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Efemeris is a strategy game, set in an uchronic Age of Exploration
Efemeris is a strategy game, set in an uchronic Age of Exploration
Efemeris is a strategy game, set in an uchronic Age of Exploration
668 backers pledged €42,592 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. DTDA Games 2-time creator 6 days ago

      Busy with the pre-production and the expansion^^ We will soon post an update to introduce the new captains :D

    2. Missing avatar

      tom rollins 6 days ago

      Anything guys or just getting revved up for a post soon

    3. DTDA Games 2-time creator on

      The game for this edition will only be available in english or french. the german rulebook is available as a pdf, but all of the card are translated at the end of the rulebook for further explanation :)

      Merci :D
      Toujours mieux pas mail ou message privé, nous essayons de répondre à chaque message :) Le rendement des réponses est peut être un peu ralenti avec les congés, mais si la réponse tarde trop, il ne faut pas hésiter à nous relancer. Nous sommes humains, on oublie parfois !

    4. Missing avatar

      Ribouldingue on

      Avec tout le bigntz que ça doit être de gérer les bakers après la campagne, est-ce que vous êtes attentifs aux messages envoyés à travers votre boutique en ligne ou bien est-il préférable de vous joindre par ici ?
      Merci, et bravo pour ce jeu qui semble magnifique.

    5. Missing avatar

      Rene Heidrich on

      On your campaing image and in the description there are german flags and also german rules. Will there be also a german translation for the cards and texts other than the rules?

    6. Francisco Dias on

      DTDA! <3 <3 <3 LOVELY! <3 :D :D ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah
      Like the bard from Asterix the Assurancetourix ! :D :D :D

    7. METADNA

      Cool merci ^^

    8. DTDA Games 2-time creator on

      Maybe a crew member related to the voice, like the poet-singer xD

      Dès que les jeux sortent de l'usine ! On vous tiendra bien entendu au courant des étapes et des derniers délais pour commander l'extension :)

    9. METADNA

      @DTDA Games le déploiement dans les centres d'envoi est prévu pour quand ? ^^p

    10. Francisco Dias on

      Un des plus grands navigateurs Portugais c'etait Bartolomeu Dias, the first to cross the " Cabo da Boa Esperança " and to connect western europe to Asia. Maybe one of the Portuguese should be Francisco Dias the rude one! :D :D
      Just giving an ideia! :D :D

    11. Brice B. on

      Ok merci @DTDA

    12. DTDA Games 2-time creator on

      Pas de délai, mais de préférence avant le déploiement dans les centres d'envoi pour bénéficier de la gratuité des frais de port ^^

      @Brice B.
      Une fois que nous aurons tous les portraits (également les Hollandais, les Portuguais et l'empire Ottoman), nous organiserons certainement un vote pour sélectionner les 4 artworks (oui 2 de plus ont été débloqué entre temps !).

    13. Brice B. on

      J ai encore une question @DTDA,ayant pris la version "Deluxe", serait il possible de choisir les 2 portraits artwork ?

    14. Brice B. on

      Ok merci @DTDA, bon développement et bon courage pour le projet.

    15. METADNA

      @DTDA Games y t'il un délais pour rajouter l'add-on (ctd jusqu'à quand puis je le rajouter) ?

    16. DTDA Games 2-time creator on


      Here is the pic:

    17. SkyCheese on

      I used the number i got in my confirmation mail "You're backer XXX. "
      Also youre imgur link doesnt work :x

    18. DTDA Games 2-time creator on

      Non pas de pledge manager, juste le questionnaire pour sélectionner sa langue ;)

      @Brice B.
      L'extension des 3 Nations ne peut être obtenu que via notre boutique en ligne, pas de pledge manager de prévu !

      It is your backer number, to fill here:
      And yes for the rest ^^

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Is our pledge number the same as our confirmation number? If so where exactly do we put it? On the first shop page beneath:

      SKU PU974
      Price incl. TVA

      From there we select "collect in shop" and then everything is all set? It will be delivered to the address we provide in a future survey?

    20. Brice B. on

      Bonjour @DTDA. Une question, pour l add on "3 Nations" , est ce qu il sera disponible en option dans le Pledge management ou on est obligé de passer par la boutique de votre jeu pour l acheter. Merci encore pour votre jeu et ceux qui alimentent les commentaires .

    21. Trustyz on

      Haaaaa les tiles experts génial ce SG me faisait vraiment envie :) il y aura un pledge manager pour choisir la langue ?

