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The ultimate fully modular terrain for Dungeons & Dragons, available fully hand painted.  Amazing detail, variety and durability.
The ultimate fully modular terrain for Dungeons & Dragons, available fully hand painted.  Pledge manager ends soon!
The ultimate fully modular terrain for Dungeons & Dragons, available fully hand painted. Pledge manager ends soon!
2,897 backers pledged $3,055,118 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Paul Bradley 1 minute ago

      Australians - are you getting shipping notifications?

    2. Missing avatar

      Cally harper 10 minutes ago

      Upon opening my complete Dungeon of Doom order, with all the compliments or complaints I could make. I would like to start with...... the jade Temple of Sysuul is AMAZING, COMPLETELY AMAZING. Amazing like the feeling one might get receiving The Perfect gift from Santa and thinking WOW this is everything I've ever wanted. (Until this year=) Thank you everyone at Dwarven Forge!

    3. RobK, Guildmaster of Valoria about 4 hours ago

      @Nomad Yeah, I often get DF mail in my junk folder for some reason. I've been checking my junk folder every day, but still no luck! Patience, patience...

    4. T.Love about 4 hours ago

      A few of questions. I just started to inventory my order. My 2 Eldritch Pools "vaulted door corner warded doors do not open because the door is too close to and is blocked by the (swing side) pillar in front and the stop in the rear. Also only 2 of the small corner backfill pieces were included even though there are 2 curved alcoves in the set and 4 of the small corner backfill pieces were listed in the Eldritch pools stretch goals. Looking at the jade (unpainted) idol of Sysuul in the pictures it appears that the bowl, necklace, and armbands are made translucent jade material, yet the idol is dark dwarvenite rather than the jade material, is this correct? That is all so far. I must say, as a first time buyer of some painted sets, that taken as a whole the paint job is very good, but there are a few pieces that are really poorly painted and obvious layering steps were missed or not painted at all.

    5. Eric N.
      about 7 hours ago

      @Demetrios: Encounters 1-6 have been posted here: They expect to post the rest in mid-late September.

    6. Dice4hire about 9 hours ago

      I got nothing in Japan yet.

    7. Demetrios Hadjistavropoulos
      about 9 hours ago

      I can't find the story modules for the encounters in my email. Are they all located somewhere I can get a link to?

    8. Slicker 8. about 15 hours ago

      Got DF notice the rest of my DOD is going to be shipped. Vancouver awaits.

    9. Timothy Mann
      about 16 hours ago

      Any word on Japan? I saw that they should have arrived already, but what about delivery?

    10. Nomad Terrain 1 day ago

      @RobK - if you haven’t already, check your junk folder. My actual shipping notice appears there a couple days after the prep notice arrives.

    11. RobK, Guildmaster of Valoria 1 day ago

      I got the "your order is being packed and will ship in a few days" e-mail a week ago, but still no shipping notice. I'm (I'm)patiently waiting for my new dwarvenite! ;)

    12. Syrian, Village Idiot of Valoria 2 days ago

      Canadian here... Just received my pre-shipping email. ' packed up and will ship during the coming week.' Yay!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      szabbran 2 days ago

      @Sean Lambert Would be happy to take you up on that! You can email at brandon.szabo AT and I'll be happy to share mailing info, and coordinate if there's anything I can pass your way in trade. Thank you!

    14. Sean Lambert (sum1els)
      2 days ago

      @szabbran You can have my marble stickers if you give me your mailing address. Your profile is private so I can't email you.

    15. Sean Lambert (sum1els)
      2 days ago

      Somehow I accidentally ordered a painted set of Passages Intersections with magnets, instead of unpainted. Rather than just paint over the factory paint job to match my other pieces, I thought I'd offer to swap someone who has SKU#5-PASI-U but would rather have SKU#5-PASI-P (a $23 upgrade). Anyone interested?

    16. Mark B 2 days ago

      Woot! Boxes arrived today...lots of unpackaging to do. I love the magnetic basing with the metal tray! Brilliant!!!

    17. Jeff Orsborn 2 days ago

      Trying to build the Lava bridge. Anyone have pics to help lay it out?

    18. Missing avatar

      szabbran 2 days ago

      @John Patala crazy question given how many stickers were in each pack, but were there any you didnt have enough of? I ordered 2x puzzle tile add-ons to get enough floor pieces for a chess board layout, only to realize that each set only had half of the black/white marble stickers I need. So now I am stuck buying two more unless theres an alternative way to get just the sticker sheets.

      If anyone doesn't plan on using the black/white marble stickers, PM me on the forums! Would be interested to buy/trade.

    19. Tiom 2 days ago


    20. John Patala 3 days ago

      As for the Puzzle Room Floor Tiles just make more. I made hundreds of them so that I could use the stickers. I started a post about this on DF. I was very frustrated that we were given so many stickers, but so few tiles. Well, in the end I spent a few dollars, did some work and made hundreds of additional tiles. Link below to the conversation.…

    21. William Burke 3 days ago

      Just Got my terrain tray elevation packs and the last of my shipment, The elevation packs look great as elevations, the magnets don't hold that well, and as a storage try they don't seem to work Tiles are to tall to have the lid closed properly. live and learn

    22. Laurentas, Baker, Basilisk Lane, Valoria 3 days ago

      Hi everyone, croissants?

      Still wainting for my yearly fix here in France, so in the meantime I am prowling the web to complete my Snake decor. I want to run a Sseth/yuan-ti and other scaly ones campaign.
      I already have a couple items to complete the decor, but I ordered a few other nice pieces here and there. Cannot wait to receive DoD and the rest.

