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20 Technical Features. Power stretch. Anti-wrinkle. Moisture wicking. Anti-stink. Your shirts just got an upgrade. For men and women.
20 Technical Features. Power stretch. Anti-wrinkle. Moisture wicking. Anti-stink. Your shirts just got an upgrade. For men and women.
20 Technical Features. Power stretch. Anti-wrinkle. Moisture wicking. Anti-stink. Your shirts just got an upgrade. For men and women.
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    1. HL about 11 hours ago

      I also find that the sleeves of the button down where the forearms are are pretty tight; the upper arm is fine and comfy thanks to the gusset. Is this something that a tailor could adjust? Or is it worth exchanging for a size up?

    2. HL about 11 hours ago

      Anyone get both the white and black M t-shirts and finding that the black is bigger than the white? (Longer sleeves, longer overall)

    3. DU/ER performance denim 4-time creator about 18 hours ago

      Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Stay tuned - they're coming soon!


    4. Missing avatar

      Joseph Del Toro
      about 21 hours ago

      I hope you make more because I am ready to buy. When it goes up on your store.

    5. DU/ER performance denim 4-time creator 2 days ago

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your follow up and patience. Per our auto-reply, with Kickstarter orders recently being delivered, we've had an influx of inquiries. You may experience a slight delay in receiving a response for this reason.

      I'll search through our emails and get back to you today.

      Joseph - We have responded to your email and your refund is processing as discussed.



    6. Missing avatar

      kevin 2 days ago

      Sent an email to you last week regarding returns and exchanges. No response yet.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mehler 4 days ago

      I must have missed that update! The main campaign page does not seem to have been changed to reflect this feature removal.

    8. Missing avatar

      Joseph Rios 4 days ago

      I am still waiting for my full refund. 3 messages sent to you with no status update. I would appreciate as a simple courtesy, a response when I can expect my full refund.

    9. Ken Lau 4 days ago

      I am now traveling with the grey tee - amazing! Love the quality, love the cut, love the fit - surviving the plane and the busy Singapore city very well!

    10. DU/ER performance denim 4-time creator 4 days ago

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for your comment!

      The removal of the headphone port was a tricky decision and came into play after seeing and feeling several iterations of the shirt. Opting to remove the port allowed for the focus to be on the the main features of the shirt - lightweight, sweat repelling, and ultra stretchy.



    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mehler 5 days ago

      Where is the headphone cable port in the t shirts? I can not find it.

    12. Missing avatar

      James Hatch 5 days ago

      Post-wearing thoughts: now that I've had mine for a few days I thought I'd share a few observations. The t-shirts are spot on! Fit is as expected and the feel of them is awesome - soft but not flimsy. Nice comfortable and easy to wear. These are my new go-to tees replacing my Wooly merino wool ones.

      The button-downs are more of a 3 or 3.5 on a 5 point scale. They're nice and fit well (when sized up - I usually wear a size L but glad I got the XL). The cuffs are a bit narrower than most shirts so they don't move as freely on my wrists. I'm 5'8" and 175lbs so have pretty normal sized wrists. The stretchy fabric is a plus - it gives a bit and like all my jeans from DUER it's a feature you don't know you wanted until after you've experienced it. However, they are otherwise pretty standard cotton shirts. They definitely need pressing after washing and they do wrinkle up when folded so they're not a great replacement for travel shirts - especially for us one-baggers. So average rating plus a half-point for stretchy 🙂

    13. Marlon Hector 5 days ago

      Received button-down and two t-shirts. Awesome! The stretch, the comfort, the look. M fits perfectly. I did notice there is a difference in weight between the white t-shirt and the black. Both great t-shirts but the white is heavier — and I actually weighed them — by about 2.5 ounces. The heavier white feels more comfortable. But the black will do too.
      Can't wait to see these in the online store to buy a second button-down. ETA? Or is there a way to order extras now?

    14. DU/ER performance denim 4-time creator 6 days ago

      Hi Tuong -

      I'm so sorry to hear about your order! Sounds like something went wrong in the shipping process. Please kindly email with some photos of the packaging and shipping label and we'll get this sorted ASAP.

