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Tool for game masters that generates stories based on maps drawn with online editor. Create, share, play, and export maps w/GM notes.
Tool for game masters that generates stories based on maps drawn with online editor. Create, share, play, and export maps w/GM notes.
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Custom Upload Update delayed - Murphy's Law hit us hard

Posted by DungeonFog (Creator)

I am deeply sorry to announce, that we have to delay the custom assets update.

What happened?

Once the new servers were up and running last Friday, we were set out to apply some minor adjustments, do some fine tuning and bring the update online bit by bit.

Everything started out fine, until we ran into our first major issue: The new server was suddenly serializing image requests instead of handling them asynchronous. In other words: If 1000 people are requesting an asset, the last one has to wait until all other images are delivered. We were instantly on that task and made good progress, when the second thing broke: The automated deployment scripts that used to work fine suddenly refused to work anymore and we were forced to deploy our updates manually. That is usually manageable, when you have a test state and a live state, but with our new three-phase-deployment and at least three developers working simultaneously on updates and bugfixes utter chaos was on the brink of breaking out.

Still hoping that we can get everything sorted out until Sunday, we reorganized us in two separated work groups: One to fix the server issues and one to continue with the update. But that turned out to be extremely time consuming: As soon as something on the servers needed to be changed, the update group had to pause and as soon as a new build was ready for testing, the server group had to delay their work and deploy the new build manually. 

It was a back and forth that costed us the whole sleep-deprived weekend without knowing for sure, if everything works out as intended when we put it together today.

Update postponed

We had to decide: Put everything together and release it - more or less untested - hoping that it will work out fine, or admit defeat and ask for more time.

So instead of forcing an update that has a high chance of breaking things, just for the sake of being on schedule, I made the call and decided to do the latter:

We need more testing, before our server architecture is stable and we have regained some trust in our deployment scripts. Then, afterwards we will have the time and the means to properly test the new build in a constant testing-feedback-update-cycle until we can make sure, that the new custom asset features is working as intended. 

I apologize sincerely for this delay and will keep you posted as soon as we have things sorted out. 


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    1. DungeonFog Creator

      Thank you all very much for your understanding and your kind words!
      We have made progress - our deployment scripts are now back in line and work as intended.
      We have continued testing which also looks promising -we are still battling one last nasty bug that prevents images from being deleted, yet hides them from you. This results in ghost files, that cramp up your cloud storage. Once we have that resolved we will do some final testings and release the new feature.

    2. Zack Ball on

      12/10 communication, take your time folks getting it right. We'll be patient :P

    3. Patrick M. Groulx on

      Having participated in a number of Kickstarters, I firmly believe that more important than meeting your timetable is communicating with the backers forthrightly about how production is going. And you guys seem to be doing that really well. So I'd rather wait another week for a good product than not wait for a product that's not going to meet expectations.

    4. Missing avatar

      Konstantinos Vomvas on

      As my fellow co-backers have already said, excreta occur (!). Do not worry, just keep on doing the excelent job that you are doing. And please, keep the current communication pattern :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Jake Masterson on

      We have all seen how hard you guys are working on this, and how responsive you’ve been to all of our questions and requests. Technology bugs out, it happens, and I think we would be more than happy give you guys the time you need to get it fixed!

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Altvater on

      No problem! I love that you are doing this the right way. Don’t release anything until you are happy with it. Also, thanks for the amazing communication. It really helps to keep your customers informed.

      Keep up the good work!

    7. REM on

      Thank you! I'd rather hear truthful news like this than any facade tales or nothing at all. Everything will work out in the end!