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Extremely durable, handmade dice towers & trays out of fourteen different domestic and exotic hardwoods.
Extremely durable, handmade dice towers & trays out of fourteen different domestic and exotic hardwoods.
Extremely durable, handmade dice towers & trays out of fourteen different domestic and exotic hardwoods.
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    1. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Canyon: yes! BackerKit should provide tracking info once the packages are shipped!

    2. Missing avatar

      Canyon McCarty on

      Hey there! I was just curious if we'll be getting tracking numbers once the towers/trays are shipped?

    3. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @C Jacobs: Good! I just posted an update! Go check it for more info!

    4. C Jacobs on

      How are things going?

    5. Charles Andrew Williams on

      That's good enough for me!

    6. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Charles Andrew Williams: I will try my very hardest to get the rewards and the add-ons to the early birds all at the same time, but there is a chance it will be two different packages. Sorry, I know this isn’t a great answer, but the best I can do is “most likely.”

    7. Charles Andrew Williams on

      Hello Ty!

      I wanted to double check on something. I was one of the early bird backers, but was considering getting an add-on from the more expensive tiers and giving the one I got to a friend as a gift. Would I still receive both around the same time, or will the add-on make it take longer?

    8. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @David Walley: Unfortunately the dice were a Kickstarter-only reward and are not available as an add-on. However, you can still purchase the same dice (along with tons of other beautiful designs) at!

    9. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Anders Bernland: Thank you! I probably wouldn't put the stickers on the tower. They're more meant for a window or computer :) I'm also working to see if I can brand or engrave my logo on the bottom, but we'll see!

    10. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      C Jacobs: The tray is about 16.5 cm long, 11.5 cm wide, and 4.5 cm thick. This increases to about 6.5 cm thick when the tower is folded into the tray.

    11. Blaqwolf

      Dice not available for add-on??

    12. Missing avatar

      Anders Bernland on

      Hi Ty,

      First of all, impressive dice towers, congratulations on your success!

      About the stickers: do you suggest attaching one to the tower? On the one hand, the towers look too beautiful to put stickers on them, but on the other hand, it might be cool to show off where the towers come from, I think.

    13. C Jacobs on

      @ dryad what are the dimension of the dice tray ?
      Please not in inches but in cm
      Greetings C Jacobs

    14. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Bill S: Hey Bill, I just sent you a message. You should be all good!

    15. Bill S on

      Hi Ty,
      The dice aren't available as an add-on in the backer-kit survey. Please let me know how to add the saffire/silver dice to my early-bird pledge. :)

    16. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @occam: yes we are! :)

    17. occam

      Yowza! Ignition. We are getting closer... :-)

    18. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Occam: thank you so much! :D

    19. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Saeijou: you should be getting the survey tomorrow!

    20. Saeijou on

      hey, what about the backerkit? :)

    21. occam

      Ty (Dryad): Very much looking forward to this project. As mentioned before, your woods and workmanship are beautiful.

    22. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Scott Avick: The Backerkit hasn't gone out yet; It will go out in about a week!

    23. Scott Avick on

      Did the backerkit go out and I just didn't recieve it?

    24. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Adam Nettleton: Thank you so much! That's really really nice to hear!

    25. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Bill S: Thanks Bill, I've really enjoyed all of your support!

    26. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      Liam Galloway: Thank you!

    27. Missing avatar

      Adam Nettleton

      Honestly, what pushed me over the edge was the fine woods used in these dice towers. My father is a career craftsman and I have never seen anyone else use these types of hardwoods. I grew up around seeing and knowing a lot about these hardwoods. I used to have to tell people all the time that the colors were the real colors and not stains or dyes. All the other options I have seen in the marketplace are nowhere near the quality of this product. I can't wait for you to make these and get all your new tool toys. Well Done. I learned from my father that I would always make my own way and be my own boss.

    28. Bill S on

      Great news, Ty! Congrats!
      I'm looking forward to the Backer-kit email!

    29. Missing avatar

      Liam Galloway on

      One word...... awesome!!!!!

    30. Aaron Grover

      10 minutes!!!
      Getting ready to roll for initiative!

    31. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Canyon: I know!!! Exciting!

    32. Missing avatar

      Canyon McCarty on

      Hot damn!! 30 minutes!

    33. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @occam: thank you for the very kind words! I’m excited to make everything for you all!

    34. occam

      @Dryad TY for making this campaign of such wonderful objects. I very much look forward to seeing, touching, and using mine. And the woods are delightful. TY

    35. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Kristen Kelly:

      @Aaron Grover:

      Hey I wanted to give you both a quick update. I'm now going to be using backerkit, so you can easily add on items there!

    36. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Sven: yes! The wood is finished with an oil-urethane blend which feels fantastic and is very durable.

    37. Sven Kietzmann

      @Dryad will the wood be oiled?

    38. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Aaron Grover: Thanks so much! They will be available for purchase at shortly after the kickstarter ends!

    39. Aaron Grover

      Love the video, absolutely love how the tower looks. I can’t wait to see these (and play with them).
      Will we have the option to buy another one on backerkit or something? I would love to get a second one (basic wood) for a friend as a Christmas gift.
      Either way, congratulations on your success.

    40. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Soup: Yes! While the bottom is sanded and finished to create a very smooth surface, I will also include some rubber feet that can optionally be put on the bottom.

    41. Soup on

      Is there anything on the bottom piece of the tray to prevent the hardwood from scratching a softwood table, like rubber feet or something similar?

    42. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @christine: sounds great, and thanks for the idea! The more I think about it, the more I think the plan is going to be to go over each wood in more depth on social media, and do a video in the future (sometime after the kickstarter). Videos take a long time to make (unfortunately)!

    43. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the reply! An overview of each wood would be awesome. I already love the small paragraphs of each type you included in the campaign. I'll look forward to anything that you post on Instagram.

    44. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @christine: Thank you, and I will certainly try to, but unfortunately no promises! I've got tons to do behind the scenes over the next 11 days. However, you can follow me on facebook/instagram/twitter for much more info and content about each type of wood! Perhaps I'll do a featured story about each type of wood on instagram? If you're interested in that, my handle is @dryadgamingco on all platforms! Thanks!

    45. Missing avatar


      I'm having a heck of a time deciding which wood. They all look fantastic! Would you consider doing a video showing each dice tower? It might have deciding a tad easier. :)

    46. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Philip Ryan: Thanks so much for the generous compliments!!! I haven't gotten a chance to roll the edge of the empire dice in my towers, but as long as they're not bigger than 1.25 inches (~31mm), then they should roll just fine!

    47. Missing avatar

      Philip Ryan

      I almost brought a dice tower on another kick starter, but I'm certainly glad I waited for this one. Your robust designs are just pure gold.

      Just out of curiousity; have you tried edge of the empire dice on these dice towers? I play that game more then the D20 systems.

    48. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @Saeijou: Right now, it takes me the better part of a day to make each tower & tray, but I've been making these individually, and I don't have some of the tools and space I need. That's why I'm on Kickstarter. By getting a few more machines and some more space, I can batch these out and make them much, much quicker!

    49. Saeijou on

      How long does it take you to make one of those boxes? Or... how many are you roughly producing in a day/week?

      Really curious how long something like that takes a professional. I have to left hand and can't do anything like that sadly...

    50. Dryad Gaming Co. Creator on

      @C.R.: thanks so much! I can’t wait to make everything for you!

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