      Isaac - Please kindly email with your request and we'll walk you through the return/exchange process.



    15. Missing avatar

      Tuong 7 days ago

      Hi I receive my package and it is EMPTY!!! Please help me:) where is my shirt?

    16. Isaac Sandaljian

      How do I return my shirt I have outgrown since I pledge, the t-shirt is terrific though?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Solomon on

      Just received my shirts and the look/fit are spot on. Thanks!

    18. DU/ER performance denim 4-time creator on

      Hi all,

      Thanks for your comments!

      For anyone with specific order inquiries, please kindly reach out via to ensure your question is not missed.



    19. Missing avatar

      James Hatch on

      Mine just arrived. Nice job guys. The t-shirts came out of the package nice & soft. The shirts have more of a broadcloth feel than I expected but we'll see what happens after I wash them a couple of times. Glad I bought a size larger than normal - they fit well but my normal size would have been too small.

    20. Ben Burford

      Do you guys have any sense of where the merchandise is? I'm showing that there haven't been any updates since the 3rd with no ETA available...

    21. Missing avatar

      Holger Baumann on

      Hi! I just tracked my "delivery". It says "merchandise is missing, sender will be informed". And now?

    22. Patrick Gibson on

      I received my button down and t-shirt. The button down is amazing, and fits perfectly. The t-shirt is super soft, but I'm swimming in it compared to the fit (both medium) of the button down. What is the process to exchange it for a small? I'm pretty sure these will be my favourite t-shirt moving forward.

    23. Laurent on

      Hum... so i like them a bit too much... want more with the 25% you gave me! But they are NOT on your website yet!! How can I get more t shirts?

    24. DU/ER performance denim 4-time creator on

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the feedback!

      You're by no means stuck with any of the products - happy to walk you through an exchange or return if you email

      Derek - Unfortunately orders are now in transit. We are not able to modify shipping addresses.



    25. Mike Drach on

      Yeeeeeeah...count me in as one of those individuals who always wears a size large and found this far too tight. You take an "L" on this L, I'm afraid. Learn to large, son.

    26. Missing avatar

      Derek on

      sooo ...can I just pick up the shirts locally instead waiting at this point?

    27. DU/ER performance denim 4-time creator on

      Hi all,

      Thanks for your comments and feedback!

      If anyone has an exchange or return request, please kindly email

      Max - I do believe we have been communicated and have since resolved your issue.



    28. Missing avatar

      Matthew Pattinson on

      @Bryan what is your height weight

      I was sent one size smaller than I ordered but wasn't sure if even my usual size would fit as it was very tight. Might have to go XL.


    29. Missing avatar

      Maximilian Volk on

      Hey I got a tracking information but it is the wrong address. Please contact me so we can figure out what to do.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jacky on

      @Bryan - same here I always wear a large on any of my button down, but this one fits me way too tight to go out in, forget about going to work wearing them. I would have return them and exchange them to XL but I washed them (no returns after you washed them). I should have tried them on first before i washed them. I’ll need to lose weight to make it fit. As for the t-shirts, it fits me perfectly.

    31. Missing avatar

      HDR on

      Still waiting on mine. Haven't even received a tracking number. I'm in Atlanta, not Antarctica...(I'm very impatient, given the great reviews).

    32. Missing avatar

      Joseph Del Toro

      Today I received my shirts, they look and feel great. My only problem was that I was supposed to get 6 shirts and I only got 5. Can you send me my other shirt please.

    33. Missing avatar

      Bryan Thorn

      Received 9-9 button down and 24 hour T today. As with all my Duer backings/purchases, the initial quality and look is exceptional. Most of my pants have begun to wear-down in places like the belt loops after ~1 of many wearings, so I hope this shirt has a little more durability. Won’t wear as often as the pants, so it should last much longer.

      Speaking of wearing, it’ll likely be a few months before I do so. I’ve been an XL in every button down I’ve owned for 25 years, but this one fits me like a glove. Way too tight to go out in. I’ll need to lose weight to make it fit. But I’ve been working on that, anyway, so I’ll hang this shirt and it’ll become a goal!

