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Help us bring the co-creator of Rocket Raccoon's long-lost graphic novel, "Swords of the Swashbucklers", back to print.
Help us bring the co-creator of Rocket Raccoon's long-lost graphic novel, "Swords of the Swashbucklers", back to print.
Help us bring the co-creator of Rocket Raccoon's long-lost graphic novel, "Swords of the Swashbucklers", back to print.
816 backers pledged $55,191 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brian Peck on May 28

      Its been over 3 months since the last update. Has this Kickstarter been forgotten?

    2. Missing avatar

      Brian Peck on May 3

      Swashbuckling: Saga Continue issue #2 has been released this week and still nothing is posted here. Is Dynamite asleep at the wheel? You pimp other Kickstarters here but mention nothing about the new series which was the BIG stretch goal. Has this Kickstarter been forgotten?

    3. Missing avatar

      Brian Peck on April 20

      What is going on? There has not been an update in 6 weeks, yet I discover "Swashbuckling: Saga Continue" the new series which was the result of Stretch Goal #3 at my local comic shop. Is anyone paying attention to this Kickstarter? Issue #1 has been released and issue #3 is in this weeks Previews. Many of us worked hard to get the word out so we reached the stretch goal to get a new series. Butch Guice has been doing the covers to them, BIG shout out to Butch for continuing what he and Bill did. Would be nice if the people running this KS would give us more info on the series and maybe preview some of the interior art and covers from the series?

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian Peck on April 6

      I received my book look great, good printing. Love the t-shirt. Friends are asking where can they get one.

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian Peck on March 25

      What is the status of the books? I have not received mine yet.

    6. Missing avatar

      Neil Wolford on February 20

      My book was damaged when opened up the package. I've sent two messages and have yet to received a response. Maybe you'll see it here.

    7. Mark Newman
      on February 20

      The book arrived in Australia, looks great, thanks

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel Reilly on February 16

      My postman thought it would be a good idea to prop my package against a snowbank in an out-of-the-way corner of the house.....on a rainy day. My wife found the waterlogged package hours after we got home. My heart sank when I realized it was my SWORDS package. Thankfully, you had everything inside packed so well that nothing was damaged. The shirt was a little soggy, but a quick wash, and all is well. The book is gorgeous, I can't wait to devote a quiet day to reading it in full. Thank you for a great Kickstarter experience. (My first one!)

    9. Robert J. Guadagno on February 14

      Got everything today... It's beautiful! Well done - but BOY am I embarrassed that I misunderstood the "dedication" part of the pledge - ROFL. Just wish I remembered to downsize my T-Shirt size, I've lost weight and have no desire to "fit" into a 2XL again. :D

    10. Marcel Štefánik
      on February 13

      Today, the book came in untouched state, well packaged, so I do not need the digital version, thank you very much.

    11. Don Anderson
      on February 13

      The book is beautiful, very well done and a great job.

    12. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on February 12

      We're glad to hear the book is starting to arrive safe in our backer's mailboxes. If you haven't seen your copy yet, don't panic, because we have a lot of backers to fill and stacks of packages are going out every day.

      For those of you who have any concerns about their pledge, or issues with their address, please message us directly with the details. Unfortunately, Kickstarter fails to regularly notify us of comments being posted so responses can take a bit longer. For some reason, direct messages are given a lot more attention on this site so you'll tend to receive a faster response.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dean Munday on February 10

      The book arrived in pristine condition this morning. Super-fast delivery to the UK - and superbly packaged. It is a beautiful item and instantly a treasured part of my collection. Thank you.

    14. Twyste on February 9

      My book came in today's mail. Very happy with the quality :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Will Lum Brogdon on January 31

      I need to update my address before this gets shipped out. Could you please send me a link.

    16. Missing avatar

      Brian on January 27

      So it looks like standard Hardcover version will be readily available to the general public in mid-late February for about $25-$35. And digital version was vaporware without DropBox... Very disappointed in the Project. :-(

    17. Missing avatar

      Kyle Mack on January 9

      I also sent a e-mail and have received no reply on how to get the electronic book without using DropBox.

      Might be useful do another official update providing an alternate means of getting the digital file since so many of us were not able to acquire it.

    18. Marcel Štefánik
      on January 5

      Hello, I do not think the link to the digital version came to me, actually you did not ask for mail in the survey, so how will be the digital version sent?She did not even come up in messeges.

    19. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on January 3

      @FastEddie have you been able to get it to work at this point. We worked with Husker Dan to rectify the issue and they should now be in full working order using the same links and passwords.

    20. Missing avatar

      on December 18, 2017

      Oddly, the built-in Windows 10 functionality was able to unzip the OGN zip file, but not the series zip file.

      7-Zip was able to open the series zip file, though.

    21. Missing avatar

      Colin McDonald on December 12, 2017

      So far they've taken several days to respond to the first message and provided a link to download each set of comics, the OGN and the series. The password provided worked for the OGN but not the series.
      They have not responded to the message about the incorrect password for the second file and now the download link is broken.

      This is a little frustrating as I've never had this sort of problem with even independent creators providing an electronic copy of the book - even the ones that used Dropbox set it up as a dropbox download that did not require the creation of a Dropbox account.

    22. Husker Dan
      on December 8, 2017

      I have received nothing! They sent a message saying I would hear soon, radio silence for over a week.

      Very disappointed.

    23. Michael Rankins on November 29, 2017

      To follow-up, I did receive both a response to my previous comment and an email to access my digital file from Dynamite today. Just wanted to let it be known for the record that they did in fact come through. Thanks to the staff members who helped.