    23. Nomad Terrain 3 days ago

      @szabbran - I have gotten to unpack 3 of my 5 boxes and so far no issue.

    24. Missing avatar

      szabbran 3 days ago

      Just started unpacking and inventorying... these pieces are beautiful!

      One small thing (before I post up t the forums)- did anyone else have an issue with the elevation boxes not sitting flush when closed for storage? Mine dont seat quite properly, almost like the magnets are pushing the lid off center. Appears to be an issue on all three.

      Will mess around more to confirm it isn't user error, but wanted to see if anyone else had the issue.

    25. Tiom 3 days ago

      Thanks Phoenix

    26. Scott Sysol
      4 days ago

      We need the rest of them up there! Those are great!

    27. Phoenix Rising, Songster of Valoria 4 days ago

      @Tiom - the first 6 encounters have a break-out build diagram already. They're lovely:

    28. Tiom 4 days ago

      @DF Team and Army: will the DoD include an how to build information for each encounter?

    29. Slicker 8. 4 days ago

      @all. Has anyone from Canada gotten their second shipment?

    30. Michael Ross 4 days ago

      has anyone that opted for the single shipment gotten their shipping notice yet?

    31. Afton 4 days ago

      Thanks @Phoenix Rising. I emailed DF over my missing Eldritch Pools encounter and they were quick to email me back and ship the missing set. Great company.

    32. Scott Sysol
      5 days ago

      @Pheonix - I was able to finish the build, but under the main snake shrine I had to put 1 2x2 tile in the middle of a spot that could hold 2 2x2 tiles. I would fill this in with a standard tile the next time I build it.

    33. Phoenix Rising, Songster of Valoria 5 days ago

      @Scott - no, but I suspect that there's a trick to it as there was with Acid Bath. Some tile left unfilled perhaps. Without the room diagrams it's hard to be sure.

    34. Scott Sysol
      5 days ago

      Has anyone built the shrine of sysuul? I end up short one 2x2 floor tile. I’ve counted the tiles and I have them all according to the box. Any video of this build - nothing I can find on YouTube.

    35. Phoenix Rising, Songster of Valoria 5 days ago

      There's a lot of Dwarvenite at my house. Trying to pack up my 40% that will be painted in Sandstone. I think it will fit in about 5 2-7/8" tall DeWalt divided trays. I have 3 already packed. Another one holds my ledges (Lava 2 and one of each set), plus my collection of dungeon debris and treasure piles. Yet another one is currently holding traps and decorations and such. A larger, deeper Stanley tray holds the Lava Bridge fully assembled, plus all my elevation and daises so far. (That system will break down when my final shipment arrives, but I haven't broken out Sandstone for elevation yet...)

      And after all that I still have a pile of boxes to unpack!

    36. Phoenix Rising, Songster of Valoria 5 days ago

      @Jorkohn - no, the later part of the module is not out yet; they said September, after KS6 is over...

    37. Phoenix Rising, Songster of Valoria 5 days ago

      @RobK - the Puzzle Floors tiles should be available, but be warned I think a lot of people want them!

    38. Kenshidark 5 days ago

      Did anyone from Australia receive a tracking number for their package? Also, who is the shipping hub for Australia?

    39. RobK, Guildmaster of Valoria 5 days ago

      @Jorkohn I could understand that, but it would be too bad - there are more decals provided than puzzle floor pieces (even using them double-sided), and I'd love to use them all!...

    40. Jorkohn, Warden of Valoria 5 days ago

      Did they ever send out the modules for Encounters 7+ ?

    41. Jorkohn, Warden of Valoria 5 days ago

      Got my pre-shipping notice for Encounter 7 and floor traps. Sadly the tote is on Backorder. I mean come on, that's the only reason I actually participate (not entirely true, but I do make sure I've always gotten one). I have an almost empty wall dedicated to the totebags.

      Usually they will only have the full sets available. Individual pieces are not economical. But things might change a little after this year's KS since they broke down the encounters into mini-sets. However, you'll most likely have to buy an entire Puzzle Floor encounter for more of the specialty floor tiles.
      Do note: I am not with the DF peeps, I am just an observer and a backer-lite.

    42. RobK, Guildmaster of Valoria 5 days ago

      Hey, everyone! Sorry if this is an oft-repeated question (I haven't been following the comments here and I didn't see anything on the forums): is there a way to get more of (just) the puzzle floors? Will a set of them be available in the webstore? Thanks!

    43. Missing avatar

      szabbran 5 days ago

      Yesss mine will be here Friday. But my inlaws will be in town this weekend... wonder if lava bridge +gorgon tiers +some mega marble will give me enough dwarvenite to barricade myself in the basement?

    44. Eric N.
      5 days ago

      Just got the UPS notices for my final DoD shipment.... listed as 120 pounds!

    45. Missing avatar

      The Sarducci 5 days ago

      Received preshipment notification for encounters 7,8, and 9. Last of my order.

    46. Alarian DarkWind
      5 days ago

      Received the pre-ship notice for my 4th, and final, shipment two days ago. Now just waiting for the it's shipped notice. Really looking forward to this one as it looks like it may be my biggest shipment to date.

    47. Missing avatar

      szabbran 5 days ago

      Expecting my final shipment to go out in the next few days, but no word from UPS yet. In the meantime, could anyone who received an elevation box brag for me about how cool they are so that I can live vicariously until I get mine in my hands? :)

    48. Phoenix Rising, Songster of Valoria 5 days ago

      @Sir Matthew - JPost might be reliable, but my one experience with JP customs says they're thorough and don't mind taking a bit of time. It sounds like the factory bulk shipped to JP, so it might just be making its way through customs.

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