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Gekko Stand - Universal & Adjustable NanoSuction Stand's video poster

The first adjustable NanoSuction stand for the iPad & iPhone that works with any device, anywhere. Now available on! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 15, 2013.

The first adjustable NanoSuction stand for the iPad & iPhone that works with any device, anywhere. Now available on!


Hello backers,

I'm well aware that an update is overdue and thanks again for your continued support. We are literally putting the finishing touches on the remaining Gekko Stands to be sent out, which will be set 100% no doubt about it, by September 30th. 

There will be a highly detailed explanation given as to why we're a couple months late as soon as things slow down for me a bit. In a nutshell, we've had manufacturing obstacles with our NanoSuction pads... the pad backing was breaking during the assembly process due to inferior acrylic pieces. That took 7 weeks to get worked out. In the meantime we've been assembling the rest of the components and we're almost done with every pad backing assembly now. 

Yes, we have been shipping out rewards but a bad batch of product really slowed us down. I'm getting it done and have learned a lot in this process. Another thing that slowed us down was our warehouse/assembly area that was compromised due to a leasing issue with a friend of mine. The operation is now 100% in my garage and that took some time to move everything and get it setup again. 

Again, thank you so much to those of you keeping positive with me. I know the conversations on here and social media can be heated, but I appreciate getting a message that says "I get it and keep going." I want to stress again that I completely understand why some of you are mad, I've had $600 rewards arrive 8 months late and I certainly was mad as well. 

Attached are some photos, which are also LONG overdue, of our operation. I am working as quickly as I can and I am grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you!


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    1. Creator Geraldine (deleted) on October 10, 2013

      Hi Lee - I have mine and it doesn't work so you are not missing anything

    2. Creator Lee Maher on October 7, 2013

      Is it the end of September yet? Oh wait - it's the first week of October and no gecko yet??? I'd sure love to get mine someday soon!

    3. Creator Sebastián Rojas on October 5, 2013

      I have not received mine either.

    4. Creator Louis Taylor on October 5, 2013

      I have not recieved my rewards yet. Your last update said all rewards would be out by end of Sept. and there would be tracking info. sent. Just wanted to check. I ordered two Pro Early Bird stands and extra accessories. I thought it would be good to drop you a note of concern.
      Louis Taylor

    5. Creator Alana Mace on October 1, 2013

      Hiya! Still waiting for package ... How are things going? I live in Denver and could come help pack boxes for a couple of hours.

    6. Creator Geraldine (deleted) on September 23, 2013

      Glad to see an update a little information goes a long way

    7. Creator Teddy Chan on September 23, 2013

      Just wonder if there is any tracking number for the shipment when shipped out? Or you may use for the tracking and notification service. At least we can have an idea where is it for the international shipment.

    8. Creator Mikk Grīns on September 23, 2013

      Thanks for the update, Dwight!

    9. Creator elflin on September 22, 2013

      Nice to see an update. Thank you Dwight.

    10. Creator Jonathan Montgomery on September 22, 2013

      Thanks Dwight, a few direct words and images goes a long way. Looking forward to seeing a quality reward when it ships.

    11. Creator F. E. Torkel on September 22, 2013

      Thanks for the update, Dwight. I've sent a couple messages about my address having changed, but no replies as yet. Is there a particular way you want to be notified of this? Looking forward to getting my reward !