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Tool for game masters that generates stories based on maps drawn with online editor. Create, share, play, and export maps w/GM notes.
Tool for game masters that generates stories based on maps drawn with online editor. Create, share, play, and export maps w/GM notes.
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Great News, ComicCon, New Servers, Upcoming ALPHA 5

Posted by DungeonFog (Creator)
Hi All!  

I know it’s been a while since the last update, so this update will be a bit longer than usual - but trust me - it’s worth it to read, because we have some great news to share:

Vienna Business Agency Grant 2018  

When we founded DUNGEONFOG in early summer this year, we figured, that as a start-up, we could at least try to apply for some of the grants that help founders to get through the first years of business.

So besides smaller grants that help you lay the groundwork for founding a company, we also applied for a big grant that is called creative_project by the Vienna Business Agency. To be honest, we didn’t have the highest hopes for success. There is a lot of competition from bigger and long-established companies from all over Austria.

You can imagine how surprised we were, that we got an invitation to pitch our idea to their jury of experts.

Now, when you think about it, it is kind of funny to picture a group of tabletop enthusiast standing in front of a jury of business and economy experts, trying to explain what tabletop RPGs are and why an authoring tool for game masters would be a huge improvement for their game preparations. But they were open minded and interested. It was still a pitch however and I had the same mixed feelings I used to have when I took a test in school: “Did we pass? Did I say something wrong? I’m sure, I messed up the last answer!”

Last week we received word from the Vienna Business Agency: We are funded!

This means, that we are now able to to move even further past the goals from our initial Kickstarter campaign. We now have the additional funds for 2018 to follow up on development and improvements without being fully dependent on the income of an early launch.

You made it possible to get this project going and I honestly believe that it was your support through Kickstarter that convinced the jury, that there is a need for such a new tool like DUNGEONFOG on the market. Thanks to you we have won this grant and can now grow beyond our idea that you have supported so generously!

ViennaComicCon 2017

Two weeks ago we attended the Vienna ComicCon - for the first time not as a visitor, but as an exhibitor. 

What can I say? It was a blast!

The team (l.t.r.): Herbert, Toni, Andreas, Rei, Debbie, Thomas & Till (front)
The team (l.t.r.): Herbert, Toni, Andreas, Rei, Debbie, Thomas & Till (front)

We had two great days of exchange with game masters, players and RPG enthusiasts who would love to start their own game. We got feedback, collected new ideas and learned that there is nothing more exhilarating, than watching people creating their battlemaps with DUNGEONFOG. 

Many thanks to all you awesome game masters who spent time with us! ViennaComicCon was our test balloon and it was a great success. Now, that we have gained some experience as exhibitors, we are going to do a roadshow next year, bringing DUNGEONFOG to conventions close to you. We are going to release a schedule, once we have decided where to go.

And here comes a question to you: 

  • What conventions do you usually attend?
  • What would be your recommendations?

New Servers

We have started to restructure our servers. Now that we have almost 1.000 users we figured that it is time to move from our ramshackle development server to a solid server architecture. This means that are going to be some downtimes, while we move DUNGEONFOG to the new servers. I will notify you ahead once we start.

Poster Shipment Next Week

In all the hassle about the grant pitch, the Vienna ComicCon and the servers, we ran out of time to package and send the posters and remaining dice. I am sorry! We will catch up on this next week!

Update To ALPHA 5 Before Christmas

Andreas is currently working on the GM-Notes as well as improvements to the editor. Bernhard, our new server guy is working on the new servers. Thomas and Herbert are working on the mechanics to publish and share maps and me and Toni are working on the SciFi props and textures. All of which should be part of the next update.

Our goal is to bring our ALPHA v0.5 before christmas.
Our internal deadline is December 15th, but there are still a lot of uncertainties so please don’t take this date for granted yet. I will keep you posted here and on the ALPHA forum.

Let the dice roll,


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    1. Kevin on

      How awesome you got the grant like that! Tabletop taking over the world :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Ken Lx on

      It looks and sound great! I that growing out organically is a good way to start out with cons around you. Once you've released, GenCon should be on your radar, but it's expensive to do this since you're out of country.

      It is however the biggest TTRPG gathering out there, and many still fondly remember Dunjinni and have used various pop-up mapping programs that failed to stick. Lots of GMs will be curious when comparing the competition, so given the expense of travel; this is probably the last checkbox on the circuit.

    3. Missing avatar

      Christopher Hanke on

      Congrats! Well done.
      Wanted to recommend the RPC in Germany... well, this was done before, but I really think it's a good spot for you. I'm looking forward to the holiday season to get in deeper and hope to see you next year in Germany. Keep on the good work.

    4. RDP


    5. Josh Sterrett - Winged Horizon on

      Wel done Till! That's quite an achievement you've all accomplished! Keep it up! We're all looking forward to seeing this product fully fleshed out and creating great new maps and running our campaigns with it. Thanks for everything (from Mexico).

    6. AngusMacLeod on

      Congrats! Well done!
      My recommendation would be the RPC in Germany ( There are lots of smaller conventions, but they mostly focus on playing OneShots at the convention. The RPC is more an exhibition and focusses on product demonstrations, networking, etc.

    7. Missing avatar

      Timothy Ponting on

      This is amazing news. Congratulations from New Zealand! Looking forward to having some time to test over the holiday season...