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B-17 is the newest edition to our Air Leader series of solitaire games! Take command of the Mighty 8th Air Force during WWII!
547 backers pledged $70,538 to help bring this project to life.


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Game Play Video by Dean Brown...


Day 1 Mounted Map Special!

Many Kickstarter campaigns have "early bird" specials. Basically, the first people to pledge get some kind of discount or exclusive item.

Instead of taking that approach, if we can reach $10,000 in the first 24 hours, we will upgrade the game's huge 33" x 17" Mission Display from heavy paper to a Mounted Map Board! By doing things this way, everyone benefits, and it becomes a team effort.

B-17 Flying Fortress Leader is a solitaire game.

You select and command Bomber Groups and Fighter Groups belonging to the US 8th Air Force as you carry out a strategic bombing campaign against German Occupied Europe.

As you plan and carry out your missions, the game's AI controls the German Air Defenses, Technology improvements, and allocation of resources to the European, Mediterranean, and Russian campaigns.

B-17 is a Dean Brown design. He has worked closely with us to make sure B-17 is faithful to the Air Leader series, while at the same time having its own unique flavor!

You begin by selecting a Campaign sheet. Each Campaign details the year of your aerial campaign, point values of different types, objective, and special rules that make the campaign unique.

You then select your Bomber Group cards, Fighter Group cards, and any Renowned Commanders you would like to have command them.

It is then time to set-up the initial German resources and air defenses that you will be flying through.

During each Mission, you select which Target card you wish to attack, plot a flight path to and from the target based on what you think the best path through the defenses is, and then resolve the Mission.

During the Mission, you'll move your Bomber Formation and Fighter Escorts one leg of the flight at a time to the target, checking to see if you encounter German fighters, "Bandits", and resolving the air engagements along the way.

During these battles, your Escorts will do their best to shield your Bombers from the swarming Bandits, but some might slip through. At which point it will be up to your gunners to destroy the incoming fighters, or at least driving them off.

While at the same time, the Bandits will be doing their best to shoot down your Bombers.

As you approach the Target, you'll lead your Bombers through deadly fields of flak guns before being able to drop your bombs.

Once over target, you'll call out "Bombs Away!" as you rain destruction down on the factories below!

It is then time for the long flight home. Hopefully, the enemy fighters will not have had enough time to land, rearm, and take off again to intercept you on your home-bound journey.

It is up to you to inflict maximum damage on Germany's war-making capability, while at the same time bringing your brave crews home.

 At the Strategic Level, you will need to decide which Bomber and Fighter Groups to purchase. You will also need to decide how to spend your limited resources. Should you repair damaged aircraft? Purchase another Group? Purchase Technology upgrades to help you complete Missions? And more.

You will also see the German Air Defense strategy alter as they decide to either keep or replace their current Air Defense Commander. Each historical Commander has his own style, skills, and abilities. The AI will also move German resources around to add another layer of decision making to the game.

Each Mission provides an attack by attack telling of the heroic action. Waves of enemy Bandits will clash with your Fighter Escorts in their desperate attempt to reach your Bombers. If any Bandits reach your Bombers, only the marksmanship of your Gunners will prevent the Bandits from shooting down your Bombers.

Each Mission unfolds like a classic WWII movie. B-17 provides enough details to bring you into the action, without adding so much complication that it takes you out of the story.

Each Mission takes only 15 to 20 minutes to resolve.

 Your copy of B-17 comes with...

  • 1 Huge 17" x 33" Mission Display
  • 280 Cards. Including...
  •   Bomber Groups
  •   Fighter Groups
  •   Special Weapons
  •   Targets
  •   German Defense Commanders
  •   Secondary Missions
  •   Events
  • 2 Counter Sheets
  • 6 Campaign Sheets
  • Rulebook

This is a work in progress. We will update the Rulebook as we do format changes, add graphics. Here is the link to the prototype rulebook. All of the art shown is playtest art. We are building the final rulebook now.

  • Very easy to learn!
  • Each Mission plays in 15 to 20 minutes!
  • Solitaire Game!
  • Command the greatest air offensive of all time!


B-17 Flying Fortress Leader will launch with an Expansion pack of plastic aircraft miniatures, plastic stands, and a huge 11" x 17" mounted map board! This is an enlarged version of the map shown on the Display Sheet and gives you plenty of space to move your miniatures each Mission!

The Bombers are roughly 40mm long and the Fighters are roughly 20mm long.

The Aircraft included at the start will get you up and running, and we'll add even more aircraft and more aircraft types as Stretch Goals. With your help, we can reach all the Stretch Goals and provide you with a large assortment of aircraft battling in the skies over Europe!

As we add minis to the Expansion, we'll increase its eventual MSRP to cover our production costs. With the initial mix of aircraft, the Expansion Pack will have a $40 MSRP.

Initial Aircraft...

  • 2x B-17s
  • 2x B-24s
  • 1x B-26
  • 1x P-51
  • 1x Bf-109
  • 6x Stands

Add-On Games  

If you would like to Add-On any of our other DVG games, please add the following amounts to your Pledge amount. Once you pledge for the game, you can then manually adjust your pledge amount to any value. When we send out the Surveys, add a comment listing the games you Added. We'll ship them all in the same package. Your Add-Ons will not increase your shipping cost. We will cover the extra shipping charges.

