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Bodies and Beats is an art-music hybrid app that turns you into a digital mashup artist. Create your own video collages set to beats!
Created by

Martin Thoburn

104 backers pledged $8,180 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Martin Thoburn on May 1, 2013

      Hi Steve, Sorry, I didn't realize the gift app was for the US only. Here is a worldwide promo code: FL7WL7LJ3JX9 Let me know if that works. Best, Martin

    2. Creator Steve O'Connor on May 1, 2013

      Hi Martin

      I got my iTunes code yesterday (thanks), but I can only redeem in the US app store and I'm in the UK...

      Yes, I could open a US account, but that's an awkward extra step. Do you have UK store codes?

    3. Creator Martin Thoburn on July 20, 2012

      Hi Gerolf, What a good questions. The app will be distributed through the iTunes App store. All apps have to be distributed this way. Apple does allow developers a limited amount of app giveaways, after that we will have to purchase the app from ourselves. If that happens, apple will get their 30% commission and you will ether get a gifted app sent your email or a special promo code.

    4. Creator Gerolf Nikolay on July 19, 2012

      How will the app be distributed? Will we get an iTunes code? Apple is very restrictive, because they don't get 30% of our Kickstarter pledges...