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Efemeris is a strategy game, set in an uchronic Age of Exploration
Efemeris is a strategy game, set in an uchronic Age of Exploration
668 backers pledged €42,592 to help bring this project to life.

Last days, Free Stretch Goals & Social SG

Posted by DTDA Games (Creator)

// Version française plus bas //

Free Stretch Goals
Last days of this expedition are here, more than never we need your support! To boost the end of the campaign and to thank all the backers who stayed on board, we decided to offer these 2 Stretch Goals in all the boxes:
   • 6 new Crew members: 6 new Crew members join the game, 2 per Nation
   • 3 new Captains + Free-for-all mode: 3 new Captain cards, 1 per Nation, will come sail by your side + New game mode for 3 players

Social Stretch Goal
Also, we decided to try the Social Stretch Goal. By sharing 50 times this Facebook post, you will unlock the foil effect on every box and deluxe will get 2 additional artworks. Imagine holding the shiny golden box in your hand before setting the game up before a game, what a thrill!

Rearranging Stretch Goals
Always with the same aim of boosting the campaign, we rearranged the SG, to make them more appealing to newcomers:

Mea culpa
We did some mistakes on this campaign and we are sorry to have disappointed some of the backers who canceled their pledge. We designed a game fully playable without the SG, and we unfortunately didn't succeed to manage the importance of these.
For those who remained on the ship, we are very grateful, to believe in the game and in our small team.
If despite the rearranged SG, we don't hit the gameplay SG, we will make them available as an add-on pack, including:
   • 3 New Nations : 12 captains, 36 crew cards, 21 tokens
   • 4 players Free-For-All mode
   • 8 expert Tiles
We will communicate later how to get it.

Where are the english reviews?
Another wall we hit, and believe us we contacted many people and sent prototypes, but here is the result. We lacked english reviews.
But if you are still curious about the gameplay, we sat at a table and played a game to show you how it is done 8-)
We tried our best and speak english, so have pity on our accent!
Take a look:

We are still here and the game is funded, this is what matter the most for us. We will learn from our mistakes, but above all, let's give to this campaign a brillant finish!

Hold fast!
DTDA Games Team

// Version française //

Stretch Goals offerts
Les derniers jours de cette expédition sont là, plus que jamais nous avons besoin de votre soutien ! Afin de booster la fin de la campagne et de remercier tous ceux qui sont restés à bord, nous avons décidé d'offrir ces 2 Stretch Goals dans toutes les boîtes :
   • 6 nouveaux membres d'équipage : 6 nouveaux membres d'équipage rejoignent le jeu, 2 par nation
   • 3 nouveaux Capitaines + mode Free-for-all : 3 nouvelles cartes Capitaine, 1 par Nation, qui viendront naviguer à vos côtés + Nouveau mode de jeu pour 3 joueurs

Social Stretch Goal
En outre, nous avons décidé d'essayer le Social Stretch Goal. En partageant 50 fois ce post sur Facebook, vous débloquerez l'effet foil sur toutes les boîtes et les versions Deluxe auront 2 artworks supplémentaires. Imaginez que vous teniez la boîte dorée dans vos mains avant de mettre en place le jeu pour une partie, quel plaisir !

Réorganisation des Stretch Goals
Toujours dans le but de donner un coup de boost à la campagne, nous avons réarrangé les SG, afin de donner envie à quelques moussaillons de nous rejoindre !

Mea culpa
Nous avons fait quelques erreurs sur cette campagne et nous sommes désolés d'avoir déçu certains des backers qui ont annulé leur pledge. Nous avons conçu un jeu entièrement jouable sans SG, et nous n'avons malheureusement pas su gérer l'importance de ces derniers.
Pour ceux qui sont restés à bord, nous vous en sommes très reconnaissants, de croire au jeu et en notre petite équipe.
Si malgré le remaniement des SG, nous n'atteignons pas le score nécessaire à l'obtention des SG sur le gameplay, nous les proposerons après la campagne sous forme d'add-on, incluant:
   • 3 nouvelles Nations: 12 capitaines, 36 cartes d'équipage, 21 jetons
   • Mode Free-for-all 4 joueurs
   • 8 Tuiles expertes
Nous communiquerons plus tard sur les modalités de son acquisition.

