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Charge your phone while you're on the move using Dubleup's Credit Card Sized Power Bank. It's the perfect fit for your wallet or purse.
Charge your phone while you're on the move using Dubleup's Credit Card Sized Power Bank. It's the perfect fit for your wallet or purse.
Charge your phone while you're on the move using Dubleup's Credit Card Sized Power Bank. It's the perfect fit for your wallet or purse.
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    1. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Karanveer,
      Yes, you haven't responded to our survey so we weren't able to send you your pledge!
      Can you please message me with you shipping address and the preferred colour and make for your power bank?

    2. Missing avatar

      Karanveer Bains on

      Hi I haven’t received mine either. Can you please sent the survey again as I think that’s the reason. Thanks.

    3. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Sandeep,
      I am waiting for your reply to my email to confirm your mailing address, if you could please respond to this email at your earliest convenience that would be greatly appreciated.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sandeep Mirakhur on

      I haven’t yet received it

    5. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Alessandro,

      We haven't been able to send out your reward as you haven't responded to our survey in regards to the colour and make that you wanted for your power bank.

      If you wanted to email us with your shipping address and your preferred colour and make we will send it out ASAP!



    6. Alessandro "NeatWolf" Salvati

      Hi there!
      I realised I still haven't got my pledge :(

      Could you please check?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jon Wilson

      Mine is working great, use it at least a few times a week. Good to keep me going when iPhone is about to die, until I can get a full charge.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Felicijan on

      Yes my address is the same.

    9. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Dave,
      The power bank was sent, however, was not delivered/collected.
      We can send it out again, let us know if your address is the same.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dave Felicijan on

      I’ve received nothing. Has this product shipped?

    11. Missing avatar

      Beverley Maule on

      Hi. I have not received my product yet. Can you please confirm shipping details. Thanks. Bev Maule.

    12. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Scott,

      As you just responded today to the survey, we will need at least one day to get your order ready for shipment before we end it out. You should receive it shortly.

      A Type - C connection is not yet available.

      Kind Regards,


    13. Missing avatar

      Scott Stevens

      I have not received the product yet. I was ordering a micro usb but would much prefer a type C connection for my Samsung 8s.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ashleigh Kua on

      Just tried out the double up. I could only charge from 43% to 77% max. No apps is running in the background and phone remains idle. It's good as emergency backup.


    15. Missing avatar

      Ashleigh Kua on

      By the way Madeleine, I noted that the status in my pledge is "collected". May I know what does that mean? I have not received it. Can you provide the tracking number or any other delivery document that I can trace?



    16. Missing avatar

      Ashleigh Kua on

      When is early bird pledge delivered? I have not received my pledge so far. I pledge for an early bird family pack but it seems Many have received theirs, even the preorders!

      My email is and I have responded to the survey for delivery address etc. Please respond ASAP as I'm also buying on behalf of family members.

    17. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Donna,

      As mentioned, no apps should be running in the background (this also includes location services) to ensure maximum charge.

      As phones do differ, we cannot provide 100% accuracy in terms of the charge that you will receive, but the more use, the more you will also receive from the power bank.

      I hope this helps!

      Kind Regards,


    18. Doctor Donna

      You'll notice that I asked about the charge early on. I was told that at 20% my phone would be charged to 100% if not being used. So far it only provides 20-30%. Judging by the creator response, we should not be playing apps in the background.

      I usually get in the habit of leaving in the morning with my phone charged 100% so this powerbank provides just enough charge (20-30%) to get through the evening but I paid $100 for 2 products that is so far not meeting the criteria advertised.

    19. Missing avatar

      Minh Chiem on

      I have same weak charging power as rest of comments except i only get 15% - 22% my max so far and that's if i'm not using the phone at all. Takes few hours of charge not to even get half battery full is very upsetting. It's not thin enough to fit in the credit card slot in my wallet without loosening it and lil too bulky to fold my wallet properly but i like the concept and am ok with it. But for that long of a charging time just to get that little of incentive is not worth it. I should've just got the slim battery pack from Samsung instead for my S6 edge...only use i have from the purchase now is the little short usb cable which i use to plug in my other (bulkier) battery pack that i have to carry around instead now since i always drain my battery out by midday. Not complaining though. I knew the risk of being a pioneer backer but it was the enthusiasm and the personal story of the creator (sorry forgot her name) that sold me into backing the project. I do wish you luck with future improvements though. If anything, it was a great idea.

      Best regards,

      Minh C.

    20. James Hill

      Customs declarations mislabelled in wrong valur and currency, listed as merchendise and have had to pay an extra 31aud approx to receive 1 of these. Very annoying!!!! If it had been labelled properly there would have been no charge. DO NOT PREORDER IF YOU LIVE ANYWHERE BUT THE US!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Matthew Zhou on

      Received mine the other day and can say that it works well. That being said, it should be noted that this sort of power bank is not meant to get your phone to full charge.

      I got the Lightning Port version and can seem to give my iPhone 6 plus an extra 26%, which is more than enough for the emergency situations that I'm going to be using this for.

    22. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Benzo,

      We have tried to contact you multiple times via email. If you have not received our emails it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide an alternate email address for us to contact you on so we can resolve this issue.



    23. Missing avatar

      Benzo on

      Your product is absolutely defective! I pledged for 2 units (both for iOS devices - 1 black and 1 white in colour). Upon receipt of my items, the Black is not working - DOA - Dead On Arrival while the white unit is working. So I sent you guys a message on the 17th May 2017 informing you of the defective item. No response and it's annoying when you get funding from Kickstarter community but you simply ignore our feedback after getting the funds! You don't deserve any backings at all from Kickstarter community cos you seem to be ungrateful!