    34. Missing avatar

      Maximilian Volk on

      Hey I didn't get my t-shirt yet is there something that went wrong?

    35. Missing avatar

      Ali Demir

      I wish, I ordered more shirts as well; just Backpacking with them right now; use it for sports...they are awesome!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Brandon S on

      Shirts just showed up in Edmonton, Canada. I never did get the tracking info. I got 3, 24hr shirts and they are everything I could have hoped for.... I wish I ordered 14 of them. Definitely worth the wait. Thanks for making a great product.

    37. DU/ER performance denim 4-time creator on

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the AMAZING comment!

      We're so happy your husband loves his shirts.

      I'll be reaching out via email to see if he might be interested in trying our pants too! ;)


    38. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      I have received my shirts in the mail and they were TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT!! My husband is a former professional athlete and had custom made shirts made for him throughout his career and NONE of them even come close to how well this shirt fits him. Literally looks like the DUER team took his measurements and made this shirt for him. He loves how comfortable it is to wear and will definitely be using it as a travel shirt for his business trips. Also said they're as comfortable as his LULULEMON shirts. High praise coming from someone who is very particular about the clothes he buys.
      Yes, the shirt did come out wrinkled from packaging, but after trying it on and letting it hang for a few minutes the wrinkles relaxed and were almost non-existent. Great job DUER team, can't wait to purchase more when in stock.

    39. DU/ER performance denim 4-time creator on

      HI Vincent,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Hmmm that definitely sounds odd to me! We send our products out from our personally owned and operated factories. Being that you're in North America, yours specifically would have come from our facility in Vancouver, Canada. We only have our own products, so it's strange to hear you received clearly something from another brand.

      I'll be reaching out via email to get some photos and find out more!

      Michael - Tracking is being sent out to customers daily, yes.



    40. Michael C. Stewart on

      Just to confirm, new tracking numbers are still going out daily yeah? I'm based in NYC.

    41. Missing avatar

      Vincent Pingard on

      Hello! Strangely I got two totally wrong fancy tee shirts : a toddler sized “Bald is beautiful” and a XL adult “pretty good at drinking beer”. Really?? After so many months?... Meh. I hope this won’t happen to other backers.

    42. Missing avatar

      Deke Botsford on

      Received the new shirts today. Amazing. You’re right, this is easily now my favorite shirt. Will definitely buy more when they’re for sale outside of Kickstarter.

    43. Missing avatar

      Tyler Hildebrandt on

      Received! Thanks Duer!

    44. DU/ER performance denim 4-time creator on

      Leonardo, Nh and Simon -

      Thanks so much for the great feedback! We're so happy to hear you love our shirts!

      Stay tuned for updates on when they will be available for purchase outside of Kickstarter.



    45. Missing avatar

      Leonardo Amadori on

      The t-shirts are great looking and very comfortable and although at first I thought the button-down shirts were too thick to be comfortable to wear in the hot Italian summer, yesterday I wore one and I felt great all day even with a temperature of 38° Celsius! When I received the button-down shirts I noticed that the shirts were full of wrinkles, but as soon as I washed them and lightly ironed them, they became almost wrinkle-free and a pleasure to wear! Good products indeed!

    46. Missing avatar

      Ng Keng Yang on

      Received my shirt in Singapore! Loving the comfort of the t-shirt, ordered my shirt a size too small thought, is there anyway to put in new orders for the shirts?

    47. Missing avatar

      Simon Hempstead on

      I’ve received my shirt and T shirt in Australia. Very happy with fit and style. How do I go about putting another order in for other colors? Have tried on your web site but unavailable for obvious reasons. Many thanks.

    48. DU/ER performance denim 4-time creator on

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for the chat and feedback!

      We have posted an update specific to our North American backers.



    49. Missing avatar

      Terry Lazarou on

      Greetings. I understand the delays and shipping issues. It would be really awesome if you were to send out an update to backers, rather than forcing them, like me to go through old emails to find updates.
      Good luck. I look forward to the shirts!

    50. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      I received my shirts yesterday. Very comfortable and of good quality. I think I am between a M and an L so got Large. It is a little bit big but I am happy.

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