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Efemeris is a strategy game, set in an uchronic Age of Exploration
Efemeris is a strategy game, set in an uchronic Age of Exploration
668 backers pledged €42,592 to help bring this project to life.

Efemeris is now fully funded!

Posted by DTDA Games (Creator)

// Version française plus bas //

Dear backers,  

Thanks to all of your support, help and feedback, Efemeris will be produced!
The campaign had a lull after a strong start, but our journey is still afloat, now sailing on a strong ship.  

But it is not over and there are still a few ports that we could visit to make the game more awesome. Improve the quality of the cards and box, then take in more men on board with our next stretch goals, new Crew members (50 000 $) and new Captains (60 000 $)!  

And thanks to one of our backers, the rules are now available in 🇩🇪️german🇩🇪️!
Thanks Philipp!

Little reminder
DTDA is an indie game studio, we are authors and self publishers because we want to make game with a strong art direction that wouldn't work for a mass market publisher.
The game we propose in the pledge is complete. It was play tested as it is, works well and have good feedback on the fun and replayability (which matters a lot to us). We are using Kickstarter as a funding tool to get to the production step. We didn't split it in 200 stretch goals to bait backers and just get millions. Our studio would be very happy to produce our second game even in a small quantity, we are focused on making the product as we thought it should be.  

Every stretch goal is more work and more delay to make the game ready. Play-test time will be needed and we will gladly take the time to develop more mechanics and gameplay for all our backers if the funding it requires is met.  

Efemeris was designed as a game for 2 Nations for 1Vs1 or 2Vs2. The solo mode announced in the stretch goals didn't crossed our mind in the first place. It was a suggestion, that we agreed to work on after all our priorities. We have the first draft suggested by the Board Games Society, and if we can't work on it to make it a real part of the game (meaning completely integrated in our universe and play tested), we are sure the BGS will share it anyway.  

All your feedback is interesting and gives us ideas to improve our game universe. However it is important for us to keep our work globally coherent with a strong identity to not pervert and deflect our project.  

The campaign will run for another 2 weeks. Next week, some english reviews will come, so stand fast! Keep sharing the campaign, so we can conquer some SG bringing you a game with more gameplay possibilities and other cool stuff!  

DTDA Games Team

// Version française //

Chers backers,

Merci pour votre soutien, vos retours, vos commentaires, Efemeris sera produit !
La campagne a connu une accalmie après un fort départ, mais notre voyage suit toujours son cours !

Ce n'est pas fini et il y a encore quelques ports que nous pourrions visiter pour rendre le jeu plus imposant. Améliorer la qualité des cartes et de la boîte, puis embarquer plus d'hommes à bord avec nos prochains stretch goals, de nouveaux membres d'équipage (50 000 $) et de nouveaux capitaines (60 000 $)!

Et grâce à l'un de nos backers, les règles du jeu sont maintenant disponibles en 🇩🇪️allemand🇩🇪️ ! Merci Philipp !

La campagne va se poursuivre pendant 2 autres semaines. Venez tester Efemeris et rencontrer l'équipe sur nos prochains évènements: Nantes, Paris, Bordeaux,… (calendrier sur Facebook). Continuez à partager la campagne et partons à la conquête de quelques SG pour faire d'Efemeris un trésor de possibilités de jeu.

DTDA Games Team


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