      The reason why I'm writing this today cos the white unit has fully stopped working! So now I'm $110 out of pocket cos of your defective products. I want a replacement... Or, a full refund!
      Otherwise, I will take you to ACCC ( for full refund!

    24. Katie Chieng on

      I've had the same problem:
      I received my two chargers in the post and tested them both out after charging them for a few hours til full charge.

      The iPhone one only charged from 18% to 30% before it died, while the Android one only charged from 20% to 52% before it died.

    25. Missing avatar

      Melissa on

      It has since been a while now since i last heard from you (and which you had responded quickly prior) and my charger still does not work. I have sent an email with my attachment as you have asked but I have yet to receive a reply on both kickstarter messages and email, about why I seem to be holding a faulty charger that does not work. Please respond. Thanks.

    26. Missing avatar

      Charlotte Mark on

      no app at background nor using my phone when charging, thanks

    27. Missing avatar

      Melissa on

      received this today and fully charged it to 3 lights and no flashing, however, doesnt seem to charge my iphone 5s whatsoever (even reading the manual multiple times). Phone not in use and no background apps yet no charge, would something be wrong with the one i received? Thanks.

    28. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Charlotte,

      Can I ask when you have the power bank plugged in are you using your phone? and/or do you have apps running in the background?



    29. Missing avatar

      Charlotte Mark on

      just received this, i've got question, i fully charged this power bank (3 lights on and no flashing) but still can only charge my iphone 6s for around 50% battery, is it something wrong? many thx!

    30. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi EunSeung,

      We sent out a survey for you to fill out, however, if you have not received this email, please email us at so we can send it through to you to collect all relevant data!



    31. Missing avatar

      EunSeung Jeon on

      Hi Doubleup team,

      I want to ask you something
      When can I choose the gender type??

      Hopefully, everything will be good with you guys :)

    32. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hey Seth,

      If your phone has a Type-C charger then you will need an adaptor (either Micro-USB to Type-C or Lightning to Type-C).

      However, we are looking at developing a Type-C credit card Sized Power Bank soon!


    33. Missing avatar

      Seth Chavel


      Will the dubleup have the capability to charge a Google pixel? Pretty sure it utilizes a USB-C.


    34. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Ali,

      We are planning to ship out the power banks at the beginning/middle of June.

      All tests have been completed. These include: safety approvals for each country; MFI approval; and all relevant testing to ensure Dubleup's Credit Card Sized Power Bank passes stringent quality control.



    35. Missing avatar

      Ali Demir

      Hey DubleUp team,

      I would like to know, which date do you plan to ship! Beginning or end of June?

      Secondly: Did you complete all tests?

      Kind regards from Germany,

    36. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Robyn,

      We thought about this, although the main product for purchase here is the power bank as that is what our campaign revolves around.

      I can only suggest increasing a pledge where you can obtain both the power bank and the card keeper, or alternatively, you can wait for the card keeper to become available for sale on our website.



    37. Missing avatar

      Robyn Jaques

      What if you have ordered a power bank, but also want a card keeper? Where is this option? You cannot order both on this site? It's one or the other - unless you want three! You are losing sales by not offering this option. campccampaigns

    38. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi James Ng,

      Dubleup's power bank is capable of pass through charging. So you will be able to charge your phone and power bank at the same time!



    39. Missing avatar

      James Ng on

      There are moments we would like to charge our phones and powerbank simultaneously (pass through charging). Is your product capable of doing this? Thanks

    40. Doctor Donna

      Awesome! Thanks for the info!

    41. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Doctor Donna,

      Dubleup's Credit Card Sized Power Bank will not be able to charge a laptop, as its integrated cable is either Lightning or Micro-USB.

      In terms of how much charge you will receive. If your iPhone is around 20% and you do not use it whilst Dubleup's power bank is plugged in, it will re-charge your phone up to 100% (bear in mind this will vary if you are using your phone or not and also, what model iPhone you have).

      When re-charging an iPad, the charge received will be smaller, as Dubleup's Power Bank is designed to get you through the day, when you need that extra boost!

      I hope all of this helps!


    42. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Michelle,

      I am more than happy to create a reward that would suit you. Just so I have an indication, would you require and like Dubleup's Card Keepers? Or are you just after Dubleup's Power Banks?

      Yes, If you require a mix between Apple and Android you will be able to do so!

      Hope all of this helps!


    43. Doctor Donna

      Can you tell us a little more about the battery life? How many charges will a laptop/iPad/iPhone get if they're at 10-20% battery life?

    44. Missing avatar

      Michelle Marsh

      Have you thought about an early bird special for the family pack? Or even having a medium sized family pack that has 5 units? Currently I'm a name with early bird 2 pack. I'd love to have a discounted tier that has the holders in the package (especially for its early backers).

      Last question: are we going to be able to mix and match between Android and Apple when we buy in a tier that has mite than one unit?


    45. Denis Teo on

      Thanks for the clarification! Just backed!

    46. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Denis,

      No not all of the rewards come with the card keeper. You can either purchase the holder separately ($25 pledge) or if you pledge $265 or more then you will get the card keeper.

      Hope this helps!


    47. Denis Teo on

      Hi Dubleup, does every power bank comes with the stick on holder in the rewards?

    48. Dubleup 2-time creator on

      Hi Lailai,

      Dubleup's Power Bank is the perfect addition to your life � You'll love it!


    49. Missing avatar

      lailai on

      Working for Apple and your life story is really exciting too! :)

    50. Missing avatar

      lailai on

      Great form factor. I have a tiny credit card sized wallet (from Etsy) and everything I carry (plus my phone) needs to fit inside. Now I can add a power bank.