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Kick me and my piano out of my house and into the streets of Durham! Support spontaneous piano playing in the public spaces of Durham!

I love playing the piano, singing, and playing the harmonica.

I also love Durham.

I am trying to marry these two loves by setting up shop in Durham's plazas, parks, and sidewalks.  I want to bring my boogie-woogie to the public! 

Imagine walking through the American Tobacco Campus and hearing gritty blues piano.  Or, dancing to ragtime at Five Points.  Or, nodding your head to boogie-woogie at the Farmer's Market.

Tired of booking shows at venues where only the people inside can hear it, I want to get out on the street and put the music where YOU can hear it.  Kids can enjoy it.  You can stop for a couple of tunes or just walk by on your way to your favorite local destination. 

Instead of some slick keyboard and speakers plugged into the odd electrical outlet, I want to buy an old upright piano, put wheels on it and tote it in a small trailer to various spots around town.  Your contributions will go directly to helping me purchase an old upright piano, some wheels for it, and an open trailer to transport it. I plan to play randomly, but at least once a week when the weather permits.  With your contribution, I can make this possible.

The funding goal I set up will assist me enough to allow me to get the bare minimum to make this possible.  With a little extra help from you, I can get an enclosed trailer instead of an open one and the piano will be that much more protected from the weather.

And, like a food truck, I will tweet my location/time to let people know where I'll be if they want to catch me.  Look for Durham Piano Player on Twitter.

So keep Durham musical and kick me out onto its streets!


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    A very kind Thank You!

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    Invitation to the "paint the piano party" hosted at a great local destination on Main Street where, once the piano has been purchased, you can paint, sign, or otherwise demarcate the piano. And, you will also be the first to hear it! Details on the place the party will be held and when to follow.

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    All previous rewards, plus exclusive unreleased recordings of the Durham Piano Player (me!), recorded, mixed, and mastered by David Arnold, a former Durhamite and engineer who has worked on grammy-nominated releases. Recordings will be released on hand-decorated CDs.

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    I love pianos and piano art. For this contribution, I am giving you all the previous rewards, plus a hand-made booklet of my own personal artwork on the theme of pianos. This small booklet (5x7 roughly) features prints of an oil painting, photos, and graphic design I have done, all related to pianos!

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    All previous rewards, plus a free performance at any personal event - a party in your backyard, a picnic for you and your friends at the park, a performance on the sidewalk in front of your restaurant, etc.

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