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A Gothic Western: Underworldly Witches and Archangel Rodeo Clowns battle for a Matador's Soul in the American Desert. Read more

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A Gothic Western: Underworldly Witches and Archangel Rodeo Clowns battle for a Matador's Soul in the American Desert.

About this project

Once Upon a Time in Oregon...

Matador Consuelo Vargas flees into the desert to elude the spirits that both haunt and inspire him. After performing a Psychomagic ritual, he awakes in the company of three wayward rodeo clowns.  Desperate, Consuelo surrenders to fate and joins the troupe.  While the clowns charm and enliven Consuelo with their joyful humility, the merry band is unknowingly pursued by three witches -- earthly forms taken by sorrowing spirits from the underworld bent on reclaiming dominion over the matador's soul. When both parties happen upon an isolated desert town they become the fetish of small-town royalty, namely sheriff Frank Stubbs and former queen-of-the-rodeo Darlene Flowers.  When the battle is joined, all parties strive with beauty, fear, love, and death as one man's soul hangs in the balance.

The inspiration for this story is rooted in Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca's writings on the phenomenon of "Duende".  Furthermore, the work of Alejandro Jodorowsky and the writings of Henry Miller and William Burroughs infuse the folkloric tale and its characters with subtext and personality.  The underlying themes, particularly those dealing with the individual's struggle for liberation, and the false dichotomies inherent in morality and human emotion are purposefully universal and archetypal in nature, offered to you here as a modern Gothic Western.

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We only have a limited time to raise these funds.  Start Consuelo's Journey by funding us now!

the Welcome

Welcome to the Duende: Suit of Lights Feature Film Kickstarter Campaign. The goal of our campaign is to raise funds for the production of the film, which includes -- but is not limited to -- cast & crew, equipment, costume & set design, hair & makeup, lodging, transportation, craft services, legal counsel, production insurance and post-production -- you know, everything!

The Kickstarter Kitchen -- Where you'll learn our recipe for making an indie film!

the Kickstart

Through Kickstarter we have 60 days to raise $50,000 -- that may sound like a lot, but in the world of film it's still considered a no-budget film.  If we don't reach our goal we will be awarded nothing.  So, we've created some nifty rewards as incentive for you to contribute to our creative endeavor.  You pick a reward level (see sidebar) and pledge an amount.  If we reach our goal your credit card is charged, we collect the funds, you get your gift, and we move on to the next phase.  Again, if we miss our goal, you're never charged and we don't get a dime :(  It's all or nothing.  So we MUST reach our goal. 

the Plan

We've included a breakdown of our course of action.  Currently, we are entering Phase 3 which is where your help is needed.

Phase 1:  Development - Script. Strategic roadmap. Production team.

Phase 2:  Trailer - Showcase our vision and abilities. Instill confidence in those willing to donate and invest.

Phase 3:  Preproduction - Budgeting & Scheduling. Location Scouting. Costume & set design. Props. Insurance. Entertainment lawyers. Rewrites.

Phase 4:  Principal Photography - SHOOT THE FILM.  18 consecutive days.  Summer 2012.

Phase 5:  Post-Production - Edit. Color Correct. Score. Etc.

Phase 6:  Distribution - Festivals. iTunes. Amazon. Netflix. Make the film available to as wide an audience as possible.

the Trailer

We self-funded the trailer to showcase our vision and demonstrate our talents and ability to work cohesively. With minimal funds and maximum effort we coordinated a six day shoot with 20 cast & crew members across several locations.  

the Who

Thus far many have contributed to helping us achieve our vision. Those returning for the feature will be joined by a number of experienced newcomers to our cast & crew. The following are the key players to date:

The Production Crew

The Trailer Talent

the Where

The majority of the trailer was shot on an old Indian rodeo east of the Cascades in the high Oregon desert, as well as the nearby White River Falls State Park.  

The film will be shot in Mitchell, Oregon (pop. 109), the gateway to the Painted Hills.  To date we have scouted several locations in and around Mitchell and have spoken to business and property owners regarding location availability for principal photography.  The city council has approved our request to shoot in Mitchell, and locals are excited about the project.  Additionally, the John Day Fossil Beds are within a stone's throw of Mitchell and will be a brilliant backdrop for our film.

the Why

We are making a collaborative piece of art and need proper funding to do so.   We come to Kickstarter with a in-depth understanding of our financial needs, arriving at the decision to set our goal at 50,000 after more than a year of detailed planning, development, and discussion.  Truth be told, this is the low-end of what we can make this film for without gutting the story and compromising the vision.  Knowing a Kickstarter campaign for any significant amount will require all of our effort, we chose to shoot for a workable budget rather than leave the project in need of supplemental funding when the campaign ends. 

