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We're taking our iconic independent print magazine into the digital future. In the right way. In the beautiful way. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 11, 2012.

We're taking our iconic independent print magazine into the digital future. In the right way. In the beautiful way.

About this project

Update #1: End of Week One: A whole lot of love, and a short video explanation of the future of publishing.

Update #2: End of Week Two: (Woah, oh) we're halfway there!

Update #3: The finish line is in sight.

Update #4: 48 hours to go: Great success! We've reached our goal.

"Dumbo Feather was already a most innovative and beautiful magazine in print: in digital, it promises to create further pings of neronal delight as we scroll around its well-formed nooks and crannies." — Alain de Botton (read our interview with Alain)

Who are we?

Dumbo Feather  is an Australian interview magazine devoted to telling the stories of extraordinary people. We're into deep conversations with people making a meaningful difference to the world, beautiful photography, and funny, nerdy diversions into the world of physics or history or music. In each issue, we scour the globe for those who inspire us, those who excite us, and those who thrill us with possibility. Whether they've touched millions or just those around them, what unites them is their drive to make a difference. You can delve through the extraordinary stories we've already told on our websiteYou can also meet the team here.

Why are we on Kickstarter?

Well, we've been kicking around in print for eight years now, but we're modern ladies and gentlemen of the world, and we've been seduced by the beauty of digital storytelling. We're still committed to our print publication and will be for as long as they make paper, but recently we've been dreaming in binary; about stories that can be shared at the click of a button or the touch of a screen. 

What are we doing?

We're making an app. 

But that's just a delivery platform. We want to be part of a global conversation, and we have a plan that will take us there. We're thrilled by the deep possibilities of digital storytelling. We've always told stories with words and pictures, now we'll bring video, audio and interactivity into the conversation. Beautiful video content. Extended audio pieces.

And why do we need your help?

Dumbo Feather is more than just a magazine; we're a community of people who believe that by living with passion and purpose, we can create the world that we want to live in.

Building an app is a pretty big commitment, and we are currently a pretty small magazine. We need money to help with development costs, and for all the special content that we're going to need to bring together to make it work. It's not going to be a small project, it's going to be a huge one, and we have the talent and people to make it happen. Now we need you to lead us into this space - if you want to see us there.

You see, that's the other reason we're asking you to consider pitching in. Our readers have been asking us to build something beautiful and digital for the past few years, but it's only now that we feel confident enough to really hit the ground running.


If we meet our goal, we will launch an iPad app featuring a super-enhanced digital edition of our latest magazine, to kickstart the string of amazing publications and downloads we have planned. 


What about other platforms?

We'll be focussing on the iPad in the first place, and that's what this project is for. If we exceed our goals, we'd love to look at rolling out quickly on other platforms.

Will we put our old issues up online?

We'd love to! We'll get to that in the near future. We're starting with Issue 31, and taking it from there.

What's the meaning of life?

Find out here.

“Dumbo Feather is a modern-day classic" – Three Thousand

“A dense, engaging read that begs you to sit down and spend a couple of hours slowly soaking it in." – Mag Nation

“An Australian publication with glamor, serendipity and abandon crossed with rigor, detail and thoughtfulness." – Future Underground People

“Settle in with a glass of wine, dip in and out, allow some of the words to settle. This isn’t a one-tram-ride filler. Dumbo feather is entrée, slow-cooked main course, and dessert." – Louisa Deasey, Girl With a Satchel

“Where I go to be told a story about something and someone I didn’t know existed. A mix of visual storytelling with the written word – a pleasure to read"  – Brendan McKnight, Desktop Magazine



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    Get the first digital issue of Dumbo Feather sent straight to your device, and see your name in print on our thanks and credits page. (And we'll also send you an e-card on your birthday, because you are the sweetest.)

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    Get a one-year digital subscription to Dumbo Feather, as well as the treats above.

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    Get a one-year print subscription to Dumbo Feather - we'll send you digital subscription (and all of the above), but you don't want to take your iPad in the bath with you, do you?

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    Xie Xie. Get all of the above, and we will send your quarterly copy of Dumbo Feather in a very beautiful and lucky red envelope.

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    Get all of the above plus a personalised, sustainable, laser-cut, bamboo Dumbo Feather notebook, made especially for you by our friends at Beehive.

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    L'chaim! Get all of the above, and as a special thanks, we will throw in a custom-sewn Dumbo Feather yarmulke.

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    Get all of the above, plus a limited-edition Dumbo Feather t-shirt and a jar of honey straight from our rooftop bees at the office (subject to shipping and quarantine regulations if you live in certain nooks of the world). AND we will call you on your birthday and sing you Happy Birthday or a song of your choice.

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    Get all of the above, and a beautiful Dumbo Feather sculpture for your birthday, made by a local artist from copies of old issues (how good are birthdays?). You are also invited to the launch party for our digital edition, to be held in Melbourne, Australia - and if you can't make it, we'll Skype you in.

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    All of the above and a complete set of every DF issue printed to date. That's ebay gold right there.

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    Pledge $3,000 or more

    2 backers Limited (3 left of 5)

    Are you a company? We're looking for a small group of amazing businesses to come aboard as launch partners. Support us at a corporate level and we'll give you a sponsored page in the very first digital edition. Are you a person? Get in touch - we'll talk...

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    All of the above plus a full-length Dumbo Feather interview, including professional photos, with you or a person of your choice, to be included in your own customised issue of Dumbo Feather. Pick four other interviews from our archives, and we'll bind them up for you, and throw in a personalised editor's note. You will receive ten physical copies of your very own Dumbo.

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    This is the big one. Come aboard the editorial team for an edition, and guest edit the digital mag. Choose profiles, commission photos, interview extraordinary people and keep a bottle of gin in your desk drawer. Stick a card that says 'press' in your fedora! What are you waiting for...?

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