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An open source tracking device based on the Arduino platform.
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DSS Circuits

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Thought I'd check in

Hi Everyone.  I just thought I'd check in as I haven't posted an update in a while.  I'd like to start off again by thanking everyone who's backed this project, we've hit our goal and then some!

I've been in touch with a manufacture and I'm in the process of lining things up now for the production process.  Normally I wouldn't bore you with the details but I'm ordering the final set of boards now so I can provide the manufacturer with what's known as an engineering sample.  No extreme changes to the last prototype, except I decided to hard wire one of the charging indicator signals to the microcontroller to make it easier to customize power saving modes when the USB cable is plugged in and out.

I can also confirm the device works just fine in high temperature climates.  I was in Arizona a few weeks ago when it hit 100 degrees for a couple of days.  I decided to leave the device sitting in a black case on top of the dashboard for most of the day and had no problems. 

Another interesting thing I learned about using this with Google Maps on a smart phone is that once the map shows the location, you can simply hold your finger down on the map and it will display the street address and then you can simply hit navigate to get directions to the address.  Believe it or not I send between 50 and 100 requests to the device every day (for testing purposes) and I just recently learned of this feature.  Just thought I'd pass this along.

Again, thank you everyone for your support and I'll keep you up to date as things progress.


    1. Creator Alexander Borsi on May 7, 2012

      I was thinking about coding an app that would be able to better manage the incoming SMS messages a little bit better. Basically receive the SMS messages and then keep the markers present on a map so that you can see the path easier on the screen as well as the other statistics of the device easier such as batter life and signal level of the device.