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Light Hunters Expansion II, Pandora Edition & Duel mode
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Light Hunters Expansion II adds 8 new Heroes and a new game mode to the base game of Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness. At the beginning of the game, players can choose their heroes among the 4 of Wind of the Dunes or the 4 of Tide of Atlantis. With the addition of new tokens for some of the Heroes, players will be able to make a skill last more than 1 round, which bring a new level of strategy and counter pick to Light Hunters. When selecting a team of Heroes, players will have to be mindful, as the Heroes cooperation becomes more intricate.

The Collector Pledge consists of the Pandora Edition (Base Game + Expansion I + Expansion II), Light Hunters: playing cards (55 card game) and one very special card.

This special card will be the result of your collaboration with the game designer Sergio Matsumoto & the illustrator Manon "Stripes" Potier.
          After the campaign, you will able to exchange ideas with the team to create your own hero. Choose your class, your skills and if you want the hero to look like you or like a beloved one?

Ready to bring your own hero to life? 

Light Hunters is a team-based fighting game set in a heroic fantasy universe. The aim of the game is to crush the other team. In order to do that, you select a hero belonging to one of the 4 classes available: tank, fighter, healer or spellcaster. The game is easy to learn, fast-paced and highly addictive. Game after game, you'll learn how to combine Heroes to counter your opponents and win back your past glory.
        To let you discover the game, we decided to create a unique edition exclusive to Kickstarter. Continue to read below to learn more about this edition. 

The 8 Heroes of the base game

Do you already master the base game and its first expansion? Then time to jump into this new expansion. Things are not getting easier, adding a new mode and 8 new Heroes brings more complexity to the game. That is why players will now have the possibility to study the complexity rating of their Heroes before picking them. The gameplay brought by each new Hero adds more difficulties to the game and the management of your team.

All the components of this expansion will be laid in a box exclusive to Kickstarter, this box can also accomodate the first expansion.

Light Hunters is the perfect game to ruin a friendship or to decide who will do the chores in your relationship. Opening the game is like opening a famous ancient box…

Pandora Edition is exclusive to this campaign, the box art has been redesigned and an holographic effect will be applied.

This version includes the second edition of the game and the Expansion I at a preferential rate. The second edition consists mainly in a clarification of the wording on the hero cards and in the rulebook. Some balancing has been made and can be found on the companion app Light Hunters - Game rules (on Android and iO). 

Light Hunters - Game Rules on Android and iOS

With the Expansion II, players can pick their Heroes among the 8 new cards. As in the first Expansion Rise of the East & Dawn of Amazonia, there are 2 new Heroes per classes: Tank, Fighter, Healer & Spellcaster.

The 4 Heroes of Wind of the Dunes come from the dry lands and their thirst of glory might be the reason of their Exile. They broke the mysteries of the elements, and developed skills that go beyond understanding. Does knowing the secret of Nature will give them a better chance to win the battle?

There is a myth about a lost city, a vainglorious city that sunk deep in the sea. It was home to Heroes gifted by the Gods. But what the Gods give, they can take away… This was the fate of the 4 Heroes of Tide of Atlantis, now looking for their salvation.

Heroes tokens

Heroes tokens are new to Light Hunters. They belong to 6 Heroes: Atheer, Nuriyah, Mashael, Cassandra, Phaenna & Photine. They are available in a specific quantity according to the Hero but are used to display a skill that last more than 1 round. The Heroes tokens are not active skill, so they can't be moved or canceled by a skill.

Below are 2 examples of the new skills:

An immortal Hero

A Hero with 2 cards? That is the immortal Nuriyah! 

We all have that friend who will die first during the game, and he will be grumpy about it for the rest of the night… That friend, let him play Nuriyah, even dead she is still active, and even more powerful. The only true way to get rid of her is to eliminate the entire enemy team once and for all!


You might remember the Chiharu's Shinobi traps that she could place on an allied hero from expansion I. Photine's Enchantments can remind you of it but are different.

The Nymph will be able to cast Enchantments on the game area. But those will only  be activated if she cast 3 by placing them face down with the Enchantment tokens. Only at this moment, the effects of the 3 spells will apply!

And there are more skill to discover as raising an army, displaying amulets, increasing Ether level, etc.

Light Hunters' new Duel mode takes you to a higher point in the battle for your redemption. Without adding much components (only 5 tokens per player) or changing much the rules of the base game, the duel mode offers you now a new level of control and strategy.

In this mode, a player controls 3 Heroes and selecting them will be an even more crucial point. The balance between the Heroes within your team will have to be harmonious if you want to stand a chance!

Lockdown Phase in Duel mode

Once your heroes are selected, you will have to lock 5 of their 15 skills. In order to do this this, players place 5 Duel tokens over the skills during the Lockdoawn phase, split over their 3 heroes. Choose wisely the skills to lock, because it will not be usable of the game. A good distribution of the Duel tokens is essential to win the game!

Extracting the Illumation cards from the drawing pile

Remove the 4 Illumination cards from the deck, and place them next to the playing area. In the Duel mode, the Illumination cards are not drawn with the rest of the cards during the game. It is only when one of your heroes dies that you can draw one Illumination card to add it to your hand and compensate for your loss. 

In a similar way as for the team rules, each player draws 2 cards at the beginning of the game, then the first player draws 2 additional cards.

