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Lesbian action comedy musical seeks funding for last 25% of production. This is a feature length movie, release 2013 by Troma!

We did it! You ALL have got us pass the magical level of $5000 and now the finalization of Dyke Hard is secured! THANK YOU!!! But please do keep spreading the word, especially during this last week, to help us to go beyond the bare minimum. The more money we can raise, the more movie magic we can make! In update #2 there's a list how any amount over $5000 will be used.

AND this week is the last chance for all ultra nerds to get our exclusive rewards!

Here's an exemple of how your extra money becomes extra eye candy in our hands:


About the movie Dyke Hard:

(Photo by Nicklas Dennermalm)

Dyke Hard, a feature length movie currently being filmed in Sweden, follows a female rock group on their way to a battle of the bands in the big city. Along the way, they team up with a thaiboxer on her way to a martial arts tournament. As they journey, they must battle ghosts, ninjas, cyborgs, prison breaks, evil roller derby girls, a motorcycle gang and a mysterious billionaire who’s doing everything to stop them. Aside from being an action/sci-fi/horror/band movie/road trip/comedy, of course Dyke Hard is also a musical and of course the story takes place in the 1980’s when fashion peaked. In true John Waters spirit it explores female comedy to the shocking max.

(Photo by Nicklas Dennermalm)

At this point we’re about 75% done with the shooting and will be completely done in September. We’ll edit the film this fall and apply for the Gothenburg International Film Festival (Sweden) that takes place in January 2013. After that we will be sending the film far and wide to film festivals all over the world. Also, we’d love to come to your local queer-, feminist- or underground film festival and show it wherever that may be. After touring the world, Dyke Hard will be internationally released on DVD by Troma Entertainment Inc. at an affordable price. A soundtrack on glorious 12” vinyl complete with lyrics and mp3-files will also be released around the same time.


In making the film so far we have had amazing support from Stockholm’s queer community, in the form of both time and expertise (thank you so much everybody!). A complicated system of help exchange has allowed this movie to make it this far on a total budget of only $20, 000. In exchange for free stunts, locations, acting, hundreds of extras, still photography, borrowing of props, costumes and equipment we’ve provided our help assisting, promoting, driving and massaging our benefactors and will continue to do so. BUT there are still some last few expenses left that only money can buy such as transportation, equipment rental, materials for the final costumes and effects, sound studio time for the musical numbers, and food for our free-working actors on shooting days.

(Photo by Stephanie Wiegner)

Help us make HERSTORY, help us make a MOVIE, help us make DYKE HARD!

Invest your money in a project that fill your senses with lust, excitement and joy! Your contribution will be greatly rewarded, not only in spirit, but also in exclusive merchandise manufactured by the crafty director Bitte Andersson, check out the different pledge deals!



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    Newsletter + sticker sheet + soundtrack + poster + T-shirt + A cameo in the movie* and a dinner with the director + an actor or crewmember of your choice**. * On the condition that you come to Stockholm at your own expense and that the date is set so it works for both parts before the 15th of September 2012. Since most of the movie will be done at this point, it can only be a minor part, but you can get a line if you wish. ** On the condition that you come to Stockholm at your own expense and that the date is set so it works for both parties. The dinner will take place in a restaurant in Stockholm at Dyke Hard’s expense.

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