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The first adjustable NanoSuction stand for the iPad & iPhone that works with any device, anywhere. Now available on!
The first adjustable NanoSuction stand for the iPad & iPhone that works with any device, anywhere. Now available on!
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Just wanted to address some questions that have been asked multiple times. Check out the 45 second video below for some quick tips and to get started... also, we're on a good roll getting items shipped. That means if you don't have it already, it's either on its way now or very shortly. That being said, it doesn't get to your door faster if you ask where it is repeatedly - in fact, it takes longer to get there because that means I have to read and possibly write back telling you that it's on its way. Thank you for the support and awesomeness everyone!!!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Abdulla Mohammed on October 13, 2013

      Hey there, I didn't received mine yet..

    2. Missing avatar

      Geraldine (deleted) on October 12, 2013

      Thank you kindly Frank

    3. Missing avatar

      Geraldine (deleted) on October 10, 2013

      Anyone got ideas what I can use the ball and socket joints for as they appear to be the only part of this device that work.

    4. Missing avatar

      Geraldine (deleted) on October 10, 2013

      So tried this on wooden surfaces today all over the house with an iPad mini after less than a minute it fell over every time.
      This product was not worth the wait

    5. Missing avatar

      Frank Pinkston on October 10, 2013

      Like others have commented here, my NanoSuction pads are not sticky. They won't support iPad's weight with the NanoSuction on a glass tabletop.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jacob Landis on October 9, 2013

      Arrived today. Pads are offering absolutely zero suction. Won't support the weight of a phone, let alone my iPad. Suggestions?

    7. Missing avatar

      Geraldine (deleted) on October 9, 2013

      Got mine today badly ripped package - due to being packaged badly. Not even a note with it.
      I will update if it actually works later.

      Glad to be done with this.

    8. Car Tag on October 8, 2013

      I received mine today, haven't had a chance to check it out yet

    9. Missing avatar

      Classicsmiley on October 8, 2013

      I just picked mine up at the post office. I'm still playing around with it, but my first impression is that the ball and socket joints have plenty of friction, but so far the nano-suction pads don't seem to be holding very firmly to my desk, with a melamine-type surface (and yes, I took off the plastic protector sheets). It takes almost no rotational force, and a whole edge will peel up on its own. So far I'm having poor results when compared to the tests shown in the video updates.
      As far as devices go, I've got a Nokia Lumia 920 with a slightly curved back, so I don't think it will work with my phone. I do want to see how well it sticks to the flat surface of my wife's Kindle Fire.

      Hopefully other people will be able to chime in with their own experiences in the next day or so.

    10. ShatteredByLoss
      on October 8, 2013

      So, I'm curious. Has anyone actually received this item yet? Has anyone used it?

    11. Jim ONeill on October 8, 2013

      Keith, did you read the post or just watch the video? Lol

    12. Keith Paul Jr Kelly on October 8, 2013

      The video implies that people are having problems with the product. Does this mean you are shipping. When can we expect shipment?

    13. Frank Wuerbach on October 8, 2013


      This gets old. What are we to believe?
      Last update it was said, all out by 30th of Sept. and on the 8th of Oct. we here that the mailing is still going on. WTF?
      end aug, end sept, now pretty soon.
      This is no way to conduct a business. Why not tell us some dates which can actually be kept?
      I am very supportive of the product but the dates of delivery have been pretty unreliably communicated. If you communicate dates, please be sure that they are feasible.

      And I hope to get my GekkoStand because I have been looking forward to it. This is a great and flexible stand and I hope we will see more of it in the years to come but the Kickstarter fullfillment has been quite botched. I hope this will change for the final product deliveries.