Nous sommes toujours là et le jeu est financé, c'est ce qu'il y a de plus important pour nous. Nous allons apprendre de nos erreurs, mais surtout, faisons en sorte de donner à cette campagne une arrivée flamboyante !

Gardons le cap !
DTDA Games Team


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    1. Nieve on

      Thanks for all the replies and especially for that of Philipp Wirtenberger, who really took his time to explain the situation.
      This is truly reassuring and makes me believe in the game even more 😊

    2. DTDA Games 2-time creator on

      We will probably have the playmat on our shop depending on the quantity left. But think that the price of the playmat only could be the same that the price difference with the Deluxe itself…

    3. Piotr Konieczny on

      Good moves. I backed just before this update, and was a bit sad that some stuff won't happen. Now I am quite happy and I'll certainly buy your add-on. Also, please consider selling the playmat separetly, I don't want the logbook (sorry, seems useless).

    4. Francisco Dias

      @DTDA This is awesome news! You guy's are very kind and generous. <3
      I will try to buy another copy of the game to offer so we can raise to the 3 nations SG :)

    5. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      man, this post kinda makes me feel bad... truly an interesting looking game, can definitely see my friends/family enjoying it, and the beautiful art makes it even more amazing... but i'm afraid i have to lower my pledge due to a lack of money at the moment (just wanted to make clear its not a lack of interest in the game!)

    6. Kasper Sleepy con Valley

      Wow. Merci DTDA. This is much more than I ever hoped for. You have made a game that will shine in my collection and i will proudly show it and play it with my friends and family.

      Now lets get those backers in :)

    7. Kriss Korb'Art on

      Un grand merci à toute l'équipe pour cette bonne surprise et cette belle opportunité de parfaire ce superbe projet !
      On reste sur le pont, parez pour poursuivre votre aventure ! Tous avec vous, mes Capitaines !

    8. Missing avatar

      Philipp Wirtenberger on

      I also like that this makes the difference between nations more nuanced

    9. Missing avatar

      Philipp Wirtenberger on

      @DTDA 6 different crew members? That's awesome!

    10. JKenn

      Shared! Hopefully people hop on.

      @Ebonweaver Minis are minis and this game doesn’t have ‘em. It has game pieces. Apples and oranges. This project is unique, as is that one.

    11. DTDA Games 2-time creator on

      Wow! A true logbook of this campaign!
      Just a correction, there are 6 new Crew members, 2 by Nation, and yes they bring new habilities, among them a cook, a coxwain and even a surgeon.

    12. DTDA Games 2-time creator on

      @Richard, Rony, Xav
      For us, being funded was trully a success, we didn't plan on a big campaign, some of the SG are backers' ideas. But maybe as @Ebonweaver said it, we didn't give enough attention and animation to this page. We priviledged to be on the road, to present Efemeris in game bars and conventions and let the campaign goes its direction. SG are bonuses and extensions but it is always pleasing to have them.

      Merci :D !

      Of course the game is fully playable without SG! From 2 to 4 players, with a duel mode (1vs1) and a team mode (2vs2).
      Most of the SG are adding gameplay but those weren't imagined at first ;)

    13. Missing avatar

      Philipp Wirtenberger on

      @Nieve As far as I am aware it was very important for DTDA that all players get the same experience and they have a clear stance that they do not want to introduce addons just to squeeze more money out of the backers. They felt additional content should be part of the base game and available to everyone. In their own words, "we don't want to play the DLC game".
      Backers have repeatedly suggested introducing addons to boost funding of the campaign but DTDA games argued that it would be better to unlock additional content via stretchgoals.
      I think I should add here that the 3 new nations were not originally part of the stretch goals but rather something that was heavily requested by backers.
      I think the expert tiles are also based on backers' suggestion of more variety in tiles although I don't know if this is something that was planned all along and it's just coincidence. And DTDA games just being awesome, changed the stretchgoals - incorporating backers' requests and ideas (although the original stretch goals were awesome too, e.g. gold/foil on tiles).
      The rules for the solo mode and FFA are not yet fully fleshed out (with 4 player FFA needing at least one more nation than currently is in the box).
      I think FFA was requested by the community and solo mode was something that wasn't planned initially. The whole story is that Board Games Society came up with rules for solo play mid-campaign. I personally think the solo-rules are quite exciting (you can find a short description of the solo variant somewhere in the comments). DTDA games promised to release them in the current rough state if the solo rule SG is not met.
      If we hit that stretch goal, they will fully flesh out the solo rules and balance them.
      FYI, the current rules include a team based mode (2v2) but backers wanted to see a free-for-all variant too.

