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Lesbian action comedy musical seeks funding for last 25% of production. This is a feature length movie, release 2013 by Troma!
150 backers pledged $6,213 to help bring this project to life.

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We've been discovered!

Posted by Bitte Andersson (Creator)

Dear friends of Dyke Hard!

We've had a lot of technical problems the last few months, so the film isn't done yet – sorry! Our camera was so old that the latest version of the editing program couldn't handle the material, but this didn't show until it was time to export. We had to cut the whole film again in an older version of the program, phew!

Other than that things are going well! The editing is done, sound is almost done, credits are done and we've started the colour correction for cinema screenings. Because of our low image quality, we didn't think so much could be done with the colours, but we are getting awsome help and the movie is now just as colorful as in our dreams.

Speaking of awsome help a big mainstream film production company namned Filmlance has taken us under it's wings and is now handeling everything from contracts and distribution to post production technicalities. Despite their size (or maybe because of it?) we get to keep our creative freedom and stick to our original vision, in all it's crazyness.

We still haven't set a premiere date, but you'll be the first to know when we have. Until then, you can enjoy some of our talented actors in a music video we recently made for The Knife! (They had seen the Dyke Hard trailer and liked our style!)

Also, our photographer Alexi developed some rolls of film he found in the refrigerator:

Two of our sweet stunt performers from Stockholm Parkour Academy, dressed as Peggy and Dawn.

Watch out for officer #1 and #2!

Can you believe we actually rented a Helicopter? For a home baked cake!

A perfect night for romance! Peggy and Dawn are getting ready for their love scene.

Famous music video director Nikeisha Andersson as the gas station clerk.

The owners of the vintage gas station. (It's in the middle of their garden!)

Peggy loves the smell of gasoline

Riff’s new obedient backup band.

Bitte and Alexi are taking a break from scrubbing 30 year’s dirt and moss from a trailer they have just purchased from the owner of the vintage gas station.

While our colorists and sound experts are on vacation, we’re giving a master class in queer lowbudget filmmaking at the touring queer filmfestival Cinemaqueer. They are travelling all over Sweden this summer with their rebuilt cinema bus. Come see us in Falun July 19th and Sundsvall July 21!

We won't participate in Stockholm Pride this year since we need to focus on finishing the movie, but we'll attend as civilians and hope to see you there. Have a great summer!

Best wishes from the Dyke Hard crew via director Bitte Andersson

Dyke Hard News

Posted by Bitte Andersson (Creator)

Dear friends of Dyke Hard!

The film isn't finished yet, but we have some other good news: 

We’ve been on national TV! (Only watchable in Sweden, sorry!)

 We’ve applied for The Frameline Completion Grant (i.e. our first film festival)!

Frameline is the world’s biggest LGBT film festival. If we get the grant, not only would we afford good mastering of the sound, we would also get to premiere Dyke Hard at Frameline! We'll get the answer in january and the festival takes place in june. June might seem fara away, and it's a year later than we initially planned, but now that we've realized the proportions of our own post production, we feel that extra time would be great for the film.

At the moment Martin is making a spooky animated background for the ghost musical number:

Other than that, this is where we're at:

- Our 3 hour rough cut is now 2 hours long, but needs to loose another 30 min.

- All our sound is recorded but needs to be synced, mixed and mastered.

- We've found most of the music we need, but are still looking for some. If you have produced any funny, sexy or romantic music you would like to let us use in Dyke Hard - let us know!

- Martin has made a massive amount of visual effects, but there are still some left.

That's our to-do-list for now.

Here's some pics from the Stockholm Pride Parade:

This car is not only a film prop (the band's car in the movie), it's also our actual transport, and our main PR-channel. (We're slowly brainwashing the whole Stockholm region with our metallic logo.)

The original Riff actor Lina Kurttila couldn't attend the parade, so comic artist Sofia Lindh, who also drew the t-shirt motive, made a great Riff instead, with a lot of characteristic tounge action. This was the hottest day of the year and director Bitte Andersson decided to wear one of the poodle outfits - phew!  

We brought the whole warderobe from the film and a lot of extras, actors, crew and fans joined us as prisoners, guards or just in high 80's fashion.

Make-up artist Emelie Henriksson (to the left) showed up as her alter ego Garry. Him and his pals are laid back guys, not afraid to show some skin on a hot summer day.

Dyke Hard’s own evil mastermind Moira aka Josephine Wilson has started a band! Here’s a song they’ve released for the upcoming Transgender Day of Remembrance Nov 20:

Next week Simon Savory, director of Bruno & Earlene Go To Vegas, is coming to Stockholm to help us with contracts, credits and good advice. Check out his beautiful film about queer kinship and chosen families:

Thank's for your support and your patience!
Best wishes from the Dyke Hard Crew via Bitte Andersson, director

Time for rewards!

Posted by Bitte Andersson (Creator)

Beloved backers!