    24. Michael Rankins on November 29, 2017

      I left a comment on November 19 asking when I would receive my email with the download, and I’m still waiting for a response. Is there some reason I’m not receiving my backer rewards?

    25. Husker Dan
      on November 28, 2017

      Direct messaged, and still no reply on how to get the book without DropBox.

    26. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on November 24, 2017

      If you do not see your email regarding your digital files, please contact us directly so we can resend the email again.

      If you received the original email but have had trouble getting the download to work (lack of Dropbox, etc.), please message us directly and we will provide you with an alternative link for the download.

      We appreciate your patience as we try to finalize everyone's digital fulfillment!

    27. Husker Dan
      on November 24, 2017

      When will there be a way to get our rewards without signing up for DropBox, which I will never do. You said "shortly" well over a week ago.

    28. Missing avatar

      Brian Peck on November 16, 2017

      Just downloaded the book. Very nice reproductions, colors came out really well. Look forward to seeing the printed version. Thanks.

    29. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on November 16, 2017

      Colin, we don't expect any of our backers to join any third-party websites in order to enjoy their rewards. We are looking at solutions to bypass this requirement from Dropbox and we'll have news very shortly.

    30. Missing avatar

      Colin McDonald on November 16, 2017

      Got my link to receive my e-book copy and it requires a Dropbox account. This is not acceptable and was not disclosed prior to taking my money.

      I refuse to sign up for Dropbox as I disagree with their TOS. You need to provide an alternative rather than forcing people to sign up for yet another cloud account.

    31. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on November 6, 2017

      Hi @Brian - we have been working with Mr Guice to coordinate the art rewards. His schedule has been very demanding but we're hoping the art rewards will follow shortly after the hard copies of the book are available. We will keep everyone posted as we get copies and start filling orders. Thanks for your support of this important project!

    32. Missing avatar

      Brian Peck on October 28, 2017

      What about the art rewards?

    33. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on October 25, 2017

      Hi @Benjamin - the digital rewards are being filled shortly so everyone who supported the Kickstarter will have those soon. The hard copies are at the printer and we've arranged to have the Kickstarter copies air freighted in to send out to our fantastic supporters before anyone else gets them. Watch for ETA updates as we find out when the books will be in hand and start filling. Thanks!

    34. Benjamin Czisny on October 17, 2017

      Should we still expect our rewards in October? I see that this book was solicited through Diamond for January.

    35. Cristian Casares on August 11, 2017

      It's done. Thank you!

    36. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on August 11, 2017

      @Benjamin & @Conroy - we appreciate your support and your interest in bringing Swashbucklers back to comics. We certainly didn't mean to upset or bother you by sharing our other projects with everyone who has helped us to successful bring this project to life. But we want you to know how much we value your support and that we'll take your comments to heart. We'll keep information coming about the status of Swashbucklers so that everyone is in the know about where we are with the books. Thanks again for being a part of the project and for sharing your thoughts with us.

    37. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on August 11, 2017

      @Twyste - We just posted an update today and we'll do our best to keep more communication coming. Swords of the Swashbucklers - both the remastered graphic novel and the new series - are deep in production and are moving along toward completion. Thanks for supporting us and helping to make this project a success!

    38. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on August 11, 2017

      @Cristian - surveys did go out and we've got the fulfillment files here ready to go when the books are printed. Please go ahead and send us an email at the "contact us" button here on Kickstarter with your revised address and we'll make that adjustment. Thanks!

    39. Cristian Casares on August 9, 2017

      I don't remember if surveys went out or if I filled out a survey, but I'm going to be moving in the next 10 days so I was wondering what can be done about that to fix the shipping address?

    40. Twyste on August 6, 2017

      No update for almost 3 months. Can't help wondering what's going on?

    41. Benjamin Czisny on July 18, 2017

      Spam on other projects and no updates on progress on the book or the new series. :(. Here's an article on the new series:

    42. Missing avatar

      Conroy Jett on July 14, 2017

      When I signed up to back this project, I did it for the artists involved. I did not opt-in to keep getting annoying marketing messages for other Dynamite Kickstarter projects that having nothing to do with the project I supported. Unless you have a substantive update about the Swords of the Swashbucklers kickstarter project, these emails are SPAM!!!! This is the first and LAST Dynamite kickstarter project I plan on backing!!!!

    43. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on July 3, 2017

      @JayMac - thanks for checking in. Looks like you are at the all-digital reward level so we are good to go. Watch for updates from us on upcoming delivery of reward assets. And thanks for supporting Swords of the Swashbucklers!

    44. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on July 3, 2017

      Hi @MarkReese - we did get your survey - thanks for checking in and for supporting Swords of the Swashbucklers!

    45. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on July 3, 2017

      Hi @MarkReese - we did get your survey - thanks for checking in and for supporting Swords of the Swashbucklers!

    46. Jay Mac on June 16, 2017

      I still haven't seen a survey, are they still being sent?

    47. Missing avatar

      Mark Reese on June 14, 2017

      Apologies in advance. I am not sure if my survey actually went through or not. Safari closed it when I hit "save" and I can't find anytime of confirmation. Is there a way for me to check the status?

    48. Lukas Myhan
      on June 13, 2017

      I'm excited to read this GN, but please stop spamming me about your Vampirella Tarot Card project. One message to let me know you're doing something else is cool. Three is not.

    49. Dynamite Entertainment 14-time creator on June 5, 2017

      @Andrew - thanks for sending us the info - you are in good shape to get your copy!

    50. Missing avatar

      Andrew Harris on June 4, 2017

      I'm horrid at checking my email. I just responded to the survey- which says today is the last day to respond to it. Can you confirm I got my response in on time and that I will be getting the Softcover GN sent to me?

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