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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 5 2013
pledged of $15,000pledged of $15,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 5 2013

New Set, Bookshelves and Add-ons

Posted by Dungeon Lair (Creator)
Hello Everyone,

So, we have been getting a lot of requests for the bookshelves and larger rooms. So we went ahead and listened to what you guys had to say.

We appreciate everyone's excitement and interest, but more importantly your patience with us as we work through our campaign. We think you will be happy with what we have settled on.

We are going to add another pledge, but only one more. This is for the new Advanced Starter set. This is the starter set we will be making available for sale on our website and does a better job of showing off what you can expect as you expand your dungeon! It includes a 16 tile room as well as two passageways pieces and a colored tile room! (only orange is available at this time, see the pictures for details).

The pledge will be for a single copy of the set only, but we will be offering the new set as an Add-on for any of the other pledges! We will get to that in a sec.

We are also going to be offering the bookshelves, not as a pledge, but as an Add-on. We are offering a set of 4, (2) Tall shelves and (2) short.

As a matter of fact, all of the sets we have as pledges now will be available as Add-ons(thanks to everybody who suggested Add-ons!)

So here is how it will work. You can add as many of the sets as you would like, just add the following dollar amounts to your pledge and message us the breakdown of what sets you want added and as long as your math adds up, we will process the order!

Add-ons / Cost :

Starter set - $50
Advanced Starter set - $60
Treasure Items set - $25
Bookshelves - $14

International Buyers - Your initial shipping should cover most Add-ons but if you plan on adding more than 2 Starter or Advanced Sets, please let us know so we can make sure.

We hope this is more of what you are looking for!

Remember to tell your friends! None of us get what we want unless we reach our goal, and if we can reach our stretch goal, you guys are going to be really pleased with what you can create! Thanks for all the support and feedback, it didn't fall on deaf ears!


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    1. Dungeon Lair 2-time creator on

      Daniel - Thank you for your support!

    2. dafrca on

      Thanks for the Add-Ons. I really wanted the book shelves. I will up my pledge right now. :-)

    3. Dungeon Lair 2-time creator on

      Don E - Yes, when awesomeness meets awesome. That pretty much explains how we came up with this update. You have no idea Don, how excited we are to get the modular rooms going. Once this is successful that's exactly what is coming next.

    4. Dungeon Lair 2-time creator on

      Becky - We are happy that you like it!

    5. Dungeon Lair 2-time creator on

      Ross - Your postage should be fine, and yes you can change from the Starter Set to the Advanced Starter set. Please make note of that so we don't get confused on our end. Thanks!

    6. Dungeon Lair 2-time creator on

      Brian - Thanks for you support!

    7. ✩Don E✩

      When awesomeness meets awesome, very excited good call chief. Looking forward to the Modular pieces as well :) all in good time of course.

    8. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      I have pledged for the 2 starter dungeons with postage. What would be the postage with adding the advance dungeons? As well is it possible to change a standard starter dungeon to a advance dungeon?

    9. Becky, Oracle of Valoria on

      Just what I wanted! 2 sets of bookshelves added in.

    10. Brian Summers

      Great! Already updated my pledge. :)