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The ultimate fully modular terrain for Dungeons & Dragons, available fully hand painted.  Amazing detail, variety and durability.
The ultimate fully modular terrain for Dungeons & Dragons, available fully hand painted.  Pledge manager ends soon!
The ultimate fully modular terrain for Dungeons & Dragons, available fully hand painted. Pledge manager ends soon!
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    1. Mitch just now

      @Nate: What's the risk of the metal wall tabs scratching each other during storage (or shipment for that matter) and then rusting in the humidity due to the exposed metal scratches?

      Also, will the tabs scratch paint off the other pieces during transport between games?

      Finally, what thickness is the metal? Hopefully it won't cause the centre of rooms to end up being too much below the surface of their surrounding floor tiles and look like a shower floor (where the floors sloped down towards a drainage point).

    2. Rabbit Burner
      about 13 hours ago

      It was too much for the bunnies especially when they saw the Tote bag.
      Water, Gargoyles and Golems ......... oooohhhhhh

    3. Missing avatar

      Samuel Vestal about 13 hours ago

      *Tears of joy* omg, it's all so cool, April can't come soon enough.

    4. DWM Kickstarter about 13 hours ago

      A nice update. Hope we get another before April ;)

      The tabs do look better. I saw some in person at Gencon and they were kinda all over the place, but that is expected for prototypes. The pics of the metal ones look really good. I am not getting a lot, but my encounters have smattering of them. Hope they work well.

    5. lichen Dan Dwarvenite lich of Valoria about 22 hours ago


    6. Alarian DarkWind
      1 day ago

      Re: Tote bags. Yea that one looks to be my favorite so far.

    7. Eden
      1 day ago

      That tote bag rocks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Berny Leung 1 day ago

      I don't like seeing empty castles and empty towns. Definitely need minis.

    9. Rabbit Burner
      1 day ago

      Cor Blimey a pending DF update!
      Many bunnies overcome with unexpected excitement.
      Happy that the mini mini KS is still on the cards.
      don't often get DF minis cos way too deep in the terrain!

    10. Snurl 2 days ago

      Frankie says, Relax!

    11. Phoenix Rising 2 days ago

      For new pieces, a one day wait is more than acceptable. I think adding metal tabs to the passage wall pieces could be a real winner!

    12. Missing avatar

      Riley 2 days ago

      Walls with metal plates- black metal plates- sounds gnarly, dude.

    13. Nate Taylor, Beanslayer of Valoria Collaborator
      2 days ago

      And, the update will be delayed by a day. We just got a new box of test pieces and want to include them.

      We finally got the passage walls in and they are killer. Black metal bottom tabs (instead of plastic). It's a solid upgrade. And the anchor magnets stick to them.

    14. Brian Kowalski 2 days ago

      Doom for your wallet! (In Japanese) - I say this while staring out my Tokyo hotel window waiting for the update... ^_^

    15. Missing avatar

      Berny Leung 3 days ago

      Of the serious doom part, I have no doubt.

    16. Nate Taylor, Beanslayer of Valoria Collaborator
      3 days ago

      Big update coming tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

      Everything is moving along very smoothly thus far.

      Factory samples are looking great. Can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on these pieces!

      Oh, and we’re deep into KS6 at this point. Serious Doom is brewing...

    17. DWM Kickstarter 4 days ago

      A minis kickstarter should be interesting. I think dwarvenite is a great material for minis.

    18. Aaron Meyer 4 days ago

      @Alkettory I saw that. Excitement abounds :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Berny Leung 4 days ago

      Minis KS, yes Yes YES!

    20. Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria 4 days ago

      @Aaron Meyer,
      This is a snippet from Stefan Fri 12/8 7:18pm:
      "Drew: Drew excels at miniatures...he sculpted Susuul and does many of our minis and small furniture along with Sandy Garrity...we have brought on several other miniature sculptors for a side project btw....Gah! Beans!"
      Sound like the minis KS might be turning into a real thing.

    21. Missing avatar

      Berny Leung 5 days ago

      Well, the update wasn't really an update. But it's good to see that Stefan is giving us a glimpse into the frenzy that is DF. And I agree, some lovely progress pictures would be awesome!

    22. kodiakbear 5 days ago

      In KS4 they went from Oct 3rd till Dec 21st with out an update.
      In KS3 they went from Aug 10th till Nov 8th with out an update.
      So I do not see anything to worry about this time of quiet.

