion 250 on its lowest setting, so definitely less than 70 lumens. Moreover, illumination of the road (light throw) is only noticeable immediately in front of the bike. The effect so far is that front lights do not aid visibility of the road at current outputs. So im seeking guidance to hopefully remedy this.


    6. Missing avatar

      Helmar Schuh on

      Hi Dirk,
      I read that the final reward was sent out on the 04.juky.
      When can I expect my light to be here for me ready to use?
      Would be fine to get it finally.

      thanks - Helmar

    7. David Wilson on

      Hi Dirk. So pleased to get the lamp, after it was returned to Germany. Fitted it straight away to my Moulton APB. Needed to bend the V brake bracket, so that it would not fail the fat overhang of the tyre. What a light, never thought that it would be so bright. It knocks spots of the LED Cateye. Now I wish I'd got a front as well. Any chance that there could be Backers discount.
      ps, would a keeper on the magnet, be a good or bad idea?

    8. Jon Wasserman on

      Yea! Received mine Friday with the extra universal adaptors & extra brake adaptors. Now to mount with Paul retro Cantis.

    9. Henrik & Denise Van Ryzin on

      My lights just arrived! I'm printing out the instructions, and will attach them this weekend. So excited!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jarle Wanvik on

      I have received the m- light. Thank you! Jolav

    11. Craig Miller on

      Received my lights 2 days ago, followed installation instructions (something new for me), and everything went together quite well on my Bacchetta recumbent bike.

      I have several questions for Dirk about his design decisions (all good questions), but I'll wait until Jon and Henrik get their lights before peppering Dirk with questions.

      Just to be clear, I am very happy with the lights.

    12. Jon Wasserman on

      483 backers & mine is one of the last to ship? :-) !

    13. Henrik & Denise Van Ryzin on

      Thank you! I can't wait to get the lights on my bikes!

    14. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      We have ~70 packages left here (and yours is among them)- most of them with road adapters and clamp adapters. We have to produce and intensively check some more rear lights this weekend so we should be able to finish shipments to all Kickstarter backers end of next week. We are still a very small team - so I must admit we are not very fast with shipments but we try to do it as good as possible.

    15. Henrik & Denise Van Ryzin on

      Aloha Dirk - wanted to see if you had shipped to Hawaii yet - have not received any emails with tracking numbers. Can't wait to get my lights!

    16. Missing avatar

      Carlos D on

      I received mine, V-Brake sport version, last week and rode a 600km brevet on Saturday. Very nice. My longer review here: Thanks for such a good product/effort Dirk.

      Hi Pedro, Carlos here! Hope they work for you on your brevets in Portugal as they did for me in San Francisco (usa)

    17. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      You should have received a mail with your tracking number- please have a look:-)

    18. Pedro Alves on

      Is There any update on shipping to Portugal?

    19. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      Shipment problems have been solved. We send out as much as we can now- today this will be 70 boxes and tomorrow ~ the same number. We waited for new adapters for racing bikes which have arrived last week. We tested them some days and send out now... I try to find some time to send you the tracking numbers until tomorrow.

    20. Jon Wasserman on

      Is there any update on shipping to those of us in the USA?I'm getting jealous of all the others receiving their lights! There was a bit on the Facebook page about shipping problems, but it was in German and the Google translation was unclear.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ron Lehman on

      - we have installed both headlights and are truly impressed!
      ....................... our vehicle is a recumbent bike (Rans Vivo) and
      we really expected to have to do some modification to make them fit, but
      happily they mounted well without problems ........ very well thought out ............
      furthermore, due to your efforts to shrink the housing, there is NO HEEL INTERFERENCE! .............. we couldn't be more pleased! -

      - we only ask that you consider including on the next version a headphone
      jack or similar connection with which one might mount a headlight
      elsewhere on the bike drawing power from this unit, as was suggested
      earlier -


    22. Jesse Moynihan on

      I got the lights today. Installed the front and back lights and took them out for test ride at night in the city. They work great! I need to make an adjustment to my back brakes to get them closer to the rim when in resting position, but besides that I'm very happy with what came out of this project. Thanks!

      My only suggestion is possibly making a youtube how-to video for the installation. Once I figured it out, it was easy to set up, but I was doing some things wrong at first. I didn't realize that the mounting used the same screw as the brake.

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Lockyer on

      Hi Dirk
      I await you reply to the below comment!

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Lockyer on

      Hi Dirk
      I am having trouble with getting the adaptors sent through your website!! Due to Paypal not recognizing Macau as an address. What do you suggest?

    25. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      Hi Randall & others,

      We have recieved first 30 shipping boxes today- rest will follow on Thursday. I will be in Taipei for the Taipei Cycle trade until Saturday and arrange shipping for next week. An update will follow here this evening.



    26. Missing avatar

      Randall G Hoeppner on

      updates please its nearly April. thank you.

    27. Alastair Schoen on

      Hey Dirk, I have attempted to contact you several times but have received no reply. Execution of the project has taken a fair bit longer than expected though I'm still quite excited for the end product. Anyways with the longer execution time some timeframes didn't line up well and I need to change my shipping information. However, I've moved to another country. I also still need to order additional mounts. Please contact me ASAP with how to proceed.

    28. Stephen Hawkins on

      Hi Dirk. Any news on shipping?, so looking forward to getting these on the race bike and not having to carry heavy battery powered lights for day running just because car drivers are blind to anything but other cars

    29. Djememepaspeur on

      I just received the last update, awesome work dude! I'm just a little bit sad about finally not receive two micro rear lights for each side of the wheel because as you sayed it have enough light from one unit...

