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The Regret of Vitrerran is a card game played in real time with a focus on strategy and story.

The Regret of Vitrerran is a card game played in real time with a focus on strategy and story. Read More
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About this project

The Regret of Vitrerran is a real-time card game with RPG elements and a character-driven story. Choose your characters, build your deck, and save Vitrerran!

The Regret of Vitrerran is an interesting mix of ideas and gameplay elements:

  • You can play through the eight levels in almost any order like Megaman
  • Combat boils down to knocking your opponents off the battlefield like Super Smash Bros
  • Attacks are delivered in the form of cards like Baten Kaitos
  • Magic is divided into elements like Final Fantasy or Pokemon
  • You collect cards and build a deck like Magic: the Gathering

Yet the game isn’t really like any of those. At its core, The Regret of Vitrerran is a card game, one that involves strategy in both building a deck and winning battles, but it’s also an action game, one that does away with the conventional turn-based combat found in current card games in favor of more immediacy and tension.

Strategy is important, but equally important are a quick reaction time and the ability to control multiple areas of the battlefield, and all in real time.

The battlefield consists of an attack grid, a defense grid, and the playing field itself. You must manage all three of these locations at once to be successful. Attack swiftly and intelligently, but also keep your defenses strong at the same time. You’ll both be trying to create openings with strategically placed attack cards while closing defensive holes with defense cards, and slip ups mean missed damage or taking damage.

There’s a strong back-and-forth as players trade blows with their opponents, planning for that one moment where a heavy blow can be landed.

Magic cards mix up the standard grid mechanics by directly altering the playing field itself. They aren’t confined to the grids and can be placed anywhere. Because many have a limited area of effect, they have to be aimed properly to hit. It is possible to miss, so timing your physical attacks with your magical ones is crucial.

The Regret of Vitrerran is a different kind of card game; one where you need both a well-crafted deck and the physical skill to use it.

We’ve promised cards, so let’s talk about them. Everything about combat and character customization in The Regret of Vitrerran involves cards. Collecting new magic means finding new cards; finding new weapons means finding new cards; delivering stronger attacks means finding stronger cards. We are building a card game, and we plan on having hundreds of cards for players to find, buy (with in-game currency), win, and use.

Every card in the game is weighted, and players can only carry so much weight. This means a strong defense card might be heavier than three low-leveled attack cards, or a new magic card might weigh just a bit more than an old one. Upgrades will need to be scrutinized and inserted into your deck with care.

Variety and strategy are our goals, and with eight primary types of magic, collection and experimentation are what we want our players to focus on.

Attack Cards and Defense Cards

Attack and defense cards come in an assortment of strengths and shapes. Their power starts at one and caps at five. The stronger the card, the heavier it is and the longer the delay is, so think carefully before replacing all of your lower-leveled cards.

The real power and strategy behind attacking and defending comes in the form of shaped cards. Single-area cards are great for quick precision, but larger cards, which take up more room on their respective grids, are what you’ll want to seek out. The larger an attack, the harder it is to defend and vice versa.

Magic Cards

Magic cards drastically alter the physical back-and-forth of grid cards by directly hitting the player and changing the playing field. Eat away at your opponent’s health by setting the field afire or make your opponents fly backwards faster and further by turning the ground to ice.

Magic won’t be divided up into a rock-paper-scissors affair with certain elements working better against others; instead, synergy between individual spells will be our primary focus. Fire shouldn’t always trump ice as that’s too predictable. Certain fire spells might trump certain ice spells though, and figuring that out is up to your experimentation.

Utility Cards

Attacking and defending are nice, but it will take more than brute force to save the day. Utility cards fill in this role, acting similar to armor and weapon upgrades. These won’t affect the battlefield, but they will affect your character: Alter attributes like walk speed, spell radius, magic and attack delays, and more. Build up your characters alongside your deck to ensure victory.

