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$19,584 pledged of $60,000 goal
$19,584 pledged of $60,000 goal

DCM KickStarter Redeux

It has come to our attention, and probably yours, that this KS campaign has slowed to a crawl over the last week and we're still a substantial distance from our first Goal.  I'll go over the issues we've encountered over the course of this campaign, and what we intend to do about it.  This decision did not come lightly, but we've narrowed it down to the campaign being too complex, having too much reading and possibly being too mysterious/ambiguous.

Issue #4: Unfamiliar-mysterious-ness-ish

Although we intended to use hints and reveals to create interest in the Stretches of the campaign, most people don't know what we're capable of, or what to expect.  We do not have a long string of familiar product to call upon and convert over to our PPM line.  We realize that having more revealed upfront, even if they are just rough sketches or set names helps to affirm with our backers that there was still plenty of cool figures coming along - and that they were not all nautically themed.

Issue #3: Shipping

There was a large number of potential backers that complained about the ambiguous shipping costs, so we created the FIRST!!! program to help ease this anxiety. Moving forward we are going to have a flat rate on our Redeux campaign.

Issue #2: Our Goal

The goal is very high, which we knew was going to be a challenge when we launched.  Given the successes of other campaigns we didn't feel that this was unattainable.   As many of you may already know, we are currently in negotiations with another manufacturer to lower our Goal, we are confident that we will have good news for our relaunch, but unfortunately have nothing to report at this moment - we will keep you all posted.

Issue #1: Complexity

It's been said our Credit system is too complicated, we are going to drop it. Unfortunately, KS's pledge system has us locked in if there are any backers at a level, and simply changing the campaign isn't an option, hence the Redeux.  We've set pledge levels and rewards up that are far more straightforward and flexible.

The Redeux

So, anyone that has a pledge listed on THIS version of the KS when we close it on Wednesday Oct 17th, will be eligible for the Loyalty Bonus of any 4 minis of your choice of Tiny, Small or Medium sizes. So, if you think you know someone that might want to take advantage of this offer, maybe let them know too.  Don't worry KS removes the Pledges, but we can see the breadcrumb trail of whom was still on board when the campaign closed.

We've done away with Credits, added flat rate shipping, all PPM/NAT figures are available as Singles and the prices have been adjusted as well.

We're not going to go for the full 60 day campaign, we're going to go with a 40 day campaign since we've already gone 30 days - but, we'll need folks to give us a second look! We hope you'll help us spread the word once we've re-launched.   

We intend to lower our Goal, but we are still waiting on this information - if we can, it is at the top of our wish list!

Now, with our new plans we will be relaunching in approximately 2 weeks (awaiting re-approval from Kickstarter once we have our critical answer).

We hope that all of you will rejoin.

Best, Jey & Ev.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Alessandra Kelley on

      I'm okay with a longer delivery date.

      I'm glad you're rebooting your campaign in a less confusing form. Good luck with it!

    2. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      Thanks Doug and Doug!

      Chris, that has always been our delivery date, it takes a minimum of 6 months to manufacture and deliver on pre-painted plastic minis. We are overestimating in anticipation of the larger KS results.

    3. Chris S

      Wait, are those delivery dates to the right correct? 1 year for this to complete? That would be considered another barrier to entry for me.

    4. Doug Carter on

      You have my support, just waiting.

    5. Doug Hayes on

      I agree with the previous posts any artwork that you can show, as part of the stretch goals would help. I’ll be pledging again when the new campaign comes out.

    6. Timeless (Sky Crystal Arts Owner) on

      I recommend showing some of the stretch goal art on the main page. I think the kraken would get alot of business. Independant large tentacles for the kraken on the gaming table would be great. I would love to see some undead pirates for a ghost ship and a pirate look out with a spyglass

    7. Cardoc24 on

      I know ill be in for more....esp. with the stretch goals. The Kraken and Hut look incredible and my wallet will heal a bit.

    8. Joshua Gullion on

      Well....I'm not going to say I am surprised by the announcement of this KS shutting down, as the progress has all but dried up...I am however thrilled to hear that there is a planned replacement project with more clarity. The credit system was intensely confusing in that with no real look at all of the potential options for miniatures the credits meant nothing, since the only thing we could see was the initial set. Getting credits for more sets is not exciting when the only set I can see is the one I am already getting.

      Now, having said that, I am still on board, and will be watching for the new project and pledging back in as soon as I see it. I am determined to get my hands on that Water Elemental, lol. Here's hoping the second time around proves to be a better run for these minis.

    9. Yllidor on

      What can I say. I signed on early, and I'll sign on for the Redeux. Best of luck with the Redeux.

    10. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cobb

      Bowie, the thing is that's only after they reached 20 stretch goals. At this stage Reaper was at 60 ish mini's for $100.
      If this takes off then it could easily rival Reaper....but that's a big if...
      There is also the advantage of pre-paints.

    11. Bowie Tsang on

      I think one of the biggest problem is it appears to me that you are only getting the same minis over and over again with increasing amount of pledges, unlike the massively successful Bone's that offer something like 80 unique designs and 200 totals of minis for just $100. I think your company must increase varieties of minis and make clearer and fewer pledge level. In my point of view, the most attractive product your company offers is Krakens and tentacles, painted townfolks and pets(they are super useful in campaign) and dungeon dressings(coffins with removable lid). I know the other campaign has townfolks, familiar and dressings too, but it can't hurt to have more of those. You guys should also give us a look of a tangible prototype.

    12. Jerry G on

      A very tough call, but this is the best decision, honestly. After a while you guys would automatically stop being curated on the Popular pages, so a long campaign just gets less and less exposure.

      Launching with a tighter timeframe also creates urgency in potential backers. Less time means less time to forget and more thought goes into dedicating a pledge to your campaign. Give people too much time to think about something, eventually they will rationalize away their desire to do/get it.

      I would suggest an even tighter time-frame. 35 days seems just a bit longer than normal, but not quite long enough to lose curation on the popular lists.

      I cannot wait to see what the redeux looks like. And I'm totally taking advantage of the loyalty bonus ;)

      Good luck, and bring the pain next time!