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The ultimate fully modular terrain for Dungeons & Dragons, available fully hand painted.  Amazing detail, variety and durability.
The ultimate fully modular terrain for Dungeons & Dragons, available fully hand painted.  Pledge manager ends soon!
The ultimate fully modular terrain for Dungeons & Dragons, available fully hand painted. Pledge manager ends soon!
2,897 backers pledged $3,055,118 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      JK 5 days ago


    2. DWM Kickstarter on February 10

      On the online shop, I meant to add.

    3. DWM Kickstarter on February 10

      DF still has work in progress pics of cities, two Kses ago.

    4. Hella101 on February 10

      Can’t remember that I saw a ‘real’ fire ant worker. At the time of the campaign it was “sculpt in progress”. Is a picture available of the miniature?

    5. Zach Haugen - Merchant Guild of Valoria on February 9

      @Nate - Did you guys ever find Elye's original cages or were they lost in the mail system forever?

    6. Tommy on February 8

      AWESOME .....

    7. Greyanvil, Hammer of Moradin on February 7

      Wish they were going to have a pre-sale.

      Just one dwarf's lament....

    8. GDBroker on February 7

      @Glynn Smith - Ha, you're not the only one. I think this is my 897th time checking the page. Okay, maybe not that many, but it's been a lot.

    9. Glynn Smith on February 7

      No kidding. I have checked the page more than I would care to admit today looking for the update.

    10. Forar on February 7

      Can't wait to hear how things are going!

    11. Missing avatar

      Brandon on February 7

      Nice! Excited for the update!

    12. Missing avatar

      Riley on February 7

      Lucky Jay! I hope he had time for some dining and sightseeing.

    13. Nate Taylor, Beanslayer of Valoria Collaborator
      on February 7

      Jay just got back from the factory and an update is incoming today. Hang tight!

    14. Greg Gengler on February 6

      no update for the new year yet? It's already February...

    15. Missing avatar

      M&M Kriz on February 6

      +1 for pre-CNY progress update!

    16. Missing avatar

      Samuel Vestal on February 6

      Yes a pre-CNY progress update would be awesome.

    17. DWM Kickstarter on February 3

      I know of no delays, but with CNY coming up in a week or so, I hope for an update that everything is on the water or will be before then.

    18. Missing avatar

      Santiago Amador on February 3

      What's the delivery date for this?

    19. DWM Kickstarter on February 3

      I am glad you liked them!!!

    20. John Patala on February 3

      My apologies. It was DWM Kickstarter's great paints. Thanks to all anyways!

    21. John Patala on February 3

      A little late to the party but, Regazo The Red, those water tile repainst are fantastic!

    22. Missing avatar

      Brandon on February 2

      Argh... I got excited reading about KS6 and decided I wanted some more large mountain floors and painted cavern elevation to hold me over. OF COURSE both are sold out. This DoD needs to hurry up and ship to take my mind off all the gaps in my cavern set...

    23. jason riggs on February 2

      i love see 3by 3 pieces When will we know when we can order more from ks5 like traps and magnet walls. i have this plan make a dragon den. im look spend money

    24. jason riggs on February 2

      is it here yet

    25. Missing avatar

      Brandon on February 2

      Psyched for these cavern beans! Large pieces (>4x4) and flashy stuff in particular. I love my caverns, especially paired up with the erinthor mountains kit, but some supplement would be fantastic. Stuff like the KS2 mushrooms and some of the more natural looking mountain pieces make for outstanding cave/underdark setups, so I'm really excited to see what else they come up with.

      And awesome to hear delivery is on track!

    26. DWM Kickstarter on February 1

      KSV ended up being about 10% of my total DF purchases, and I hope KSVI will be the same or even less (personally I am hoping for 5%)
      Outdoors would have probably gotten (will get?) me to spend a lot more.
      I think so mainly as I have bought zero extra caverns since I got my KSII stuff. Every other set I have bought more of retail. A small amount of caverns seems to do it well for me for some reasonl.

    27. Rabbit Burner
      on February 1

      Wanted KSVI to be outdoor but get why they go back to caverns.
      Don't want any caves but do want some Water and lava pieces. Then we didn't want a dungeon either - ah well the best placed plans of Mice and Rabbits.
      KSVII looks strong for outdoor/overground.

    28. Tangleknot on February 1

      When KS5 came around I didn't think I'd find anything that I'd want since I went big in KS1. I ended up spending almost as much as all previous KS'ers combined. I have no doubt that DF will bring doom to my wallet again in KS6.

    29. Greyanvil, Hammer of Moradin on February 1

      I hoped they would return to the Caverns with KS6 and I’m really excited to see what they come up with. I hope they will add more water pieces as well. I spent a bunch on KS5 and still didn’t get everything I wanted. I expect the same for the new Caverns.

