Bringing Fantasy Gaming To Life! (Canceled)

by Dungeon Lair

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    1. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      Not impressed with this cancellation. Halfway through the campaign, and more than halfway to your goal. You would have easily made funding. Even though I love your treasure packs and bookshelves, I'm not so sure I will back you again. I highly dislike being cancelled on without warning.

    2. dafrca on

      I feel you jumped the gun on this one. You should have let it run it's course or at least waited until you were only a couple of days away.

      Either way, good luck with the future.

    3. Dungeon Lair 2-time creator on

      Hello Daniel and Becky. I appreciate that this is upsetting. We thought long and hard before we made this decision. The thing is, running a Kickstarter is time consuming, I know it doesn't seem like it would be, but there is a lot of monitoring, answering questions, emailing to try and advertise and updating to do. That all takes a lot of time.

      The feedback we got from a large portion of our backers (we wouldn't make this decision based off of just a few people) was pretty clear. We don't have the product selection to lock in enough people. That is something we can fix with more time. So to get the time we had to not spend it on the Kickstarter and that's not fair to you guys to just let it run it's course but not be dedicating our full attention to see it succeed. I appreciate that some people may be hesitant to pledge in the future but I am hoping that once we come back with what we have planned, you won't be able to help yourself. We do hope we will see you again when we return.