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Extremely durable, handmade dice towers & trays out of fourteen different domestic and exotic hardwoods.
Extremely durable, handmade dice towers & trays out of fourteen different domestic and exotic hardwoods.
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The Halfway-Over Update

Posted by Dryad Gaming Co. (Creator)

My campaign is officially in it's second half.

So here's a little bit of what's gone on:

Funded in the first four days. This is still totally unbelievable to me! I can't thank everybody enough for the support!  I'm really looking forward to making all these towers & trays for everyone, and I know you're going to love them. 

Stretch Goals announced (and reached!) If you haven't heard, every $40+ backer is getting a complimentary "Golden Dryad."  This is an awesome coin being made by my local friends at Shire Post Mint.  We're also four backers away from every $40+ backer also getting a random Dryad Gaming Co. sticker, and less than $800 away from unlocking Hickory as an option in the Naiad Series! 

Social Media is up and going!  I'm putting a ton of effort into making my Facebook Instagram & Twitter pages look nice and be worth following! Be sure to check them out to see additional content and keep up to date with how everything is going! There might even be some special deals and giveaways on there *wink wink*

Found a shop space! Behind the scenes I've got a lot going on!  Most notably, I signed a lease on a shop space!  Goodbye, parents' garage!  I'm so excited about this, and I'll be sure to keep you updated about it!  Any interest in a shop tour once it's all set up? 

New tools and machines picked out. I'll go into this more in a future update, but I've more or less figured out what new equipment I'll be getting.  This is why I'm on kickstarter!  These new resources will greatly improve the quality and timeliness of these towers & trays! 

That's it for now!  As always, thank you all so much for your support!  If anybody has any questions at all, please don't hesitate to send them my way!  Also, if you want to help me out even more, Kickstarters live and die on shares, so tell your friends about this!  Not only will this help me, but it'll unlock more stretch goals, which is good for you as well!

Thanks everybody, and here's to a successful second half of the campaign! 


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