      But sure I would love pictures from the factory.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mike 5 days ago

      Recent update on the forums, with a full update pending soon.…

    24. Missing avatar

      Kent Hinkson 5 days ago

      Don't make a mountain out of a molehill.

      Dwarven Forge is a great company who lacks the ability to make updates. It is somehow hardcoded into their human existence and they do not understand how to do it.

      It is their only flaw. You could not possibly be in better hands, you will get your product AND they will update you IF something goes wrong. Until then, just sit back, relax, and don't expect an update. :)

    25. Jack Walsh 5 days ago

      This is the longest DF has ever taken to update so soon after a KS. It's been over seven weeks since a status. This is unusual, and not reassuring.

    26. Aaron Meyer on December 6

      guess I'll just keep trolling the KS website. never know what will show up :D

    27. Rabbit Burner
      on December 6

      DF do not do updates - fact of life sadly.
      But their immaculate track record makes any updates gravy - assuming its not to tell us that CNY is going to delay shipments by 2 months!
      So no Update is GOOD :)
      @Aaron - have not heard any more of the proposed mini mini KS that Stefan mooted at the end of this KS, here or in the DF forums

    28. Aaron Meyer on December 6

      There was also talk of maybe doing a small KS with mini's and small pieces like that. Would be very interesting to hear how those ideas are fleshing out or dying on the rack :)

    29. DWM Kickstarter on December 6

      I am not sure DF does updates anymore. ;)

      I have heard nothing about anything in the summer, though I assume KSVI will be going on around then somewhere.

    30. jason riggs on December 5

      Whats news any spiecal set planned for summer? please update us

    31. Missing avatar

      Berny Leung on December 4

      Before we know it, New Years will be come and gone and then the wait won't seem so long!

    32. Aaron Meyer on December 4

      I'm just glad that Christmas races up so fast. I'm so busy this time of year that by the time my mind slows down, April is almost here. lol

    33. MikeR on December 4

      DF is one of the few vendors I completely trust. I love updates but, with DF, I don't mind the gap between them as it actually helps, in my mind, the wait for delivery to pass.

      I have popped back in to watch Nate's videos again and, while I love them, the make me impatient for delivery.

    34. Missing avatar

      Biggus Pledgus on December 4

      @GDBroker i'm pretty sure I've memorized every video of the products i purchased however the lack of updates has taken a little wind out of my sails.

    35. DWM Kickstarter on November 29

      I hope everything gets on the water in time, or it will be another two month delay.

    36. Hyperlexic on November 28

      @berny thanks. hadn’t thought about CNY!

    37. Missing avatar

      Berny Leung on November 28

      @GDBroker: Perhaps...?

    38. GDBroker on November 28

      So am I the only one who still comes back every week or so to re-watch Nate's videos for each encounter?

    39. Peter S on November 28

      Sometimes I wonder if DF would allow "local pickup" for those whom just don't want to wait? Show up with your SUV or Pickup, load up the tonnage and haul it home!

    40. rustythorn, swordsman of Valoria on November 28

      are they still doing test shipments? i don't remember that from KS4, i assumed they have enough experience now and don't need them but i could be wrong. anyway if they do have test shippments for KS5, i think i should be on that list. i've been on the tail end of shipping for all four of the DF KS and with KS4 i got mine stateside order after the oversea's folk got theirs

    41. Aaron Meyer on November 28

      I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some accessories to really flesh out the dungeons :)

    42. Regazo The Red on November 27

      What will ks6 bring, i wonder? Trees i hope...

    43. Missing avatar

      Berny Leung on November 27

      @Hyperlexic: Probably. CNY is Feb 16, they want the good on the ship and the ship out of port before that. So, arrive in US around Mar 10-ish, customs delay, paperwork and payment, gets to US warehouse Mar 20-ish. A week and a half of "test" shipments in the US, and then free-for-all afterward. So yeah, early April except for the luckiest people. With any luck, Canada won't be too far behind this time. Europe will probably be closer to May.

    44. Hyperlexic on November 27

      Could we get an update on estimated ship date? We still looking at around April?

    45. Missing avatar

      Berny Leung on November 26

      No presale. DF Online Store will be open for business once all North American pledges have shipped.

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