      Just one dwarf’s opinion....

    30. WarmasterOJB on January 31

      Is there a chance that we get the Dungeon of Doom Adventure early? I would like to prepare everything so I am ready when all the nice stuff arrives!

    31. kodiakbear on January 31


      KS5 was a return to Dungeons and it had a good amount of innovation.

      While I am one of the people who was pushing big time for DF to do outdoor terrain with a modular tree system, I always expected them to return to caverns. While they may not be your cup of tea they are a very popular gaming environment and just like dungeons did, caverns really do need more variety.

    32. Aaron Meyer on January 30

      I just hope they don't get too crazy like KS5. I don't think my wallet or my wife could handle another DoD. lol

    33. Michael V. Drejer on January 30

      .How about walls with special designs on them... Regeneration pods, metal pipings, demonic sum old etc. The walls would be thin, with the length of three DF pieces, then use magnets to hold it to the wall pieces.

    34. Forar on January 30

      *catches up on the KS6 teaser*

      Sounds awesome. As someone who enjoyed KS5 but had constructive feedback, what they've shared here certainly sounds like they took that critique to heart and are striving to streamline things substantially.

      Looking forward to KS5 getting here, all the more reason to tackle some of my painting backlog before my package from DF arrives to expand it substantially.

    35. George Graybill on January 30

      I'm really excited about the new caverns stuff. Anyone that has played through Out of the Abyss (or any other Underdark themed adventures) can attest to the fact that the current cavern stuff can be somewhat limiting. I can't wait to see what they come up with.

    36. Phoenix Rising on January 30

      As a first-time backer as of KS5, I'm one of those who will benefit from KS6 100%. Also, I held back on Caverns store purchases because they didn't seem quite flexible enough to fit my maps. The KS6 teaser addresses some of that.

    37. Tiom on January 29

      @Kodiakbear: yes makes sense from a "cash" before innovation point of view for DF

    38. kodiakbear on January 29

      From a number of backers stand point having the main theme for KS6 be Caverns makes perfect sense. All the DF KS have been successful but KS1 and KS2 stand out as having a higher amount of backers, KS5s return to Dungeons made sense and its formula increased the backer count above what KS3 & KS4 had achieved so it makes sense for DF to return to their second most backed setting next.

    39. jason riggs on January 27

      I love do woodland set in new material.

    40. Missing avatar

      Riley on January 27

      I’m sure I’ll be in for a few hundred for more core caverns. The question is: how awesome will the side sets be?

    41. DWM Kickstarter on January 26

      I do not anticipate spending much this time around. I could be wrong, but I am definitely getting saturated with DF. I spent a pretty reasonable amount on this KS, and that was even with really wanting and loving the vaulted look.

      So far the previews of different pieces of caverns has not really excited me. I would not mind having some, but not much.

    42. Peter S on January 26

      Hard to know if I will fail or save on the Will check until we know the DC of the roll. It could be a nice easy 10, or a really tough 22. (I expect the DF folks are shooting for the 22...)

    43. The Monkey on January 26

      I fully expect to roll a critical fail on my Will Save...;)

    44. MikeR on January 26

      Caverns for KS6 ? I thought it was going to be for specialty pieces across all settings. Oh well, we've had those rumors dispelled on previous campaigns, too.

      Building up the utility of Caverns will be great but, IMO, not as cool as added dungeon settings. Thankfully so since my wallet and I are still recovering from this KS !

      I'm anxious to see what the DF Team has planned but I expect I will be able to make my Will save and spend reasonably on the next campaign. For me, Caverns are a utility setting that, while still very useful, get much less use than the Dungeon settings.

      That being said, I fully expect the DF Mages to use their magic-enhanced creativity to dazzle me and add penalties to that Will save.

    45. Tiom on January 26

      what happend to all the nice ideas the forum/backers had? (Docks, addon for all previous KS, Outdoor etc.) ... now again a remake of an existing theme (sounds like cash is king) ... not so sure about the upcoming KS with caverns .... mmmhh ... not my cup of tea I guess....

    46. Aaron Meyer on January 25

      I'm sure they have something amazing planned to make all our bank accounts cringe and our wallets cry out to the gods for mercy :)

    47. DWM Kickstarter on January 24

      It will be a delicate balancing act for sure, as unlike all the vaulted stuff in KSV all the new pieces are more or less the same design of caverns, just new shapes. I went in big on basic corner and wall pieces in KSV as I liked the pillar design a lot.
      Here it will be different. See what DF does about it, to attract as many dollars as possible.

    48. Aaron Meyer on January 24

      That's one of the reasons why people are asking for a level that gets you the new casts without sticking you with a lot of the stuff you already have. Will be interesting to see if they can pull off that option

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