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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, February 10 2016 9:28 PM UTC +00:00


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The Short Story

Doublecross is a playing card game that has TCG mechanics that rewards both betrayal and trust. The game is played with a Judge, chosen through a vote or at random. Minimum 2 players, max 16. Average game time varies between 5 minutes for low amount of players to 50 for big groups.

The Long Story

It's been many times that I've wished to play something more intricate than your average card game with my guests. Unfortunately people don't pack their TCG deck everywhere they go. And even if they did, without an arrangement, chances are low that their TCG will be the same as yours. In other words, you can't just whip out a deck and have a game. Another problem is that TCG's usually don't allow for many players, whereas playing card games do.

And here's when it hit me, why not have both. I had this realization after I had some guests over, and after playing Monopoly and a bunch of other board games, we ended up playing a card game called Crazy 8's (originally named Blackjack). While the game was deceptively simple, it provided players with an opportunity to screw your opponents over. Something that strangely provided a lot more entertainment than the actual act of playing it. Not only that, but negative effects could be reinforced and sent down the line. For example Card A was targeting player 1, player 2 throws Card B that has the same effect as Card A, doubling it's effect, and passes it along to player 3. You get the idea.

So I took this concept and decided to add some more depth to it. After many iterations I came up with this game. I made sure to make it in such a way, that it would be possible to send negative effects around to other players, or even reverse positive ones. For example turning a Health card that a player uses to heal into an offensive card, dealing damage to the player trying to recover.

Reason for this campaign

I quite liked my creation and had a lot of fun testing it out. Unfortunately, as you might have seen in the video, the deck crafting process is more than tedious. Printing, cutting and taping 125 cards by hand is a slow and painful process. Still if you don't mind doing it, you can download it from my website for free. Please try it out and I would really appreciate it if you left me a comment there, if you have any feedback.

So, if anyone would like to see some proper art and generally better graphics, feel free to back me up. Commissioning an artist wouldn't be too expensive. Average prices I've seen for vector art is about 20$ (I'll try to haggle for 10$ per art), so if this gets funded I'll be able to either buy or commission some basic art. Obviously the more funding this gets the higher quality the art will be. (If by any chance you're an artist, and would like to do this stuff for free, please message me and I'll gladly update the deck with your art. Or you can replace the PNG's yourself if you have the desire.)

Also if you'd like to have an actual deck, instead of making your own, then going through a card printing service will be necessary. I haven't done any hard math, but preliminary results are kind of expensive.

As you can see, the price per deck is pretty high when not ordering massive amounts.
As you can see, the price per deck is pretty high when not ordering massive amounts.

 Also, the delivery cost for 100 decks is 110 bucks. I suspect it will become cheaper for higher orders, but I highly doubt this campaign will get enough traction to reach thousands.

In any case, should the funding happen, then I'll set the whole printing thing as a stretch goal. For now, it's only the art. However if you like the game the way it is, and don't mind the DIY look then feel free to just play it, after all, art has nothing to do with mechanics. Just don't ask me to draw, please. (I am atrocious at drawing vectors, or anything else for that matter.)

Risks and challenges

Well for starters I've never done anything of this sort before in my life. I have a pretty good idea where to get the art, and I'm sure deviantart has an enormous pool of artists. I'm pretty confident I'll be able to find a decent artist for a decent price.

Art aside, a bigger problem will be printing and distribution (if it reaches that point and people want physical cards, if not, then this is a moot point). I don't know the first thing about distribution, I mean sure, I can send a few postal packages with decks in them. But actually distributing them is going to be tough. Still, it's nothing a good google search can't fix, I haven't bothered with it because I just don't know what kind of interest in this game to expect.

As for printing, the pricing I've shown in the description is that of an american company. So to deliver the packages from there to Ireland where I'm currently residing will be a long wait 15-25 days to be exact.

Still, I really don't foresee many impossible problems along the way.

If you are in it for rewards, please don't pledge massive sums of money. If the campaign gets funded, I will add rewards for stretch goals (like getting a deck with your name on it for example).

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