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$15,892 pledged of $100,000 goal
By Dumpster Project
$15,892 pledged of $100,000 goal

A Letter from Professor Dumpster to Supporters on the Kickstarter Cancellation

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Dear Dumpster Project Supporter,

I have some humbling news to share with you. We ended up falling short of our Kickstarter goal of $100,000. As you know, according to Kickstarter rules, if the full goal is not reached, the project does not receive a dime. In order to re-direct our energy and focus in new directions, we will be canceling our Kickstarter campaign this morning, which means your credit card will not be charged. 

What does this mean for the project? First, let me say that the Dumpster Project is here to stay. The Dumpster Project team is just as dedicated to reaching our goals as ever, so the primary difference is an adjusted project timeline. One of the major lessons we learned from this campaign is what we need in terms of design and process. We are all happy to be able to take a deep breath and think about Phases 2 and 3, even though this means a little longer in the Dumpster sans climate control during the hot Texas summer. 

We are maintaining our project focus on education and curriculum development. Some of the Kickstarter budget was also allocated for a project website featuring real-time data and measurements from the Dumpster in addition to interactive design and education features. The website is still in the pipeline, but you won’t be able to monitor dumpster humidity levels from the comfort of your bed just yet. 

So, all is not lost! We can still offer your supporter reward plus a tax-deductible donation to the 501(c)3 Dumpster Project by donating directly to us at

You can also mail checks made to: The Dumpster Project  Dr. Jeff Wilson 900 Chicon St Suite D Austin, Texas 78702 

We stand by our rewards, and are happy to offer you the same incentive promised in the Kickstarter campaign – except now with the tax-deductible donation added benefit. Your donation will help us to acquire several ‘summer survival’ necessities such as a shade tarp for the dumpster; running power and A/C to the dumpster; and educational materials for curriculum development with local schools. 

Thank you all again for your support as we continue to develop the project’s exciting possibilities. I look forward to chatting with you dumpster-side in the very near future! Please call me on my direct number with any questions – 956-755-9228. 

Again, thank you for your initial pledge that you you can not transfer to be tax-deductible and still college your reward by clicking here

As always, I’m at your disposal, 

Jeff aka Professor Dumpster 

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