      Now that it seems possible that we do not hit the 3 nations and expert tiles SGs, DTDA games still wants to make the suggestions of backers a reality and it seems as if they give us now the opportunity to get it via a post-campaign addon.
      Mind you, it was requested by us, the backers, if they could add an addon if we do not hit the stretch goal. So I think this addon is not so much an attempt to make more money but rather done for the community and driven by a passion for the game. If they only wanted a cash-grab, they would have made the addon available right now, and would not wait to see if unlock the SG. Well, at least if DTDA games is still consistent with their philosophy of 'backers first' and passion for their projects.

      So no, unlike with other (should I say most?) kickstarter board game campaigns, the game without any SGs is already in the form it was originally envisioned and all of the gameplay SGs are purely based on feedback of backers.
      So don't fear, you are not missing out!

      I am not entirely sure if the two crew members that we have been given for free today have new abilities or if they are just alternate art. In case they have new abilities this would gameplay-wise be the only 'missing piece' from the game as envisioned by the designer, which would explain why DTDA wanted to be able to give them to us.
      So to reiterate, (afaik) all remaining SGs concerning game mechanics cater to suggestions of backers.

      The 'biggest' stretchgoal was a digital implementation of the game. I don't know if it is possible now, without the funding - but I secretly hope DTDA still work on this.
      Would be nice to play the game with a mate who lives abroad most of the time.

      I have to disagree with DTDA games with their self-assessment that their stretchgoals were not appealing enough, I think all three different SG lineups we had during this campaign were very attractive :-)

    14. Marc Lagroy on

      beautiful ! it's exatly what the spirit i love. you're great and for me you keep the craft and human spirit of crowdfunding alive :)

      merci à toute l'équipe and let's share it !!

    15. Xav

      Je suis d’accord les SG ne sont que des Bonus et avoir un jeu avec peu de SG modifiant le jeu est pour moi préférable. De plus en plus d’éditeurs prévoient leurs SG quand ils font le jeu. Or cela ne débordait être que des bonus qui améliore soit la qualité du jeu, soit des options.

    16. METADNA

      Shared !
      @Nieve the game is fully playable without the SG, these sg are only bonus
      Efemeris is a 2-4 players board g(1-4 if solo mode is available)

    17. Nieve on

      > We designed a game fully playable without the SG, and we unfortunately didn't succeed to manage the importance of these.

      Any chance getting more information on that? I tried going through the comments, but it's a bit difficult to get the full picture like that.
      Is the game going to be fully playable without the SG? Or are we going to have to pay extra for add ons that will allow to play the game? Or is it playable only for 2 players and for having more players you'll need the add ons/SGs? Or is it something else..?

      Thanks and fingers crossed we'll get these SGs!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Courilleau on

      Super! Merci beaucoup pour les SG offerts. Pour la peine, je passe mon pelade en version Deluxe ! Bravo.

    19. Silpharion on

      Vous n'avez pas à vous excusez.
      Je pense que la plupart des gens ont contribué pour voir avant tout le projet se réaliser. Les SG ne sont en soi que des bonus.
      Si certaines personnes désirent tant ces SG, je pense que c'est à eux de relayer les informations pour atteindre le plus vite ces objectifs.

      M'enfin, merci beaucoup pour ces SG offerts et je vous souhaite bon courage pour cette fin de campagne en espérant qu'une partie de l'équipage revienne à bord !

    20. METADNA

      We breathe ^^ thanks a lot DTDA

    21. Richard El-chamaa

      sorry to hear all this, but it is still successful that it was fully funded and we are all excited nonetheless

    22. Ebonweaver

      Nice! Let's get this stuff shared!