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KING OF ONEIROS - The Lucid Dreamer's video poster

A man reconnects with his lost love after her tragic death only to find himself in a Lucid Dream where he commands his own universe. Read more

New York, NY Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on December 5, 2012.

A man reconnects with his lost love after her tragic death only to find himself in a Lucid Dream where he commands his own universe.

New York, NY Shorts
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Araihc started his life early on connected with an amazing girl named Chiara that seem to mirror who he was.  After a tragic accident Chiara passes away, fueled with great regret Chiara’s lover, longs to find closure in saying his peace to her.  He decides to descend into his dreams and spend one last day with her, assuming that he would wake up shortly after.  Araihc does not awaken instead he is told he had died.   He is brought forth to those that play god of all existence temping him power over the stars at the cost of his hearts desire.  Araihc is thrusted upon a world that tests his core and allows him to remember who he is and find Enlightenment as a Lucid Dreamer. He finds wholeness that the love he lost never dies and that it is held within. 


This story “King Of Oneiros” was written and directed by Dylan Howard and is based on a one of the first lucid dreaming experiences he had when he was younger. 

This dream appeared to have lasted for days in long cycles, beginning and ending within the dream. He was in love with a girl that he had felt known for all time without question. Overall it was an amazing experience to have the epiphany of awareness within a dream.  Oneiros is a greek word for “The Dream” king of the dream a title gained by fixing a broken world filling it with light.  During the years that followed Dylan has accumulated years of writings based on his lucid dreaming experiences. This Film is a short accumulation of much grander concepts, like sacred geometry, Equality of the genders, and the beauty and sovereignty of the “Now Moment” and the human spirit. "It has been the driving force behind my passion to be a filmmaker, showing the magic of immeasurable possibility in imagination." D.H.

Our goal when finished, is to inspire imagination and spiritual freedom in many different forms through the depth of this project".  The story will remain an open interpretation for people to draw new stories and positive ideas from. At a deeper level we will inspire positive consciousness, living within an infinite expressive universe with all its interconnection. This story is intended to be told in a kind of visual meditation similar to the inspirations of the more recent "Tree Of Life" by Terrence Malick, "Baraka" by Ron Fricke, and "Samsara" By Ron Frick. Dylan has been writing and painting his dreams literally, now he has filmed it and with your help expressing it with the breath taking power of the moving image.


"King Of Oneiros" is a love story that takes place within a lucid dream.  Creating a dream world of possibilities has been an amazing undertaking in design, bringing outer worldly characters into physicality and playing their parts as guides and imitators.  

 Much inspiration for the dream world architectures come from the book “Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self”  by Robert Waggoner The book is the account of an extraordinarily talented lucid dreamer who goes beyond the boundaries of both psychology and religion. In the process, he stumbles upon the Inner Self. 

Much of the Character & Costume Design comes from scared geometry and duality in the form of body painting, literally the characters wear what they deeply are.   Many inspirations have come from artist Alex Grey's life works, and gods & goddesses from Ancient Sumerian, Egypt, and Ancient Greece.   We have had the honor working with one of the top body paint makeup artists from Canada, miss Millisa Meresky & amazing hair designer Aleksandra Mikolajzcyk.   

Check out Millisa Meresky's previous works on her website:

Many of the featured props and costume pieces have been custom made and tailored to re-sculpt the characters to reflect aspect of the dreamer himself.  For a year we have been fortunate enough to work with amazing artists from the online art collective of in creating some amazing Items that look legendary in nature.  Our most featured Item is the "Crystal Crown Of Dreams" warn by our split Emperor.  Its made from harden leather from two amazing artists, Aurelius Rune and Azalyne Raven at "Feathery Leathery"  A huge thank you to them and their amazing work!  We will be featuring other artists in our upcoming updates.

You can check them out on their shop site:

These characters were brought to life at a much grander scale, giving characters amazing textural detail and subtextual insights, they wear what that deeply are. 

SInce dreams are usually experienced hyper visually we will be literally rebuilding environments surrounding the story using compositing and painting in new life into each scene.  We are also working with different elemental qualities in environments the connect and represent the subconscious emotion reactions that are taking place at the core of the dreamer.  

Image Made by Michal Karcz
Image Made by Michal Karcz

The environment constantly mirrors the consciousness of the dreamer for in this instance the environment is the dreamer, they are one flow.  The core theme of the film is Unity, the one, the still eternity, the mirror of wonders, the underlined thread the connects all things as one, the dreamer is literally the way shower of conscious evolution. The Lucid dreamer is at the forefront of all possibility of experience itself.    


Thank you for considering our project. We’d love to have you become part of the Oneiros Team. We think this film has massive potential and I hope you’re as excited about it as we are.

Thank you for supporting independent filmmaking. It takes the generosity of a lot of people to make these projects a reality. You're contribution, no matter the size, is a big deal to us.


We have receive generous cooperation from the Rhode Island Film Office as well as the NYC Mayors Office and all other locations believing in the uniqueness of this project. So many have donated their time to this project. So many have helped us get this far to completing this collective dream. So many having their best performances as some of their most favorite roles of their early careers.

King Of Oneiros has been shot on the Red Scarlet by Steven Latta and his amazing Team, capturing the greatest detail, in all of our design especially our painted characters.

