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Worker placement and dice management board game with high strategy and depth set in an incredibly immersive high fantasy water world!
Worker placement and dice management board game with high strategy and depth set in an incredibly immersive high fantasy water world!
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Tidal Blades in Training

Posted by Druid City Games (Creator)

Huge waves lapped at Caiman’s craft as he stared into the maw of the island’s mouth. It’s head, topped with rocks and sediment, was the size of a small island itself, with long teeth like stalactites glittering in the sun. Caiman drew a deep breath “Here, boy, come and catch if you can!” He loosed a harpoon at the beast, and then turned and sped away from the encroaching behemoth.

Slashing furiously at the underbrush, Dust cursed. “How do plants even grow so thick--it’s suffocating!” Axl, a few paces ahead, laughed “Aw, c’mon, you think this is bad? You should try swimming through the Lamara Kelp Forest.” Somehow, the Nag’i boy seemed to be able to slip through the jungle much easier than she could. Grimacing, Dust hefted her Trinite sword, bringing down a small tree encased in vines. “Well, let’s keep moving water-boy."

Eko’s small watercraft practically flew, following Sagashi’s shadow as he curved his glider around the Turtle’s massive side. Her heart raced as she peered up at the thing, fully as tall as the Citadel hill, with fiery lava pouring down the sides. What powers such a beast, how has it lain dormant for so long, why does it seek our destruction? So many questions filled her mind, she had to make an effort to refocus on the task at hand. Catching a signal from Sagashi, who floated above her, she followed his gaze and saw what he was gesturing at. Near the back leg of the beast, its shell was cracked, exposing loose dirt and rocks below.

A panic had set in at Remo’s Dock, the drifting township closest to the Fold. Fish-folk and Golfins were running to and fro gathering their belongings and packing them onto watercrafts. A squadron of Coral Guards guided the inhabitants onto waiting vessels. Mizun, the squadron captain, yelled orders. “Faster, let’s go folks, that’s no island.” He gazed over the thatched roofs at the monstrosity bearing down on Naviri. “Lords of the deep, help us,” he thought, clutching his spear for reassurance.

Caiman maneuvered his craft right in front of the great maw, firing another harpoon. It stuck, small as a needle in the great neck. Still, it got the beasts attention. Caiman leaned outward, banking away from the huge claw that erupted out of the water. He hung on, low to his craft, and pushed his engine to go faster. The claw just missed, but in front of it a giant wave arose. “Better water than that rocky claw,” Caiman thought. Without hesitating, he whipped his craft, spinning it a full 180-degrees, and shot towards the wave. “I’ve got to reach it before it crests,” he thought to himself. “And then I’ve got to deal with what’s beyond!” The beast’s head and legs were fully out of the water now, and its once-plodding pace was picking up. Its reactions were quicker as well; the claw had come out of nowhere. “ Caiman, shot over the wave and landed beyond. Then, against his better judgement, he piloted his craft between the creatures vast legs, staring up at the mountainous head.

Dust’s blade was encrusted with a thick green sludge and detritus from plants and trees. “Famous desert warrior slays one-hundred trees.” Axl said with a grin. Dust started back at him, her eyes smoldering. “It’s like cutting through Droska leavings! Too much water makes things soft.” He stuck out his tongue, but she ignored it. She stepped from the jungle onto the barren sun-baked volcanic rocks. She could feel the heat through her boots; it wasn’t just the sun, the island was burning with its own internal fire. Glancing south, Axl’s breath caught. He could already make out the Citadel on the horizon and the outlying drifter villages were less than a league distant. “First to the top wins the tourney!” Axl shouted as he took off running...

Pledge Manager & Dropped Pledges 

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a week since the campaign ended and I know I can't be the only one that is feeling a little let down. Following our champions on a daily basis became apart of my day and I loved it! I hope the Training story above will give you something to look forward to! 

Today is the last day to update your credit card info if you had an error.  This doesn't apply to many of you, but if it does, please take care of that ASAP!

The Pledge Manager will open next week once we get the final backer report from Kickstarter. At that time, you can add more copies of the game or the expansion to your order. Please go ahead as soon as you get it and log in and put in your shipping address,  even if you think you are going to move within the next year. I will give you many many chances to update that info throughout the next year. 


If you are attending PAXU in a couple weeks, come by the Skybound booth and play Tidal Blades! We have some of the new challenges and monsters ready to try! It will be a ton of fun! 

Thanks for your support! We have SOOOOOOOOO much more planned for this world! I CAN NOT WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU! 

- James

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    1. pagoda79

      Ooh, that box side is sexy for Tidal Blades. Hope the deluxe looks that good!

    2. Ben on

      and if you look on the right side, where it's darker, it says tidal blades, so yeah - tidal blades.

    3. Ben on

      @elijah - looks like tidal blades, since it has a big TB on it

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      Elijah Clay

      What game is the one with the serpent looking beast?

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      Milen Sotirov on

      Hello, for how long the Pledge Manager will be opened? Thank you.

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      Geoff on

      Hype for tidal blades at paxu I'll definitely be there!

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      Llewellen on

      Will Grimm Forest be available in the pledge manager?

    8. B.T. on

      I’ll be at PAXU and I ended up backing this project! I couldn’t resist and I will definitely stop by to play!

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      Did you turn the streaming off? ;)

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      Nathan Curry on

      Excited for the pledge manager. I only pledged a dollar as I hadn't watched enough gameplay to make a decision at the time of closing but now that I have, I think I'll end up going all in. It looks fantastic!

    11. Druid City Games 5-time creator

      Grimm Masquerade is our social deduction game within the world of The Grimm Forest, it is a stand alone game. :)

    12. Yuri Viktor on

      Grimm masquerade!!!

    13. Colm Doyle

      Which is sexier? James, or the games he’s holding?

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      Adam Nettleton

      HOLY CRAP. I didn't realize you'd be at PAXU. I looked through the vendor list. I will be attending. Now I might get to see this one in action in a couple weeks.

    15. Green Player

      Yes, I too am interested in know what exactly that other smaller box with the word Grimm is. Thanks.

    16. Ben on

      you bringing all those to PAX?

      I REALLY wanna try out sorcerer's city :D

    17. Pit07 on

      Extension for Grimm Forest ????