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pledged of $34,999 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $34,999 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. DTDA Games 2-time creator 8 minutes ago


      I can assure you that we are doing our best ;)
      We look at the success of the others and will try to learn from them.
      Our community is also doing a lot, that is awesome at our scale :o
      Keep sharing! French will not surrender on this one 💪

    2. Ebonweaver
      about 4 hours ago

      @DTDA no offense meant, but even with a small team you could be spending some more time on getting people engaged with the campaign and sharing it on social media. I understand if you can't manage social goals per se with the game, but a "hype man" is invaluable :)
      Now, that's not to excuse the backers themselves. After all, this is crowd funding and if a person is excited to back a game, they should be out there telling others about it ;)

      All that said, I think it's interesting tracking this game and So Long, My World. Both are small EU companies with games that are off the typical track. Same number of days left in the campaigns. Their goals were lower, their funding is higher, their stretch goals are smaller in size and greater in number, but above all their community engagement is outstanding. Now, it's more complex than all that, but it's always good in business to compare yourself to others that are similar to see if you can find places to improve ;) I just want to see Efemeris reach its potential, and I'd love if it actually could hit 300%!

    3. Missing avatar

      Joshua Kennedy about 6 hours ago

      @DTDA “a game of passion for us”...that’s exactly why I ended up backing the game. It truly looks like you are most interested in making a high quality game.

    4. DTDA Games 2-time creator about 6 hours ago

      @All backers
      Congrats! Thanks so much for your support :D

      Oui le pledge à 94€ comprend bien la version deluxe d'Efemeris :)

      @Samuel, Xrayman, Richard, Ebonweaver, Philipp, Joshua
      Guys, please keep in mind that we are really a small team. We made choices like not having add-on or social goals because this is not a thing you manage at our scale.
      Yes, we lack of english reviews, and that is our mistake. Our marketing budget is not infinite, and we can't afford paid youtuber reviews or send prototype (that are handmade) to every youtuber. We need to be sure to build a good partnership and actually get a review!
      We chose to be honest and transparent in our campaign. We are indie and not there to play the DLC card to bait the backers.
      As you pointed it out concurrence is also hard, and we assume to be outsiders.
      As for the seem-too-far solo mode, it is not something we thought about in the first place. Solo mode is something that was introduced by the Board games Society, who saw potential in our game. If we hit the stretch goal, we are going to work on it and add it to our rules. If not, we will make available the PDF draft we received.
      We are happy that our game is funded, we do it with passion and we hope you will enjoy our work :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Xrayman about 7 hours ago

      @Phillip. If you go back and re-read my comment, you'll see I said that the campaign FEELS as if it's being run by noobs, not that it was.

    6. Missing avatar

      Joshua Kennedy about 7 hours ago

      Might be because many backers have just recently spent hundreds on huge games. I almost didn’t back this for that reason.

    7. Missing avatar

      Philipp Wirtenberger about 7 hours ago

      And congrats on funding @DTDA ;-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Philipp Wirtenberger about 7 hours ago

      @Xrayman I agree that there clearly is a lack in social marketing but I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that the campaign is run by noobs. The campaign page is properly structured and imho they do a pretty good job presenting the game and the utterly beautiful graphic design work that went into it. Heck, they even have a digital prototype that allows us to get a taste of how the game feels when played. They are very responsive in the comment section and actively listen to our ideas & suggestions. I bet they would put out updates much more frequently *if* we were unlocking any stretch goals. As to why this game stalled so hard, I really have no idea but it makes me a bit sad (golden ink, anyone?!?). I've observed several times now that BGG banner ads (and I assume most of the non-french speaking backers that have not been backers of their previous game found this campaign via said ad, at least that's how I took notice) don't seem to pull in all that many backers. But I don't understand. Especially not for this campaign: I usually dislike banner ads but I honestly think the ad for this project is a delight to look at - as is the actual game. Are most backers for boardgame campaigns actually coming from youtube reviews or twitter/etc.?!? It really boggles my mind.

    9. Missing avatar

      camille deveaux about 8 hours ago

      YESSSSS !!!! 100% !!!!