Check out more previous work of his here:


We Are featuring Music of Matt Hartke, Dan Chase, Helios, Rudy Adrian, and Hammock. Other music and sound design has been composed by Xiren Wang &  Matt Hartke.

Special Effects, Greenscreen, and compositing are being done by Resight & Siddharth Gupta.

Set Design has been orchestrated by Rocío Giménez & Dylan Howard

The Film has been on an ambitious journey spanning 5 states and over 11 locations within New York, and Rhode Island including:

  • Central Park, NY
  • Castle On The Hudson, NY
  • Hackley School, NY
  • Shepards Hall of City College Of New York, NY
  • The Islamic Spiritual Center, NY
  • Windmill Studios, NY
  • Cinema World Studios, NY 
  • Blithewold Mansion, RI
  • Narragansett,R
  • Providence, RI
  • Rodger Williams Park Temple to Music, RI  
  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • New Jersey
  • Rhode Island
  • New York

The Cast & Crew of "KING OF ONEIROS"


Dylan Howard, Daniel Howard


Dylan Howard


Keren Seol


Araihc                            Nicholas Mcleod 

Chiara                             Ania Frontczak 

Emperor Araya                 Benjamin Murray  

Ishtar                                Xiren Wang

The Creator                        Rivkah Duboy

Atlas                                  Matthew Metzger

Isis                                     Samm Wiechec

Keeper of the Holders           Danielle Kronenberg


Steven Latta


Bobby Arnold


Pamela Moriarty


Giulia Armentano


Arnold Pitre / Jose C. Gorritti


Egor Morozov


Olga Vazquez


Keren Seol, Priscilla Heslin


Melissa Meretsky / Aleksandra Barbie


Sam Eltosam


Rocío Giménez


Siddharth Gupta


Matt Hartke


Xiren Wang

Showing Support!

You can support us further by liking us on Facebook as well. You will get updated news about film weekly and contact with us directly.

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge with King Of Oneiros was producing combining all elements, such as location, make up, actors, and crew, to create lucid dream world. The footage that we have so far came out much greater than our expectation. All crew and cast are so excited about it. We would like to invite YOU to this last challenge and risk that we have.

Probably the most terrifying risk, Is getting the film finished by the deadline Dec 11th 2012 for our Film Academy Pre-Screener in New York! right now the help and special effects services will be gain based on our fundraising here on Kickstarter, the more funds we have raised here the more credit we can add to our budget to get all post production to its completion and proudly show our hard work in a unique way using experimental means to building worlds of lucid dreamers.

We have completed 80% of The Film's production. We are funding the remaining 20% of the production budget through Kickstarter. With your help we will quickly finish the film and carry through the Film's marketing and Promotion. The worst risk is not be able to finish the Film without Kickstarter's help.

Also, since we are fresh filmmakers and producers, promoting and marketing film will be challenging. We hope that kickstater will help us to build our audience even some niche areas.

Too much is at stake: not just our shared belief in cinema, but also the futures of every crew and cast member involved. Please know that we will do everything in our power to live up to the faith you've placed in us with your remarkable generosity.

Since the film is already nearly done, and it's already looking good, our main challenges will be earning the final funding we need to finish the films post production needs & VFX and getting the film out into the world. It's important for us to submit it to a large number of festivals, promote it online, arrange local screenings, and reach out to the press. We have a list of about a dozen film festivals (large and small, prestigious and niche) we are going to apply to in order to guarantee that our film will be seen, even if it doesn't get into the biggest ones out there. We are also launching a website which will have downloads and streams of the film available for a low price. We have a lot of experience with writing press releases and getting the film out there through our friends and colleagues.


-- Our primary goal for this film is for it to be used as a marketing tool to get the filmmakers access and recognition at all the top movie studios and production companies.

-- We expect the film to be shown at major film festivals across the world - Sundance, Cannes, Telluride, Tribeca, LA Film Festival etc.

-- We also endeavor to utilize the online avenues and arenas to get the film across as many platforms as possible. Because of its short duration, we feel it would be perfect material for today’s booming New Media market– YOUTUBE, ITUNES, etc.

The producer is aware of the digital distribution world and would take chance to meet wide audience all over the world. “King of Onerios has fascinating, captivating and unique look, this film will be on the list of MUST SEE. The suspense in the movie continues to build and entices the audience right until the ending. You will be traveled with Araihc to the world that Director, Dylan Howard, created only for his characters.”

We need some finishing funds to complete the VFX, do a final color correction, finalize the sound and musical score, and basically get the film locked.

WE INVITE YOU TO BE A PART OF THE JOURNEY. We are very proud of the story, performances, cinematography and production design of the film. Once completed, we feel it's really going to be a terrific short film.

Funding this short will be a direct investment into our future. Our industry is based on relationships and we are welcoming you to build our networking through ‘King of Oneiros’ the Director has dreamt of making this for a long time. You will be part of his dream.

Kindly help us in our endeavor towards making this film possible. Please donate generously, and tell your friends and family about our project. Words cannot describe the help you are providing us! We love you and are so blessed for having your support.

King Of Oneiros will be our calling card to a feature film project, maybe even a feature-length version of the King Of Oneiros.

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