Like the cards listed above, utility cards are weighted and will have to be worked into your deck with care. Powerful weapons are heavy, so think carefully about upgrades; you just might have to remove a few cards to make way for better weaponry.

The continent of Vitrerran has forever been at odds with itself, with the tension between kingdoms always building. Life could not continue in such a manor lest war break out, so the mages of each kingdom got together and began to build. The only way to unite such a divided place would be to physically bring it together; to show that though the people might look different, they truly are one in the same with similar goals for a hopeful future.

So they built the portals, great structures of magic that could instantly teleport groups of people and their belongings from one part of the continent to the other. Vitrerran would be a united place, and peace would finally be found.

But the portals did not work. What came forth weren’t settlers and traders but monsters and destruction.

With four campaigns and eight characters, The Regret of Vitrerran is here to deliver a narrative. We don’t want to tell one story; we want to tell many, and we want the characters themselves to lead the way.

Most games with strong narratives are still driven by set pieces and other aspects of game design. It takes a large team to make large games, and the levels have to be built at the same time the writers are writing. This means that characters are forced into places they might not logically visit.

We are taking a different approach. All of the story and dialogue elements are being written first, and then the levels are being crafted around them. We want the characters to drive the world, for they are the ones who live in it and know it. It should be up to them to pick the best or worst paths; it should be up to them to visit places of interest, not the level designers.

The Starting Characters of Vitrerran, (from right to left) Tylek, Kvalt, Herahk, Aros, Pakasoph, Caud, James, and Markus.
The Starting Characters of Vitrerran, (from right to left) Tylek, Kvalt, Herahk, Aros, Pakasoph, Caud, James, and Markus.

The plot is simple: save Vitrerran. But the story is complicated. The characters are all different and with different motivations, education, and experiences. Each offers a unique lens in which to view a complicated place. And we don’t want to stop there. Vitrerran is more than its eight heroes: It is a living, breathing place with history and people. There are many stories to tell, and we want to deliver them all. There are four primary heroes from the larger regions of Vitrerran, but the other four kingdoms deserve attention too. We plan on building four secondary campaigns with another eight heroes.

These secondary campaigns will be delivered via free DLC.

Because we are offering the soundtrack as a Kickstarter reward, we want to give a brief sample of what it will be. Here are three songs from The Regret of Vitrerran:

Ice Level Theme

Overworld Theme

Main Theme Snippet

$15.00 Game Tier

You get a DRM free copy of the game when it's completed, and all of the DLC for The Regret of Vitrerran will be free.

$25.00 Soundtrack Tier

You get the soundtrack for The Regret of Vitrerran, your name in the end-game credits, and the above.

$60.00 Book Tier

We find the creation of large projects to be interesting, so we wish to detail the making of this game for those with a similar mindset. You will get The Making of Vitrerran book (with concept art and materials not found within the game) in the format of your choice, and the above

$100.00 Alpha Tier

Help us test the game. The alpha build includes full levels and dungeons, and your feedback will help create the game and shape its forward direction. Also included are the above tiers.

$200.00 Utility Tier (limit 20)

Design a weapon of your choice for The Regret of Vitrerran. This is limited to fighter weapons and mage staffs, and the designs must be original works that fit within the style of the game. Also included are the above tiers.

$500 Character Tier (limit 10)

Design a non-playable character or mini boss creature to appear in The Regret of Vitrerran. For characters, this includes player species, color pallet, clothing, gender, and name. These characters will have speaking parts per your choosing. For mini boss characters, this includes the physical design. Mini bosses will have speaking parts per your choosing. Designs must be original works and fit within the style of the game. Also included are the above tiers regardless of quantity.

$1,000.00 Producer Tier

Become not just a backer but a producer of The Regret of Vitrerran. Your name will be included in the opening credits. Producer status comes with all of the above rewards, including the limited tiers regardless of remaining quantity.

