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CLUSTER is a visual metaphor - a display of how it feels to endure debilitating headaches - with the Pain personified.

My name is Ryan, and I've been obsessed with movies for a long time.  I co-wrote and directed my first short film (knuckleheads.) back in 1999.  Since then I've made a bunch of other shorts (like Nacht van de Duivel DVD Speler, Spanking the Monkey, Max Rudin: Large and in Charge, etc.), a cable access sketch comedy show and film (Time Has Come), and I started two features... and finished one (Defective Man!  Also, since 2005 I have been writing movie (and now music as well) reviews for low- and no-budget flicks at Ryan's Reviews.  Now I am working on my next short, and am asking for your help.

CLUSTER is a visual metaphor for my headaches.  I have suffered with tension, migraine, and cluster headaches for years.  It's hard to really tell someone how it feels to have these headaches; the helplessness and the hopelessness created by the incredible pain without any good relief.  CLUSTER is my way to personify the Pain and show how it feels to endure.

A page of completed storyboards
A page of completed storyboards

The movie will be a short (5 - 7 minutes), and it will be a very small cast and crew.  The majority of the funds involved will be to finance the effects.  I actually made this film once before, five years ago, and at that time the effects were to be done digitally.  They were never completed, and therefore the film has never been seen.  This time, all of the effects will be practical, and they will be horrific.  I want the casual viewer to truly understand what it feels like to go through these headaches, and the best way to get that feeling is to show the pain in living color. 

A test of some of the practical effects
A test of some of the practical effects

Please help me to make this film.  If you suffer from headaches, or know someone who does, help me put a voice, a face, to that Pain.  Thank you.


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