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Build the miniature city of your dreams with our amazing hand painted (or paint yourself) modular terrain.
Build the miniature city of your dreams with our amazing hand painted (or paint yourself) modular terrain.
2,719 backers pledged $2,359,260 to help bring this project to life.

Dwarven Forge Sinks To A New Low!


Are you ready for the Monster Sewer?

It’s 107 pieces of slime-crusted walls, floors, sluiceways (+ 1 mystery mini) – a thousand different setups to host the nastiest of underground encounters. Use it to create a ratman warren, an otyugh lair, or even to build curtain walls or an urban canal.

All Cottage Backers and higher are welcome to add this set to their pledge, starting now. And for the duration of the Kickstater, your Monster Sewer comes with a surprise, original miniature buried in the depths of the package.  Get ready for a serious urban underworld!

Still not enough to carry your sewage? 

 Mix in 3 much smaller Add-On Sets as you wish to supplement your system: Sewer Walls; Sewer Floors; and Sluiceways.

Please note that while these sets are available for your pledge, we will not have them added to our pledge calculator until Friday.

If you haven’t already seen them on the Kickstarter page, we’ve added two new video links:

A Peek Inside the DF Studio to see a Valorian Tavern

Wondy Takes On Dwarvenite!

Or click here to return to our Kickstarter page.

Thanks so much!

The Dwarven Forge Crew (Stefan is busy sculpting…)

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    1. Matt Price on

      Please post a link to some examples of what you can build with one Monster Sewer Add On Pack. Please *don't* put this in the comments, but add to your front page, or at least an update. I'm having trouble "seeing" how much this is, and am wondering if I should order 6 or 8 of them? ;) Thanks!

    2. David Kenzer on

      I've been working on a HackMaster campaign set in the sewers of bet Kalamar...this is perfect!

    3. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      Please stop adding more cool stuff. I already can't afford all I want.
      Seriously I would have preferred a town streets and then several months later a sewers kickstarter. You would be able to get more money of me that way.

    4. Bill Barsh on

      Awesome. This is exactly what I was hoping for. The Pacesetter GC module series take place in a massive sewer system (which is the remains of an ancient city) so this is perfect. The GC modules are only released at conventions like Gen Con, Gary Con and North Texas RPG Con and this lets me run play tests with minus and appropriate terrain which is just cool. Thanks DF!

    5. Trond Klakken

      Woow... Doom to my wallet!

    6. Knightess, Keeper of the Codex Valoria on

      You totally make me laugh! ThANK YOU!

    7. Jester of Valoria; Ambassador to Ghrys

      I don't need sewers, I don't want sewers, dammit I just bought sewers...

    8. ForestZ - Archdruid of Valoria on

      @Anthony: I don't think they're considering building a closed system, per se (ie. where each hallway dead ends.) They give you exactly enough to use the pieces they give you.

      Each turn uses one of each, with two turns: 2 convex, 2 concave
      Each T uses 2 convex for 4 convex total.
      Each deadend uses 2 concave for 4 total
      The cross junction uses 4 convex.

      That's 10 convex and 6 concave. Exactly enough.

    9. Matt Strehlow on

      I think we'll find this in the sewers

    10. Bob Munsil

      What are the dimensions of the Sluiceways? They look to be 2x2, but I'd like to be sure...

    11. Rick Koeppen on

      Omg Genre lmfao!!

    12. Pretay Nomah on

      I found footage of the mystery miniature that comes with the sewers addon!!!

    13. Pretay Nomah on

      Howdy Ho! Gee that sewer sure is swell!

    14. Anthony on


      Would it not make sense though that more of the concave curves would be needed than the convex curves? I would say their numbers should be switched... If you make a turn, you will need one of each, but if you make a dead end, you will need 2 concaves.

      Say you want to add a T or X crossing, you are adding 2 convex curves at the junction, but also adding 2 concave curves for the end of that new passage. (On top of the two concave already needed for the original passage ending).

      It would make sense to have 4 more concave curves than convex. Two for each "end" of the sewer, with equal amounts of concave & convex needed in between.

    15. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      Well done! I particularly love the sluiceways pieces. There goes my resolve to try to spend less on this KS... and with it the rest of my money!

    16. Rick Small

      Wow, like others have said, that sewer set is so incredible that I think I'll have to drop my City pledge down a level. Just too amazing!

    17. Rick Koeppen on

      I'm in for three of the monster sets. So much for trying to stay away from the sewers. They just look so awesome.

    18. Nikdo on

      Amazing. Simply amazing.

    19. Forar on

      @Bill: Yeah, guess I might stick with that hamlet after all, if they're going to tempt me with a sewer pack like that.

    20. Bill B on

      @Forar - took the word out of my mouth.

    21. Missing avatar

      Too Beaucoup on

      Looks great! I'll need to drop my building pledge lower, but that's ok, sewers look great. Can you guys do a build to see what the big set can actually make?

    22. Zazulu on

      Now THAT is an awesome bang for your buck. Incoming pledge surge.

    23. Forar on

      Wow. Just... wow.