    10. Ebonweaver
      about 8 hours ago

      So many superbackers hiding their backed list. Meta, Ryan, Midnight, any reason you have it hidden? I always love to see what people are into when they're into a project I'm also backing.

    11. METADNA
      about 8 hours ago

      Launch in high stellar seas, accomplished. Let's see what's on the horizon...

    12. METADNA
      about 9 hours ago

      Funded ! ^^

    13. Ryan Kirby
      about 9 hours ago


      I’ve been eagerly waiting on this project to hit 100% for so long now! Congrats, everyone!

    14. Kriss Korb'Art about 9 hours ago

      Rhaaaaaa !
      Encore un petit effort, on y presque !!
      Souquez ferme, matelots !!

    15. METADNA
      about 9 hours ago

      I have echoes that a lot is happens backstage stay tuned!
      the ship will soon furrow the cosmic high seas ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Xrayman about 10 hours ago

      I just don't feel they are getting behind this one, though I can't figure out why. Since I'm in it for the solo variant and it doesn't look like that'll be happening, I can see myself pulling out unless things shake up a bit.

    17. Vincenc Max Ureš about 10 hours ago

      @Xrayman hey. Light Hunters were just few week off the announced delivery ... no worries there, but just as @Rich I feel frustration how the backing slows down to todays 1 backer so far ... jesus christ. DTDA might be fine with funded project but I see stretch goals that would be nice to have implemeted but are just a sad joke atm. its fine that the game has french review, but the usual customers here are less francophone 8/

    18. Ebonweaver
      about 10 hours ago

      It is surprising that given their first game was very successful at 300%, that this campaign is lacking in marketing. As for follow through, they delivered pretty close to on time for the first one, so that leaves me confident in this one. I agree that their stretch goals are a little out of whack to have proper drive for backers, and that's greatly aggravated by the lack of marketing on social platforms. It was off to a great start then stalled hard. I had expected to be at close to 150% by now, and I think they did too but forgot they had to put in work for that to happen. Based on their last campaign, setting a 300% SG seems legit, but not if you let the project flounder.

    19. Missing avatar

      Xrayman about 10 hours ago

      @Richard. I hear you. The game is pretty, but the campaign feels like it's run by noobs. That then leads to the worry that if they're that lacadaisical during the campaign pages, how will they cope with the production phase. Will the game ever see the light of day, even if it funds?

    20. Richard El-chamaa about 11 hours ago

      I know how you feel. Worse comes to worse, we can create in house solo mode to suit us:

      The fact is, the project is earning less than €500 a day, which is bad.

      There is so little advertising going into this. Pay reviewers to play a demo. Let them put it on YouTube. Each of them have dedicated board game players. It will spread like wild fire.

      It may be late but it's worth a shot to send it to someone quickly, no matter the cost

    21. Missing avatar

      Xrayman about 11 hours ago

      Hey, I've got a great idea! Why don't we put solo mode out as an unattainable 90K SG thereby alienating approximately a third of backers and potentially sabotaging the campaign!... Oh, DTA apparently thought of that already...

    22. Missing avatar

      Hemming Grégory about 12 hours ago

      Petite interrogation : Pour la participation au hauteur de 94€ et + il y a bien tout les "avantages" cité pour les partication inférieur (tapis de jeu,...) ?

    23. Samuel Rohling Auras about 15 hours ago

      @creators It would REALLY help If you'd make some community social stretch goals. This always helps. Goals like "X Facebook shares", "X retweets", etc. This gets the community engaged and also spreads the project to more people.

    24. Brice B. 1 day ago

      Allez on y croit, on y est presque.😁

    25. METADNA
      1 day ago

      Tomorrow this is founded ;)

    26. Ebonweaver
      1 day ago

      Where is the social stuff in this campaign? Need to get the word out more! I don't even see links anywhere, let alone goals for likes on sites or post shares....

    27. DTDA Games 2-time creator 1 day ago

      Bien sûr !

      Not at the moment, we pushed forward the gameplay based Stretch Goals first :)

    28. Samuel Rohling Auras 1 day ago

      Any stretch goals planned to make the tokens wood and not cardboard?