Thank you so much for giving us the chance to finalize DYKE HARD! Now the time has come for us to start sending out your rewards! First out is the signed photographs ($10) and movie posters ($25) that will be sent out next week. The first issue of the newsletter will follow shortly. 

(Bitte Andersson, director)

(M. Wågensjö who plays Scotty)

(Lina Kurttila who plays Riff)

The Lesbian Action Movie Investor T-shirts ($50) will be produced and sent out in september and the vinyl sound track ($100) and the figurines ($250) during February and March 2013. We'll send out a survey asking for your adress, t-shirt size etc right before we ship to avoid problems with change of adress. 

Thank's again for your generous support!

Love from the Dyke Hard Crew

You did it!

Posted by Bitte Andersson (Creator)

We did it! You ALL have got us pass the magical level of $5000 and now the finalization of Dyke Hard is secured! THANK YOU!!! But please do keep spreading the word, especially during this last week, to help us to go beyond the bare minimum. The more money we can raise, the more movie magic we can make! AND this week is the last chance for all ultra nerds to get our exclusive rewards!

Here is an exemple of how extra money can turn into extra eye candy in our hands:

In update #2 there's a list of how any amount over $5000 will be spent.

The More The Merrier + Character Pics

Posted by Bitte Andersson (Creator)

Big kisses to all of you!

It's only half time here at Kickstarter but we're already close to our goal of $5000 thanks to you!!!

BUT there are still 13 days to go and we would love to go beyond the minimum and raise as much as possible in these last two weeks to make Dyke Hard as awesome as it can be. Below you can see a breakdown of what we would do with any extra money that we would get before the end of the Kickstarter.

Please help us post, share and spread this link these last few days:

With the minimum $5000 we will cover the last production expenses for transportation, equipment, costumes and food and pay for the minimum sound recording, effects and editing needed to complete the film.

With $6000 we would put the money to film editing in a studio with color correct screens instead of on a crappy laptop, which is ready to burn up. This means a better, cleaner, crisper feast for the eyes in our final Lesbian Rock ‘n’ Roll Adventure!

With $7000 we would put the money into greater sound effects and music. This means time in professional sound studios recording music and access to greater sound resources and effects. Result? Hear each song in perfect clarity and perhaps even more crucial hear more elaborate sound effects on every punch, kick, swing and moan in Dyke Hard.

With $8000 we would put the money into visual and special effects. Going beyond the basics this means more pulsating laser beams from our cyborgs, bigger explosions from our pyrotechnic rock shows, and even spookier supernatural appearances from our resident ghosts.

With anything over $9000 and beyond, we would put the money into distributing the film as far and wide as possible. This would mean submission of the film to more festivals and wild interactive screenings in more cities/countries.

We would also put the money into the production of a photo book with interviews, photos, comics and more about the making of Dyke Hard (director Bitte Andersson is also a comic artist). This book would be lovingly crafted for sale at a low cost, so that we can share the story of the making of the film, which is perhaps as wild as the story in the film itself.

Here's a little more about our MAIN CHARACTERS:

(Photo by Stephanie Wiegner)

RIFF is the dominant lead singer of Dyke Hard. Early in the movie Riff ditches the band and secretly starts a solo career sponsored by a mysterious billionaire. Riff is played by project manager Lina Kurttila.

(Photo by Stephanie Wiegner)

BANDITO is the friendly yet clumsy drummer of Dyke Hard. Though seeming a little spun out, Bandito is often the first to notice what's really going on. Bandito is played by bookstore owner Alle Eriksson.

(Photo by Bitte Andersson)

SCOTTY plays the keyboard in Dyke Hard. Aside from Star Trek and rubics cubes Scottys main interest is... CASUAL SEX???!!! Supernatural, criminal, medical, butch, femme or plural - Scotty knows how to handle people all right! Scotty is played by café owner Maria Wågensjö.

(Photo by Stephanie Wiegner)

PEGGY is the style icon of Dyke Hard! With stiletto heels, Peggy somehow manages to outrun the local police force in style, ride a motorcycle in style and play a shimmery guitar in style and well enough to summon spririts from beyond the grave. Peggy is played by singer Peggy Sands.

(Photo by Nicklas Dennermalm)

DAWN is a thaiboxer heading for a martial arts tournament in the big city. To compensate for a minor car accident Dyke Hard offer Dawn a ride. Raised by dolphins, Dawn is a natural born team player, but also shows great leadership in times of trouble. Dawn is played by break dancer Iki Gonzalez Magnusson.

(Photo by Stephanie Wiegner)

MOIRA is a mysterious billionaire that generously takes Riff on as her protégée, but is there a secret agenda? Behind the posh design of Moira's headquarters, a secret door leads to very different kind of office... Moira is played by performance artist Josephine Wilson who is also one of Dyke Hards associate producers.

(Photo by Stephanie Wiegner)

BUCK BLOSSOM is a stripper/bartender in a small town. Buck is tired of men in bars and applies for a job as a prison guard to meet men behind bars instead. Buck Blossom is played by Alexi Carpentieri who is also Dyke Hard's director of photography.