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Dungeon Crawler™ Pre-painted (PPM) and Unpainted (NAT) Plastic Miniatures for RPG table-top games (DC Minis, DCM).
Dungeon Crawler™ Pre-painted (PPM) and Unpainted (NAT) Plastic Miniatures for RPG table-top games (DC Minis, DCM).
Dungeon Crawler™ Pre-painted (PPM) and Unpainted (NAT) Plastic Miniatures for RPG table-top games (DC Minis, DCM).
366 backers pledged CA$ 48,119 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Gifted Vision 10-time creator 4 days ago

      @Tiom, I honestly don't feel comfortable spending money while simultaneously asking for money... it'd be great if people were talking about it - I may be able to get the Behemoth on display at GenCon though. :)

    2. Tiom 4 days ago

      Will this KS/Behemoth be advertised at GenCon?

    3. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      @Eric, thank you for your kind words!

    4. Eric

      Just to put my positive experience here. While it's disappointing that this didn't happen and the new price isn't one I'm willing to pay, the Kraken kickstarter ended up fully delivering despite a number of issues. In my opinion Gifted Vision went to great extent to deliver what they promised. I wouldn't have any apprehension about things not being delivered as promised.

    5. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      Thanks Wyrmling! I find that sharing on social media works wonders, if you have our existing figures, and can talk about your use of them in a positive light with pics and a link to the project - that would be amazing!

      We want to be honest, but ultimately inspired, so "We're having some trouble getting enough funding, but even though GVN had trouble with the Kraken project, they did deliver -" or something similar, because we can deliver this with the right about of backing/support. :)

    6. Wyrmling

      Let's keep up the positivity! We all backed this project with the hope of getting a badass behemoth on our gaming table. Let's work toward it.

      What about bringing it up to all of our local gaming stores to see if they are interested in having it on their shelves? What other ideas can we come up with? Let's get it made!

    7. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      In summary; you're complaining I'm not generating enough traffic to said project where you are torpedo'ing my every effort is the opposite of helpful.

    8. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      @Jesse, firstly I have given a reasonable deadline to collect funds already. There is absolutely no need to change course.

      Secondly, slow progress is still progress.

      Thirdly, you're not helping the project succeed with these kinds of posts, and I doubt you're helping otherwise. Why did you stay on if not to sponsor this great figure and see it created? Maybe some positive support would be a better direction than this.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jesse Fear on

      Thats what I mean as a creator youre out of ideas on how to generate traffic to this project. So frankly speaking an extra 4 months isnt going to change the end results. When I agreed to stay on I didnt realize I was signing up for a 2-3 year delay. So unless our money has been spent a refund should be coming.

    10. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      @Jesse, I'm open to suggestions.

    11. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      @Jesse, I'm open to suggestions.

    12. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      @Jesse, I'm open to suggestions.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jesse Fear on

      What is being done to see a huge surge in traffic because it seems like we might hit 10% by the 6 month mark.

    14. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      6.22% staying the course.
      @paul, if anyone would like to switch out for credit for existing items, they are still welcome to.

    15. Missing avatar

      Paul Rodriguez on

      I would be all right with changing my pledge into credit to get some of the other figures he has on his site. A few people I chatted with over time have said they are pretty good.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jesse Fear on

      +1 for refunds. This IP should just be sold to reaper or someone who has the pull to make it happen.

    17. Missing avatar

      David king on

      looking pretty bleak now....sure would dig just seeing refunds at this point...

    18. Missing avatar

      Jesse Fear on

      5.95% after 2 months.

    19. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      Foreboding forecasts aside, if it's starting to look bleak after six months (please keep in mind I did spend a very long time developing software, so I want to really give this a stretch), I'll call it quits. For now, we need to pump this up, and stay positive! :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Jesse Fear on

      At our current rate we will be funded and everything shipped out in 2.5 years :(

    21. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      Ok, I have access to my KS msgs again and will begin processing the requests.

    22. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      *we will be shipping EU Friendly, it doesn't show as Royal Mail.

    23. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      Hey Deadpool,
      1. Good catch, I hadn't spotted that. It is USD. The old KS backers are getting the better deal for sure, as intended, I understand your concern.
      2. We are collecting in USD, part of our problem with KS is they were forcing us to collect in CAD, but we pay our factory in USD - which meant we lost on exchange twice.
      3. When you enter your pledge it will calculate shipping. We will be shipping from the EU for those backers that want it.
      3B. Yes agreed! and done, pledges now show.
      Best and thank you for the heads up!

    24. Deadpool on

      Hey Guys and Ladies,

      original I was one of the backers for this project, but after the first bad news, I needed to quit because of the enormous price scale for one the miniatures.