    29. Trustyz 2 days ago

      Est ce qu'on pourra choisir un version FR pour Light Hunters aussi ? :)

    30. DTDA Games 2-time creator 2 days ago

      On ne vous arrête plus !
      Peut-être que le quatrième capitaine Français va vous plaire ;)

      @Marco Polo
      The tokens are card stock :)

    31. Marco Polo 2 days ago

      Are the resource and building tokens wood or card stock?
      Many thanks.

    32. METADNA
      2 days ago

      Un vaisseau incrusté dans un astéroïde... une forteresse flottante

    33. METADNA
      2 days ago

      @DTDA Games alors je vais ici déterrer un trésor de notre histoire au XVIII eme siècle à existé un rocher considéré comme étant un navire de guerre géant: le Rocher du Diamant, rebaptisé HMS Diamond Rock par les anglais, voir un tel artefact resurgir du passé sous une forme des plus poétique serai quelque chose d'unique... peut être sous la forme d'une tuile avec une planète forteresse neutre, tuile qui pourrai également être potentiellement déplacé/replacé (avec les navire placé dessus) sur un autre coin de la carte, ce serai une variante original d'une classique pouvoir de téléportation

    34. Brice B. 2 days ago

      C est vrai qu'il reste plus grand chose pour que le jeu soit financé, allez encore un p'tit effort.Merci pour l update , ça donne envie ,les stretch Goal sont géniaux.😀

    35. DTDA Games 2-time creator 3 days ago

      On ne t'arrête plus !
      And as Kasper said: some solid suggestions +1

      Thanks, we appreciate ;)

    36. Jason Haseldine
      3 days ago

      So close to funding now! This is probably the project I'm looking forward to the most atm!

    37. METADNA
      3 days ago


    38. Kasper Busch Søvndal 3 days ago

      @METADNA These are some solid suggestions. Pretty cool if they can manage to implement some of it 👍🏻

    39. METADNA
      3 days ago

      Une suggestion d’amélioration matériel bien que non essentiel cela serai bien d'avoir un rappel du schéma de la planète sur le coin supérieur gauche des cartes planète, pour garder un rappel visuel lorsque l'on empile les cartes sur le côté de son plateau (pour optimiser son espace de jeu) exemple https://ibb.co/eYaXN8

    40. METADNA
      3 days ago

      these logbook cards could be bilingual (English at the top and French at the bottom;)

    41. METADNA
      3 days ago

      some idea events:
      having to abandon a crew member on the planet
      find a treasure (a set of 2 different resources to choose from)
      if in addition these events could be rewritten in handwritten letter by the illustrator ^^

    42. METADNA
      3 days ago

      hope something like logbook can be include as it can nourrish/add also a part of poetic narrative element that will fit perfectly for even more immersion in Efemeris universe

    43. METADNA
      3 days ago

      Native planet may contain pages of a dissiminated/lost generating logbook, these extracts of narrative describing events may act as good malus/bonus but unpredictable, so native planet may allow you to draw a logbook card instead to pick a ressource. I think this add a good replayability and these planets with higher profit/risk may also give a last-chance strategy to climb back to the score (but sure all these need to be playtested) ;)

    44. METADNA
      3 days ago

      @DTDA Games :D

      Another little breeze of winds & the game is founded
      Hype is growing plus all these beautiful stretch goals on the horizon... Best is to come

    45. DTDA Games 2-time creator 3 days ago

      Elle est douce, la vie ^^

      On y croit!

      La Suisse fait secrètement partie de l'Union Européenne dans les tarifs postaux ;) Suisse et UE même tarif :D

    46. Marcel Claxton 3 days ago

      Salut! Jeu vraiment intéressant - en particulier le tableau d'espace abstrait (par opposition à un réaliste). Question rapide: dois-je supposer que la livraison en Suisse relève du «reste du monde» (26 dollars)?

    47. Missing avatar

      Hemming Grégory 3 days ago

      A mon avis demain c'est bon...
      Un bon jeu va pouvoir se développer.

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