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We are trying to raise funds for the cost of getting our EP mixed and mastered by Daniel Braunstein (Volumes, Bermuda, etc.)

My name is Dylan Digby. I’m 22, and I’m from Toledo, OH.
I play guitar in a band called Arson Our Savior.
It’s a project I started on my own after my first band broke up, and it had a very different lineup for our last release, Black Diamonds.

I’ve gone through a lot of changes when it comes to writing and I feel like this album is far more expressive than the last. For the first time, I collaborated with our vocalist on the lyrics and got to express myself in writing as well as through the music.

We’re calling this EP “Pariah”. A majority of the lyrics have to do with thinking outside societal norms, dealing with being forced into a traditional lifestyle that you may or may not want, pursuing what you really want in life, and trying to affect your surroundings. I believe it will resonate with people on a greater level, it’s very “down to earth” in general. Because of that, I feel that the overall sound has become even more aggressive than before. I think aggression is so important in music and life overall. I think you should want to change things that don’t sit right with you. Some things deserve to be hated, and ultimately changed.

In order to get this EP to the public, we need $1500 to get our EP mixed and mastered by Daniel Braunstein. He has produced the likes of Volumes, Bermuda, and Destruction of a King.

We have already tracked everything for this album ourselves.

We’ve put the time in, and we need the final touches to deliver great music to you.

By pledging even a dollar, you will get a download of the EP before anyone else. After a short time of keeping it limited to backers, we will release it to the public and they can name their own price when buying it. Download it for free, spend $2 or $20. Whatever you feel it’s worth. We encourage you to share it with everyone as well.

Thank you.

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The only challenge we may face is getting the EP back in a timely fashion. That really depends on how long the reamping/mixing/mastering takes. We should have shirts within the coming weeks to fulfill that reward as well.


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