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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 26 2012

NEW STUFF :: Rewards & FAQs

Posted by Gifted Vision (Creator)

Ahoy Me Hearties!

The beginning of the Campaign is off to a good start. Yarrrr! We want to keep this momentum so that we can get to the good stuff (More Free Minis & Actual Sculpts).

NEW REWARD :: Refer-A-Friend

Get 1 free 2" x 2" or smaller mini of your choice (includes ALTs), when a friend joins the ranks! (referring yourself is excluded) Here's how it works:

  • YOUR FRIEND must POST ON THIS UPDATE.. "referred by <Your Name>"
  • YOU BOTH must pledge for $50 or more (pledge level does not matter) & remain backers through the end of the campaign, (this reward is cumulative & stacks with other rewards).

Don't worry if you & your friend have backed the project prior to today you are still eligible for this reward, & you may refer each other. (-^_^-)

Also adding to the campaign:

  • NEW PLEDGE LEVEL :: CUSTOM PAINTS @ $300, with 8 "ZOMBIFIED SAILORS" from various Kickstarter DCM's, in addition to, $225 in KS DCMs, & Platinum Rewards.
  • Fewer Updates till we reach our goal. We will no longer be sending updates in this campaign as frequently. We will do weekly updates of changes that have occurred or Goals achieved. We will be utilizing Facebook, Twitter <@greenknee or @dungeoncrawler>, our Website, and direct messages to post any changes or updates.

You may already know:

  • Customized Shipping on LEATHER BAG
  • Loyalty Rewards List for returning backers of Tidal Wave CNCL'd
  • NEW PLEDGE LEVEL :: The Natural's Buy 1 Get 1
  • NEW PLEDGE LEVEL :: Cutlass, $75 in PPM/NAT for $50
  • NEW PLEDGE LEVEL :: Black Pearl, $300 in PPM/NAT/ALT for $200


  • We are currently running a promotion on our ECG products TILL OCT 31st! This product will ship immediately! While you are there, get your copies of From the Depths, Town Folk, & Omens .... this is your chance to save. Click Here To Shop!

Some big questions so far:

  • Where are our Sculpts? We will begin sculpting our miniatures as soon as we have met our initial goal.
  • How are we handling the shipping cost? We can currently bill you through paypal/echeck, direct to your credit card through Auggies, & we are confirming individual billing through Amazon. These options are in addition to adding the shipping on at the end of the campaign when you confirm your payment through Kickstarter/Amazon.
  • Where did the SPOILERS go? HERE

I hope that you have found this UPDATE useful and inspiring! 
(-^_^-) -Ev & Jey

Now go forth an call ye hearties before the mast!


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    1. Jacob Rathman on

      Referred by Jonathan Cook!

    2. Cleanthes on

      Referred By Oryan77

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Cook on

      Referred by Jacob Rathman

    4. Missing avatar

      Oryan77 on

      Referred by Scott LaBarge

    5. F. Randall Farmer on

      If any referrals show up for OldSchoolDM - that's me.

    6. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      Fernando Velez referred by < Jeff Barrett >

      (transferred from Update#1)
      Thank you everyone for posting your comments we greatly appreciate you spreading the word!

    7. wilder_jw on

      Referred by Ian Bell.

    8. Grison on

      Referred by Fernando J Velez

    9. Eric on

      Referred by Matt Vincent.