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Tool for game masters that generates stories based on maps drawn with online editor. Create, share, play, and export maps w/GM notes.
Tool for game masters that generates stories based on maps drawn with online editor. Create, share, play, and export maps w/GM notes.
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Upcoming ALPHA v0.9, PowerVTT & WorldAnvil, Road ahead

Posted by DungeonFog (Creator)

Since the Kickstarter update I initially wrote became more like a short novel, I decided to split this update into two seperated ones, where this one here will give you a bit more insight in what’s been going on and the next one, coming this Friday, will feature the new ALPHA release.

Upcoming Update to ALPHA v0.9

We are currently preparing our next update to ALPHA v0.9, that will be released this Friday, February 9th.

Included in this update will be: 

  • Space Maps! 
  • Asset Libraries & Loading Improvements 
  • Lossless Zooming 
  • Tiled Export & Limitless Maps

I will release a Kickstarter update on Friday, where I will go into details about the new features.

Today I want to talk about two other important things:

Team up!

In the past weeks we had several conversations with other companies in the map making, world building and virtual tabletop sector.

Our goal is to connect our system with possible partners, so that you can transfer maps and notes directly into 3rd party applications and get information back into your DUNGEONFOG account. We started working on an API that will allow you to connect your account with 3rd party applications to provide an exchange between both systems.

Here’s roughly what we are aiming for: 

  • Provide a way to access your maps & notes directly out of 3rd party applications. 
  • Read information (like statblocks, notes, assets & tokens, etc.) into your maps or notes at DUNGEONFOG.

And while the bigger companies we talked to were a bit more hesitant, two companies immediately saw the benefits and agreed to work with us on such an endeavour.

We are proud to announce, that we have teamed up with PowerVTT and WorldAnvil, two great start-ups, who began their journey last year along with us.

PowerVTT is - nomen est omen - a lightweight, easy to use virtual game table, that offers a ton of functionalities with its focus on quick and easy setup. Our API goal is to connect your accounts in both systems, so that you can easily create maps with DUNGEONFOG and use them in your PowerVTT settings.



WorldAnvil is an world building tool for authors, who want to organize their worlds, lore and protagonists in a wiki-related way. WorldAnvil also lets you share your worlds and they have a great, forthcoming and kind community that help each other where they can. Our API goal is to connect your account in both systems, so that you can use your maps directly as visual reference in WorldAnvil and that all your awesome world info from WorldAnvil is available in your GM-Notes in DUNGEONFOG.



The great thing about this symbiosis is that we all connect on different parts of our concepts: 

While you can also create maps in PowerVTT, our editor is a lot more advanced. On the other hand, our map-viewer is going to be far less powerful, than a full fledged virtual game table, like the one PowerVTT is offering. 

WorldAnvil is probably the most advanced tool to create worlds as an author and it offers much for people, who want to write a deep and consistent lore to their campaigns. Having maps as a visual component is a useful addition to WorldAnvil, as would be if you could bring your game master notes from DUNGEONFOG into your world as well. On the other hand - having access to your world’s lore, your protagonists and your descriptions while your work on your game master notes in DUNGEONFOG would be a huge benefit too, since everything you have created in WorldAnvil would be at your disposal when you create maps or write notes.

We are currently in the process of defining our APIs and we are working with Dimitris from WorldAnvil and Tom from PowerVTT to find the best way for integration. I will keep you posted on the progress!

Road ahead 

Over the past Kickstarter updates I have been talking about ALPHAs, Closed BETAs and Open BETAs, but although everything was perfectly clear to us - I missed to communicate what that means for you. I apologize and will do my best to clarify here:

The question I want to answer is:
How are we going to proceed in the coming months and how does that affect you?


We are at the end of the ALPHA testing phase. Our goal was to establish the core mechanics of all our four cornerstones (editor, notes, platform & viewer). As you might already know, there are only two core mechanics left, before we can close our ALPHA: personal upload & basic map-viewer. 

Status Quo
Status Quo


Our upcoming update this Friday (Feb 9th) will lay the groundwork to the personal upload, and we are going to bring a second update by the end of February to complete this task.

I am not sure if we will manage to bring the map-viewer within the update at the end of February. If not, there will be another update dedicated to the map-viewer within Closed BETA in March. I know that you are waiting for this, but we want to do it right!

What does that mean for you? 

Once we have finished our ALPHA by the end of this month: 


Transition form ALPHA to BETA
Transition form ALPHA to BETA
  • All core mechanics are 60-75% finished (or close to be so). 
  • You can upload your own assets. 
  • (You will be able to launch your maps in your map-viewer). 


Closed BETA

There are going to be two phases in BETA: Closed BETA and Open BETA. 

With Closed BETA, starting by the end of February we will have invited all remaining backers. So if you have backed DUNGEONFOG as a BRONZE backer, you will get your invite by the end of this month.

In terms of development, there will be three major goals within the Closed BETA: 

  • Improve Interface & APIs
  • Add Stretchgoals
  • Prepare for Open BETA 

What does that mean for you? 

If you are an ALPHA backer (silver to platinum) the shift will not affect you as much as our Bronze backers who will finally also get access. 

At the end of our Closed BETA in April/May: 

Transition from Closed BETA to Public BETA
Transition from Closed BETA to Public BETA
  • All backers have access to DUNGEONFOG
  • You get new completed stretchgoals and an improved interface
  • Our first APIs will be ready, so that you can connect your accounts with other systems.


Soft-Launch: Open BETA (Coming until May)

We will be at the RPC in Cologne from May 12th to 13th, and we want to use this opportunity to announce the OPEN BETA then. 

The main difference between Closed and Open BETA will be, that our rights management for free accounts will be ready. For you as a backer, this will not affect you as much, as it will others who will then be able to create free accounts. 

  • As an initial backer to DUNGEONFOG you will remain to be treated as a premium member with all the features and functionalities available to your account. 
  • Free users will be able to access a limited version of DUNGEONFOG. 
  • We will use the Open BETA to adjust the balance between free and premium features and to stess-test our servers even more. 
  • For free users who want to support the development and gain full access, there will be an option to purchase Early Access. 
  • As long as the Open BETA is ongoing we will not count this time for your succeeding subscription. If your pledge came with an additional free time membership to DUNGEONFOG Premium, it will remain this way until we launch. If you have bought an Early Access you will get all the benefits of the premium membership, but will not be charged for any subscription fees before we launch.
Transition to LAUNCH
Transition to LAUNCH


Launch (Coming until October) 

Once we have reached at least 90% in all our development steps and we have the feeling, that our system is stable enough, we will then officially launch DUNGEONFOG. This will be the time, when we switch to subscriptions and start counting your free months. We are going to be at the SPIEL18 in Essen from October 25th to 28th and we are aiming to celebrate our launch there.



In terms of progress and fulfillment, I am pretty happy with the outlook here. 

  • By the end of February everybody will have access to DUNGEONFOG and all our core mechanics are finished (or close to be). 
  • By the end of April we will start with our Soft-Launch, where all our features are ready to be tested by the public. 

Our estimated delivery date on the Kickstarter campaign was February 2018 and although we will not be 100% finished until then, a delay of 2 month (Soft-Launch in April) will be within reasonable parameters for a software development. Since most of our work after our Soft-Launch is about brush up and free users, you should not lack anything vital, but have all the features you need to build you campaigns.

It also means, that your included subscription will start later then estimated, which I would count as a pro on your side. 

Stay tuned for the update this Friday and let the dice roll! 

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