The Ether level starts at 1 and increases by 1 on each round until it reaches the maximum of 5. On his turn, the player can activate any skill of the hero he wants, as long as the accumulation does not exceed the available Ether level. But pay attention! In Duel mode, a skill can only be activated once per turn, so players will have to vary their skills!

The players fight until one of the two battalions is totally decimated. The player still having heroes alive wins the game!

Compatible with the base heroes, and all the additional heroes of the expansions, the Duel mode will offer you a new gaming experience optimized for 2 players!

1. Heroes selection

Each player selects a Hero to play according a drafting order determined by the total of players. Be careful which class you choose, a team full of healers isn't really the most effective approach to smash your enemies, but you are free to do crazy things!

2. Health points

Gather your health points next to your hero card, it will be more easy to lose them once you take a hit in the face.

3. Ether level

And place one Ether token in the middle of the playing area. Each round you will add an Ether token. It shows the Ether level of the round that you can use during your turn.

 4. Spirits of Light cards

Deal 2 cards 'Spirit of Light' to every hero before starting the game. At the beginning of your turn, you draw 2 additional cards.

Each player takes turn and cast skill by discarding the corresponding cards and while respecting the Ether level.

To cast a skill, you need to have in hand the matching Spirit of Light card and enough energy (Ether).

Crush your enemies and don't forget to stay alive! When a team loses all its Heroes, they are defeated. The winning team is then celebrated for the ages to come. Hurray! Hurray! 

You can find a work-in-progress expansion II rulebook here (in english) or ici (en français). 

 We are thrilled to create Light Hunters: Playing cards, our first 55 cards deck. For all those who like the art of Light Hunters, but are not keen on fighting games, this is your chance to get your hand on the splendid card displaying the gorgeous heroes of Light Hunters.

Work in progress
Work in progress

Enter deeper in the universe of Light Hunters by adding the items below through our Pledge Manager or right now!

Among the items, select the ones you desire to possess and add the total amount to your pledge. You will finalize your order via the Pledge Manager, or add even more items there.

Light Hunters: Playing Cards (x55 playing cards, 63x88mm): Complete your game collection with those Playing cards designed in the  Light Hunters style, your poker night won't feel the same with it!

Pandora Pack or Expansion II: Get additional copies of the game or it second expansion.

Light Hunters Notebook:  For all the  stationery addicts out there, add this A5 notebook, to take note of your  best strategies or to keep a record of all your won games.

Conversion Kit:  Want to enjoy the 2nd  Edition of Light Hunters? You can order the Conversion Kit. You will  get the 18 "Hero" cards from the base game and  its first Expansion +  the updated rulebook. The 2nd edition of Light Hunters consists in small  changes on "Hero" cards(wording) and skills descriptions were added on  the rulebook.

Tablecloth: To go further in the mood of the game, you can add the tablecloth to your pledge. Washable and coffee stain resistant!

The definitive shipping charges will be handled after the campaign via our pledge manager. The estimated costs above may be subject to change. Please note that add-ons will increase the cost of shipping.

The estimated time of delivery is February 2020.


If you live near Paris, you can come and withdraw your game at our office, the DTDA LAb (3 rue Frédéric Loliée, 75020 Paris). To withdraw your game, select: French Souther and Antarctic Lands as your delivery country.

Sergio Matsumoto, game designer of Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness:

The main objective of this expansion is to provide to the players unprecedented game play through these new Heroes. It will for example be possible to play after death, to set enchantments, or to build an army of soldiers, all without changing the initial rules of the game.

This is the essence of Light Hunters, a simple and effective gameplay that the players quickly tackle and enjoy. The complexity is carried by the Heroes themselves and the combinations that the players will form within their teams.

These 8 new Heroes rise to 24 the total of Heroes, which offers a wide variety of different combinations and styles to test.

With this expansion, I mainly wanted to get out of the scope of skills limited to one turn. The incorporation of new tokens symbolizes the activation of this new type of skills in a refined way. For the Heroes, I also wanted to develop game styles specific to each Hero, both to bring out the personality of the characters and to diversify the feelings within the same game.

Duel mode is also a project that was important to me. It will make the game more versatile by offering a dedicated 2-players mode with a minimum of change in how to play and with the used components. This mode increases the control over your battalion and your hand management by reducing the chance factor to offer more epic battles to the players.

You can discover this mode via the online application that we have developed, to test Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness in this configuration against other players around the world.

DTDA Games was founded by 3 Heroes belonging each to one of these classes: game designer, illustrator and media strategist.

We create games that are poetic and uncommon, a bit handcrafted and with a refined gameplay. We wish to offer a game experience and immerse the players into a whole new universe during the time of a game.

Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness and Efemeris were our first campaigns. Check them out ;)

Don't forget to follow us out there : Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Youtube

Risks and challenges

This is our third Kickstarter project and each of our project couldn't happen without the support of Kickstarter backers. A campaign funds all the production and shipment of a game. This expansion of Light Hunters is no exception, and its production rely solely on your support!

We expect to face unexpected challenges once again with this campaign. We chose to minimize the risks by keeping the production of the game in EU. But as said before, even though we are well prepared and ready to produce, the unexpected may happen and then causes delay. Whatever happens, we will keep you informed about the progress (and we-hope-not-delays) via the Kickstarter updates.

This is the last paragraph of the campaign page, if you read so far, we hope we convinced you to join the heroes of Light Hunters to experience our game :) Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support!

DTDA Games Team

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