We are a cast and crew of over 20 people in the middle of a very long journey, with the collective goal of creating a quality piece of art that will have its own life and relationship with an audience long after we have parted ways.  What value this holds to anyone, or the world at large is hard to know.  Our hope is that there are enough people out there who connect with this project in some meaningful way that compels them to help us bring it to life- however they are able to do so.  Kickstarter seemed like the best avenue for connecting with those people...for connecting with you.      

the How

Your donations are essential for:

  • Paying cast SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Ultra Low-Budget Indie wages
  • Compensating crew members
  • Hiring remaining crew members, including but not limited to Set Director, Assistant Director, Audio Engineer, and others
  • Purchasing/Designing/Crafting quality costumes
  • Set design and purchasing props
  • Securing lodging and craft services for cast & crew for the entirety of the production
  • Reserving, insuring and renting equipment
  • Processing a Producer's Entertainment Package insurance policy that will cover the production's equipment and other expenditures.
  • Providing transportation to and from remote Oregon locations
  • Expenditures for composer Emil Amos
  • Securing the services of an entertainment lawyer for creating a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for principal photography and Prints & Advertising (P & A)
  • Purchasing scheduling and budgeting software (Movie Magic)
  • Post-Production expenses

Research footage captured at the Pendleton Roundup.  Rodeo clown Keith Eisley shows us his makeup ritual just before getting into the ring.

The above video was created around the time we began casting the film.  The original intent was to help us work out a visual and audio aesthetic, but we offer it here to to provide some insight into how the project has progressed thus far.  It was about a 4 month process to go from this to the completed trailer. 

the Thank You

We can't thank you enough for taking the time to help us in realizing a lifelong dream.  All of the work ahead, both fiscally, physically and emotionally, is only possible because of people like you.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.


The Do Easy Boys - Jeff, Steve, Andy, and Sarge

the Share

Please share this campaign and our Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler with those you feel would be interested in supporting this film.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

the End

We only have a limited time to raise these funds.  Start Consuelo's Journey by funding us now!


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    We'll give you a personal and proper shout out on Facebook. Every dollar helps!

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    We'll get you access to behind the scenes footage online and a preview of the film before it's official release. Not to mention the sweet Facebook shout out.

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    Stand out in the crowd. That's right, at this level you will be invited to the set as an extra for a full day of production. We have just one scene set in Portland, an action sequence outside an arena, and it requires a crowd of active spectators. We hope to cast the scene entirely with our kickstarter backers. A $20 pledge will put you in the mix, land your name in the films credits, and may even get your mug on the big screen. And, of course you'll get access to the behind-the-scenes footage and the social media namedrop. Help us make this film...literally.

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    For this generous donation you get an epic digital download of the film prior to it's official release in addition to a Facebook shout out, the behind the scenes footage and an early preview. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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    How about an original DVD pressing of Duende to call your very own? Oh yeah, and the digital download to wet your beak, the preview and behind the scenes footage, and the hey-hey on Facebook.

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    You'll receive a collection of production stills from the film, the DVD, digital download, behind the scenes footage, preview and a Facebook holler!

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    That's right. At $100 you get a limited edition Duende t-shirt. Plus the collection of production stills, DVD, the digital download, behind the scenes footage and preview, and the social network shout out.

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    At $250 you'll be our VIP guest to the Portland premier of Duende (travel and lodging not included). AND, you'll get all the goods listed previously. Important people, indeed.

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    At $500 you'll receive a one of a kind prop from the production of Duende and a thank you in the credits of the film, in addition to VIP access to the premier (travel and lodging not included), collection of production stills, t-shirt, DVD, digital download, behind the scenes footage and preview, AND a Facebook thanks.

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    Director of Photography Steve Riddle hand-crafted just 10 original prints of our amazing poster artwork. Be an owner of both this fine piece (FRAMED!) and a VIP pass to the premier (travel and lodging not included), the DVD, digital download, behind the scenes footage, preview, and a Facebook shout out. JUST 10 OF THESE AVAILABLE!

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    Receive an associate producer credit in the film and attend the Portland wrap party AND premier (travel and lodging not included) as a VIP. You'll receive each of the other incentives in addition to being a key player in the making of Duende.

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    Receive a co-producer credit on the film and IMDB for your contribution. Also, join cast and crew for the Portland wrap party (travel and lodging not included), be a VIP at the premier, and enjoy the t-shirt, DVD, digital download, production stills, behind the scenes footage and preview, and a serious shout out on Facebook.

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    Ever wanted a walk-on cameo in a film? Here's your chance. Come on set for a day and get your face on camera (airfare not included). Plus, you'll be credited in the film and on IMDB as a co-producer of a feature film. You're also be a VIP at the Portland wrap party and premier (travel and lodging not included) and the proud owner of a Duende t-shirt, production stills, a DVD and digital download of the film. You'll have access to the behind the scenes footage and a preview, not to mention an amazing Facebook shout out.

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    Be an Executive Producer in the film's credits, on IMDB and in our hearts. Join us as a VIP at the Portland wrap party and premier (travel and lodging not included) and receive the t-shirt, production stills, DVD, digital download, behind the scenes footage, preview, and greatest of Facebook shout outs (you could probably ask us for anything at this level--phone calls, photos, hugs).

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