      Now I see a second chance, but I don´t understand some things at this point:

      1: At your project Fuel page, I see a Price for the unpainted Mini from 180$ (US/CAD?)
      Then the Price for the Pledge which is at this point at CAD 130 / 85€

      Don´t tell me the Kickstarter Pledge was higher at this point and all "old" backers have to pay the higher price? o.O

      2: Why is your goal shown at USD when you collecting CAD? Or is there somewhere a mistake?
      I mean 130USD or CAD makes a big difference in my opinion.

      3. Is there a chance to see how much shipping to Europe would cost?

      And please show the reached amount of Money for the goal, its kind of frustrating if nobody can see the right amount imo.

      So sorry for my bad spelling.
      Hope you all doing fine and we can make the Behemoth real ;)


    25. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      For everyone, I can't seem to call up my KickStarter msgs, so if you're trying to reach me there - I can not reply. I am checking with KS to see what is wrong.

    26. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      @ Potential Backers, please check your mail for confirmation emails, and confirm. :)

    27. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      Yes, it is working, I just wanted to be sure before coming back to post! :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Chase on

      The site looks to be working now! My pledge is completed

    29. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      @Paul, yes, we ran in to a coding issue and are working to resolve it.

    30. Missing avatar

      Paul Haberstock on

      The link you give to your project fuel page goes to a site under construction and not usable.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jesse Fear on

      I would have to agree this is past the orginal year date and no progress has been made to speak of.

    32. Dean Ashton on

      At this point I’m not sure I’ll get anything from this Kickstarter, when it fell apart I was sure I changed my pledge to get a Kraken but I have no idea what’s going on and it seems like it’s just delay after delay. Very disappointed with this one I would rather have lost my money all together then this long jerk around

    33. Missing avatar

      David king on

      well....12th has come and gone. I must admit, I am no longer in the camp of "patiently waiting" but more in the camp of "when are you gonna put a fork in this thing and refund what you can."

    34. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      @Madrigilian, thank you!

    35. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      @Bill, sorry, it's not a simple page that's being designed, it's more complex - if it were I would've done it myself, but it's out of my range of skills. I should have something to announce tomorrow (Feb 12th).

    36. Missing avatar

      Bill Cornwell on

      An update would be nice... having worked for a dotcom previously it doesn’t take much time to “code” a page as you call it. Even if your webmaster was sick for a couple of weeks, I would imagine it would have been done by now, unless this is a stalling tactic?

    37. Madrigalian on

      Jey, Thank you for shipping the items that were available. I appreciate you working with me on it. I apologize and formally rescind my prior comments regarding your intentions with this Kickstarter. Please accept my apologies and my gratitude. The Kraken is awesome, btw!
      Thank you!

    38. Madrigalian on

      Jey, thank you for following up with me. I am looking forward to updating my comments with a more positive message.

    39. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      I'm waiting on the programmer currently, and will give an update as soon as I can.

    40. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      It occurs to me that you might not read this response, so I've sent you a PM as well.

    41. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      @Madrigalian, I responded to you in September with a list of items from your order which you wanted me to ship... I was waiting for confirmation on that list. It was not an instructional message admittedly. I'll get an estimate on the shipping and send you an invoice for the shipping.

    42. Madrigalian on

      I asked you twice to ship what you could. What you had. And I would wait for the deviants. You emailed me back twice, so I know you received the request. That was two months ago. I still have not received a single piece from you. I now believe this Kickstarter was a scam. You've taken my money and I do not expect that you will ever ship anything. I am now considering my options on how I will address this issue. Please consider this public legal notice. Thank you.

    43. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      @Matt, yes, we had an issue with our storefront which needed to be addressed, but are now back to work on our Behemoth solution project.

    44. Missing avatar

      Matt goeden on

      Any update this month?

    45. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      The Behemoth, Clawed Deviant and Mermaid are being manufactured as one project.

      Everything else is fine to ship, if anyone wants to do a split shipment that is fine, we will cover the costs of one of the shipments as indicated in the KickStarter.

      @Wyrmling, another KickStarter might lead to more debt than a solution (KickStarters can net rather nightmarish results). We do have something in the works though.

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Rodriguez on

      I have a similar question as BJS. I was hoping to get a clawed deviant and maybe a few other things. Are those figures ready?

    47. Missing avatar


      Is there a date to which the other figures will ship? (I had lots of others, because with the price increase the behemoth was less appealing, but I kept the money in the project and shopped around, getting many of the other items)

    48. Wyrmling

      First and foremost I don't want to see DCM go away. I for one am in for the duration. It may not be the best but have you thought about doing another Kickstarter? I would back in because I know I still need to get the second paint scheme for the behemoth. Keep your chin up. If there's anything we can do to help let us know.

    49. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      @Bill, I'll post an update on Monday for sure.

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