    22. DTDA Games 2-time creator on

      You need to select "Collect in shop" in the delivery mode options so no shipping fee will be charged!
      A oversight from our side, going to add it in the description of the add-on

    23. Samuel Rohling Auras on

      @DTDA went to the shop for the nations add-on, put my backer #, but the shop still asks for my address and there is no Brazil to select as country. I was under the impression the add-on would be shipped with the kickstarter pledge, so why do I have to fill my address? I cannot pay and finish the purchase. What am O doing wrong?

    24. DTDA Games 2-time creator on

      For this first edition, we only print the game in french and english. But we are currently talking with german publishers to prepare a german version ^^

      So true ;)

      Welcome on board ;)

    25. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      Just jumped in in the last hours, I'm so glad I found this, it's an awesome concept and I always loved maritime themes and sci-fi, win win here! looking forward to learning more about this one!

    26. Kasper Busch Søvndal

      Wow what a day for you. Efemeris with a strong ending, and now France is in the final in the World cup. I can imagin that you all have a great night :D

    27. Zael on

      Congratulations on the successful campaign. Long stuck at € 32,000 and then still lifted off like a rocket in recent days. ;-)
      One Question: Is there any plan for a german localization of the whole game or are there only the game rules in german for download? Maybe a print version at least?

    28. Ebonweaver

      Holy crap we made the expert tiles by a hair?? Wow! Sweet :)
      Hopefully the 3 nation add on isn't too $$ now that we unlocked everything else :D Looking forward to news on that after the confetti clears!

    29. Silpharion on

      Félicitations à tous !

      Pour finir la belle journée, il manque plus que la France gagne haha !

    30. MidnightBlue

      Just checked how we did on my lunch break...and we got the expert tile stretch goal...excellent!

      Congratulations all!


    31. JKenn on

      Congrats!! Wow what a finish.

    32. Yohan Lee on

      Congrats on the last push! Take a good rest and come back with an update :)

    33. SkyCheese on

      The campaign made a nice finish

    34. Henry So on

      @DTDA: I guess that's a really good reason! :)

    35. DTDA Games 2-time creator on

      @Henry So
      The 3 players free-for-all has been unlocked ;)

    36. METADNA

      @Jason stay tuned DTDA will certainly more information about it in the upcoming update

    37. Henry So on

      I got in on this on impulse, three minutes before the end of the campaign. However, I have a question: Why are there three sets of ships when only two will be in play at any given time?

    38. Missing avatar

      ANSA on

      @DTDA Games Ahah I think you deserve it, just have really nice moments tonight!

    39. METADNA

      Sure ^^

    40. DTDA Games 2-time creator on

      Yes we'll send an update (tonight?) just give us some time to calm down, gather our minds, grab a drink, watch the match(?) :D

    41. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Courilleau on

      Excellent finish !!!! Bravo.

    42. Brice B. on

      :+) hourra, il est temps de rejoindre la taverne pour fêter cette campagne. Merci DTDA. Le mot de la fin campagne ne serait pas de refus ;+)

    43. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Not to seem ungrateful (very happy about the expert tiles) but I was hoping for the extra nations stretch goal. Will those be available for purchase? I particularly wanted to be dutch :).

    44. Kriss Korb'Art on

      Rhaaaaaa ! Trop bien !🍻

      Quel suspense ! Surtout pour moi, coincé dans le metro, sans réseau ! 😨

      Bravo à tout l'équipage et aux capitaines !
      On va pouvoir mettre en perce quelques tonnelets de rhum pour fêter ça !
      Merci à tout le monde pour ce beau voyage !

      Prochaine étape, allez chercher son trésor au labo DTDA, dans quelques mois ! 😁

    45. Kriss Korb'Art on

      Rhaaaaaa ! Trop bien !🍻

      Quel suspense ! Surtout pour moi, coincé dans le metro, sans réseau ! 😨

      Bravo à tout l'équipage et aux capitaines !
      On va pouvoir mettre en perce quelques tonnelets de rhum pour fêter ça !
      Merci à tout le monde pour ce beau voyage !

      Prochaine étape, allez chercher son trésor au labo DTDA, dans quelques mois ! 😁

    46. Missing avatar

      Nicolas CARPi on

      Congrats! Crazy campaign, great finish :D

    47. Missing avatar

      ANSA on

      Really good job @DDTA Games, what an amazing finish!

    48. METADNA

      @DTDA Games une update fin de campagne +détails SG débloqué, a tout hazard y aurait'il une tuile Rocher du Diamant parmi ces tuiles experts... :D

    49. Richard El-chamaa

      well done for the final numbers of the campaign, was a good finish from how the project was in the middle, and we just unlocked the expert tiles.


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