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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 26 2012

Where did the Spoilers go?

Posted by Gifted Vision (Creator)

In our previous KS we had Artist Renders & Concept Images of our Stretch Rewards. 

We would like to continue that tradition by linking our main page to our updates & external images for our stretch rewards as they become available.

We begin our reveals with Artist Renditions from the stretch Mercenaries & Scourge, stretch 1 & 2. 

We also have concept art from stretch goal #3, Tundra, the Peryton. These creatures cast the shadow of a man, it's inexplicably strange, but true!

From the land of Zhin (stretch goal #4), the Farmer. Outfitted with a staff and satchel he's usable as a monk, adventurer or traveler.

Our Damsel figure will fit in at the Market (Stretch #5) or with our Town Folk from previous releases. Her pose implies that she's either apprehensive, dancing or perhaps casting a spell...

Stretch Goal #6 reveals the first DCM playset Baba Yaga's Hut. This 6" x 6", removable base, playset has a removable top & attachable chicken bone legs for it's walking form. Perfect for the Beggar serving as both Baba Yaga's Hut or a common village hut for Pygmys or any other tribe!

  • For those adventurers on the go! This ratty old bed is simple, quilted (it's shown plain, but is planned to be quilted) & disheveled, just what every inn keeper or witch needs! There's enough room for two, or a greedy dwarf.

Greenknee Goblin Necromancer is included in our Adventures (Stretch #7) set based on our online comic. He's evil, he wears a dark black robe, he carries a wicked axe and he's got a big grin - what's not to like!

Stretch #8, the Kraken, has a massive 9"x9" square base & reaches 6.5" out of the "water". An impressive piece for certain on any gaming table!

  • In this set we also feature the Grindylow Trapper. Outfitted with this fetchingly wonderful net, this fish-man struts his stuff in the deep sea seeking out unwary fishermen or mermaids alike.

I hope you enjoyed this recap!


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    1. Gifted Vision 10-time creator on

      Hey Jason,

      We're really excited about the Stretch goals too, just so you know we have a mix of monsters and humanoids in each set. Most of the humanoids we have planned can be used in groups as bad guys. The best part of this campaign is the ability to customize @ almost every backer level (for those that only like monsters or vice versa).

    2. Missing avatar

      Jason Seal on

      Scourge and Tundra should come before the mercenaries set. If you look at threads regarding mini sets like pathfinde, the old WotC sets etc people always seem highly critical of the NPC and PC mini's. The demand is always for more monster type miniatures. Focus on the monsters, especially the never done ones like the octopus and the peryton. Throw a couple of those up and you may see pledges lift. Your minis end up looking awesome and deserve to see the light of day.

    3. Timeless (Sky Crystal Arts Owner) on

      I hope we see some large free standing tentacles to go with that kraken. I'd like to have the tentacle arms attacking some miniature ships that I have :). All of your tentacles produced so far are amazing. I'd like to see larger ones to tower over 28mm miniatures though.

      Someday in the future, a giant plant monster with some jumbo sized ivy covered plant tentacles would be a dream come true for my gaming table! :)

    4. Fernando Velez on

      referred by < Jeff Barrett >