Duel Wield Software is comprised of two people from La Crescent Minnesota. Joe Waller has a degree in game development from Herzing University, and Chad Waller has a degree in English from Viterbo University.

We have been working on The Regret of Vitrerran for well over a year now, and what you see on this Kickstarter page is an accumulation of that work, all done in our spare time and with our own resources.

The mantra of my education was always “prove your statements with facts,” and I want to do that here. We are asserting that we can build a video game of this size, and we want to prove that. If what you see on this Kickstarter page hasn’t done so, then please visit our website where you will find Peat, a short puzzle-platformer made by Joe and "The Spore" a short science fiction novella written by Chad. Neither are as large as The Regret of Vitrerran in scope or size, but we hope they offer some amount of proof that we can finish the projects we start.

A successful Kickstarter will allow us to work on The Regret of Vitrerran full time, meaning we can put more pointed energy into the project. Our spare time has seen us well so far, but we are getting to the point where we need fewer interruptions if we are to successfully execute the project we have in mind.

Our standards are high, and turning this into a full-time job will allow us to meet those standards.

Because we are asking for not only faith in our abilities but money, we feel that transparency and honesty are of the utmost importance. You should know where your money is going. Here is a quick breakdown of what we will use our funds on:

  • Kickstarter/Amazon fees
  • Programs
  • Business fees
  • Salary
  • Taxes

The top three are fairly self explanatory and hopefully shouldn’t add up to much when all is said and done. We've factored taxes into our project goals already, so that should also not be an issue.The bulk of the money earned through this project will go towards salary so what started as an after-work/on weekends project can turn into something more than that.

We believe that with a full-time schedule, The Regret of Vitrerran can be completed in a year. The current plan is to have Joe work on the game full time as he’s the primary force behind it, being the lead designer, programmer, and lead artist. Chad will continue to work a normal job in some capacity until the game is further along and his full attention is required.

Whatever you do, be it back or just share, we want you to know that we thank you for the consideration. We don't ask for funds lightly, but we truly believe in this product and what it can become. So, thank you.

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge found in this project is its size. The Regret of Vitrerran is an ambitious project, one that is promising not one campaign but four. That's a lot of work for two people. However, both of us have experiences with large projects. Joe has made over ten games of varying sizes, and most of those were done solo. Chad wrote the first draft to a novel in two months while working a full-time job.

The way large projects get done in a timely fashion comes down to time management. Joe and Chad will be making their own schedules and sticking to them. 40 hours doesn't mean the end of a work week.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Good question, and one I plan on adding the answer to in the description. Right now, The Regret of Vitrerran is being made for Windows and will run on XP, Vista, 7, and 8. However, we don't want to ignore those with Mac's or Linux OSes, and will be looking into those when we are further along.

    We absolutely do not want to ignore those with different OSes than ours.

    As to system specs, the game is fairly lightweight. I'll try to get some more specifics out soon, but odds are, your computer will be able to run it.

    Last updated:
  • As someone who has spent hours building levels in the editor: yes, the light can feel a bit bright, especially on certain levels. It's something we are aware of, but also something easily fixed.

    We want to add a slider of sorts, so you can control how much light you want. Some eyes are more sensitive than others, and we want you to control what's comfortable. For the purpose of showing the game though, we like the extra light as it really brings out the colors. There are too many grey/muddy brown games out there. It's nice to be making one that isn't that.

    We are also adding more contrast to the brighter levels themselves. Darker pathways and roads in our ice regions really cut down on the glare of all that snow, for example.

    Last updated:
  • English. While it would be nice to see this game in multiple languages, that's currently not feasible at this time.

    Last updated:
  • We'd like it to, and there's no reason it cannot. It's all about figuring out how to preserve the style of the game while allowing players a different means of control, but we do think that's possible. I'd hate to force players into using something they'd rather not. I'm a big stickler about how I play my PC games, and I know I'm not alone in that.

    Last updated:

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