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Dust Radio: A documentary film about legendary blues musician Chris Whitley.
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Update #13 - Happy July

Happy July. We hope you're all well. Please forgive us again for a short Dust Radio silence. Things have been crazy but good (and hot) in NY. We're a couple of weeks into an edit and things are looking great. We've pulled selects from the amazing elements we've been unarchiving, and have shot a half dozen new interviews, continuing to fill in facts and times and places greatly, hearing amazing accounts from many core CW people. We have a couple more great people scheduled in the next few weeks, and are still holding out for a few others, people that we hope to be able to schedule soon. People who we think could contribute greatly and who have expressed interest over the years. Certain hard to schedule people! We hope to be finished with these last shoots by the end of July, and to have a cut by the end of the summer, when we'll be figuring out what options we have for festivals and distribution. Still a long haul to get the film out there, but we're getting closer all the time to getting it done. We continue to get some amazing footage from various places and are thrilled to see it come in. A feast of awesome magnitude for CW fans. We hope to begin releasing a few clips and perhaps a new trailer soon, one that reflects all the amazing new and old footage and interviews, that all of you helped us bring, and bring back to, life. In terms of Kickstarter rewards, we've compiled a small and great group of talented artists to help design stuff that's special and enduring, and are still looking for the right printers to do the jobs. (Almost) Everything is designed and ready to go to print and we'll be showing the stuff we get back from vendors soon. It all looks great and we think you'll love it. If anyone has recommendations for printers or any other things, please let us know. And rest assured we're always thinking about you. Every shoot and every edit, we never forget for a second all the generous people who helped and continue to help make what we're doing fully possible. Love and endless gratitude. We'll be in touch again soon.

Jon & Michael


    1. Creator Dim Bulb on July 3, 2012

      I'd be interested to hear what Doug Bowne and other musicians on Din of Ecstasy thought about those sessions and about Chris in that period, since it was such a departure from his Living With the Law sound. I played with Doug in high school and knew he'd moved to NY to seek a career, was later knocked out to see his drum credit on Din.

    2. Creator Tracy Reid on July 2, 2012

      Compucolor in Queens is fast & very reasonable. They have driven to the venue for me on the night of the show with a rush job, too.