      Now that the front and rear light are exactly the same, why not replace one of the two micro rear light promised before by one front light?

    30. darren john on

      any updates??? how soon until you start deliveries???

    31. Darell Dickey on

      I know the questionnaire will come and will ask which of the two speeds we want. But what I want is the full-on optimized (for all speeds) one - no matter how long it takes. Will that be an option as well? I want it efficient at high speed, but I don't want it to stay dark until 9 km/h

      - Darell

    32. Missing avatar

      Ron Lehman on

      - please add a standard headphone jack (or equivalent) to the unit allowing it to power a remote light placed elsewhere on the bike ... this option greatly increases the utility ..... best to add the jack on the underside perhaps to minimize any chance of water intrusion -

      looking good,

    33. Stephen Hawkins on

      Love the smaller versions, can be made far more aeordynamic in shape though

      Agree with the comment on the brighter lights, a 30mm version with bigger optics sounds a perfect compromise

      For me these lights will be used as warning lights for day running, so brightness as percieved from a car is more important than lighting up the road (I have a ton of much brighter lights for that). I wonder how many see these as being seen lights rather than seeing lights? may affect the type of optic you use

    34. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      Dear Kerry,

      Thank you very much for your comment!
      You are right. XML's with these small optics don't work well.
      I forgot to mention, that the smaller version does not have XML's. We tested Cree XTE's and XBD's in combination with Carclo lenses (10417) which are used in many MTB applications.
      But I did not know about the Cree XP-G2 until you told me here and I must say this sounds really interesting. I saw that this new LED has been officially presented on July 10th (which was yesterday) so we had no chance to test but we will try to do now. The Carclo 10417 lenses have a nice spot even if they are so small. They are used in some high performance MTB lights. It would be possible to use the 20mm optics with the "micro" version and I will present a picture how this version would look (extra width 30mm). I will try to get the XP-G2 LED's as soon as possible and maybe present some beam shots form several combinations of LEDs and lenses.

      Best Regards,


    35. Kerry Staite on

      Hi Dirk,

      I just saw the update, and must speak my mind about the changes. I actually run a LED bike lighting company, so please take this from someone that knows about LED lights...

      I think going to a smaller optic is a bad choice for road riding, a smaller optic or a increased 'die' size, will always give lower LUX values.

      a high LUX (or throw / punch) is very important for road riding on a road bike, as you are going much faster, than on a MTB or riding off road.

      so if you have a small optic AND use XML's then this light will have no PUNCH at all...and I would ask for you to save me one of the bigger version with the 20mm optics.

      Now that the XPG G2 is now out, matching the performance of XML pretty close, then better to use XPG G2 with a smaller apparent die size, for a higher LUX value in any optic, smaller or larger, than using XML's...

      20mm optics and XPG G2 would have higher LUX values than any of your current lights, and IMHO offer better performance and ability to throw down the road. This is what I need for my road bike riding and the key to making a small amount of light, useful.

      hope this helps

      warmest regards


    36. Henrik & Denise Van Ryzin on

      Aloha Dirk - been a month, any news on the project? I want to get those lights on my bike :)

    37. Henrik & Denise Van Ryzin on

      Thank you so much! Looking forward to the big update in a few weeks - sounds like we will have a big decision to make!

    38. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Henrik: Reason for rare updates actually is simple. We don't sit here here and put pieces together by hand but we build up a network of suppliers which enable us to deliver a high quality product now and in future. Since many big companies are watching this process and this Kickstarter page we have to be cautious with things we tell here.

      This week I won't make an "official" update but tell the most important news in my comment here:
      We develop two versions simultaneously: One for the Kickstarter backers and one for the market. Actually we have found a way to increase efficiency significantly. This means we can either build the system much smaller without loosing much power or keep it as big as before and have much more power. For practical reasons (adapters) we have decided to start with the "micro" version which only will have a weight of ~30 g compared to 130 g of the front light before. Most of the components in the Kickstarter version and the "micro" version are identical but the magnet arrangement is not. The most important point is a new elegant solution for adapters which we can't build of carbon. So it looks like we will ask all Kickstarter backers in a few weeks whether they want to get the carbon version or the micro version (as a double set for left and right) because you have backed this project and should have the choice.
      The carbon version has the advantage of uniqueness, elegant carbon surface and a little bit more power- the "micro" version has the advantage of size & weight.
      But actually I can't show images because of the reasons I told above. So I would be happy if you are satisfied with an update with new images in three weeks.


    39. Henrik & Denise Van Ryzin on

      It has been a loooooong time since the last update. Please let us know how the project is going - I miss hearing about the process!

    40. Mike Clark on

      still excited! looking forward to hearing how it's going!

    41. Yukihiro Kato on

      Hi Dirk

      How about the progress of your project?

    42. IDKU on

      Congrats :)

    43. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      So that's it. Thanks to all backers! Now there is much to do and we'll give our best to deliver all rewards in time.

    44. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      They even count the seconds...

    45. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      I bet there is at least one backer waiting for the final hit...

    46. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      3 minutes: Actually Buck,Stan and Kodi.

    47. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      Some months ago I managed to be the final revolights backer- but it was two seconds before the end. Maybe we should spent three extra T-Shirts for the three final backers?

      Ok - nice game: actually these go to Stan, David and Kodi.

    48. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      Stan seems to be the final backer. Cool that even in the final hour new backers join us.

    49. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      Now we are counting minutes. I am curious if they even show the seconds in 26 minutes.

    50. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      If you use the frame adapter (for 10$ extra) then light won't change when you brake. You only have a brake light effect when mounting on the brake arms of a side pull brake.


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