Field Commander Alexander - $45  

Down In Flames - Aces High - $40  

Down In Flames - Aces High - Extra Cards - $10  

Modern Naval Battles - $40  

Modern Naval Battles - Ship Expansion #1 - $15  

Modern Naval Battles - Campaign Expansion - $15  

Modern Land Battles - $40  

Battle For Stalingrad - $30  

Field Commander Napoleon - $80  

Hornet Leader - $75  

Hornet Leader: The Cthulhu Conflict - $25  

Thunderbolt-Apache Leader - $75  

Phantom Leader Deluxe - $85  

Kill Shot - $10  

Fleet Commander Nimitz - $80  

Fleet Commander Nimitz - Mounted Battle Board - $10  

Field Commander Rommel - Deluxe - $40  

Down In Flames - Wingmen Expansion - $15  

Rise of the Zombies! - $20  

The Cards of Cthulhu - $20  

The Cards of Cthulhu - Bonus Pack - $10  

The Cards of Cthulhu - Veil Expansion - $30  

The Cards of Cthulhu - Coin Pack - $15  

Warfighter - $50  

Warfighter - Reloading Expansion #1 - $15  

Warfighter - Stealth Expansion #2 - $15  

Warfighter - Support Expansion #3 - $15  

Warfighter - Bonus Bullet Dice Expansion #4 - $5  

Warfighter - Speedball Expansion #5 - $15  

Warfighter - United Kingdom Expansion #6 - $15  

Warfighter - Russian Federation Expansion #7 - $15  

Warfighter - Eastern European Adversaries Expansion #8 - $15

Warfighter - Footlocker Storage Case #9 - $40  

Tiger Leader - $70  

Set of 5 DVG Deep Dish Counter Trays - $15  

Gato Leader - $60

U-Boat Leader - $60

Gato / U-Boat Ship Miniatures - $35

How to Add Add-Ons...  

Let's say you pledge for Gato Leader for $65 and you live in the US. Your cost is $80. If you do not add any Add-Ons, you're done. You don't need to do anything else. But, let's say you also want a Field Commander Alexander ($45), and a Warfighter ($50). You would go into your pledge and change the pledge amount to: $175

So, with 70+ published games to our credit since 1989, why do we need your backing?    

We need your help because every game requires a large outlay of money for art, design, and printing. We have spent thousands of dollars on the game so far to get it to this stage, now we need your help for the final step, getting the game printed. 

We believe this is a great game, and we have devoted months of effort to making it perfect. Now, it is time to trade-in our laser printed prototype cards for the real thing, and to do that, we need your help. In looking through our funding levels, you'll see they are basic and easy to understand.  

We're not trying to make a complex project out of funding our game with 20 different options requiring a spreadsheet to figure out. That's not how we work. We are offering a great game, that looks awesome, and is fun to play for both hardcore gamers as well as people new to gaming.  

If you would like to be part of this, we would love to have your help. You can make this game a reality. Please support us and help in spreading the word to your gaming friends.












Down In Flames is a fast-paced card game for 2 or more players. Each player can pilot 1 or more aircraft, and each dogfight takes only 15 to 30 minutes to resolve.

Here's the link to the Aces High page on our website. Guns Blazing is currently out of print. We will print more Aces High games and Guns Blazing games when we print B-17!

Dean is now working on a rule set that will allow you to resolve your B-17 air combats using the Down In Flames system!

Risks and challenges

Dan Verssen Games (DVG) has the knowledge and skills to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. We have published dozens of games. If you have any questions or queries, the people at DVG will be here to assist you as quickly as we can. If you would like to see the quality of the games we publish, please visit our website:

With several Kickstarter campaigns behind us, we are able to professionally deal with setbacks while keeping you, the backer, informed with what's happening every step of the way - and not just while the campaign is running. When funding closes and production starts, we aim to provide the most up-to-date information possible regarding each stage of the game's journey to your tabletop.

We believe that honesty is as important as regular contact with our backers. You can expect the very best from us, no matter what. As part of our honesty pledge, please be aware that we do not offer refunds after a Kickstarter campaign closes. We need the funds to pay the printer and to purchase the add-ons and stretch goals people have earned during the campaign. If you pledge, and later change your mind, that's okay, but you need to cancel your pledge before the campaign ends.

By working with high quality production facilities that we've dealt with during previous campaigns, we are confident that we'll be able to deliver the game in a timely manner. Our exacting standards mean that you're guaranteed to get a great game.

Our Kickstarter History for funded games...

Rise of the Zombies... Published!
Battle For Stalingrad... Published!
The Cards of Cthulhu & Booster... Published!
Warfighter & Expansions Wave #1... Published!
Fleet Commander Nimitz… Published!
Tiger Leader... Published!
Warfighter Expansions Wave #2... Published!
The Cards of Cthulhu Expansion, Beyond the Veil… Published!
Phantom Leader Deluxe... Published!
Hornet Leader: The Cthulhu Conflict... Published!
U-Boat Leader 2nd edition... Published!
Gato Leader... Published!
Ship Miniatures for Gato & U-Boat... Published!
Warfighter WWII Wave #1... At the Printer!

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