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Worker placement and dice management board game with high strategy and depth set in an incredibly immersive high fantasy water world!
Worker placement and dice management board game with high strategy and depth set in an incredibly immersive high fantasy water world!
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We have found our new Tidal Blades...

Posted by Druid City Games (Creator)

The green and blue pennants of the Chronosseum flapped in the warm breeze. A chorus of trumpets announced the arrival of the official tournament delegation. Iran Toru, resplendent in the purple robes of the High Arcanists led the Engineers, followed by Master Goro and a full contingent of Coral Guards. The crowds cheered in eager anticipation of the closing ceremony.

Iran Toru stepped to the center of the arena, where a huge dais had been assembled, raised his hands for silence, then began to speak. His voice echoed out over the Chronosseum “Greetings to all Navirians, and to travelers from distant lands!” His old voice was smooth and warm. “Many thanks to all who have attended and all of the contestants. We have seen amazing feats of skill and strength, of wit and bravery.” Gesturing to a table of dignitaries, he continued “And many thanks as well to all who helped organize the tournament. Mae Lamara, Nyrock of the desert traders, and many others. A special thank you to the Glassforger’s Guild for a most impressive lava display in the Droska Ring.” The crowd cheered appreciatively.

The wizened salamander continued “Our utmost gratitude as well to Master Goro and the Coral Guard for all of their work keeping Naviri safe from the most worrisome creatures that emerged from the Fold.” Smiling warmly at the contestants, he added “On that note, I would like to extend our thanks to each of you for rising to the occasion and taking on the role of protectors of Naviri. That was not what you had signed up for, and you have made this city safer with your bravery and demonstrated immense force of character.” The cheering from the crowd grew as the contestants bowed.

Clapping abruptly for silence, the High Arcanist spoke again “On a more serious note, I as High Arcanist owe each and every one of you an apology and an explanation. We at the Citadel have not shared the entire truth of the formation of the Barrier.” His voice solemn, he continued “Fifteen years ago, when the great Barrier was constructed, we made a most painful and difficult choice. With a host of sea monsters encroaching on our city, we resorted to the only defense that would keep our city safe.” He paused looking around at the surprised faces in the crowd “We froze time, bending it back on itself, trapping the monsters in an event horizon, to us, a single instant. Alas, the Tidal Blades, all save Krobaak, were caught in the same fold, and were lost.” The crowd sighed with sadness, remembering the tragedy.

“Since then we have spoken of the fallen heroes as dead, but this is not true.” Gasps and shouts of confusion rippled through the crowd. “Just as the monsters were not killed, only trapped, so with our Tidal Blades.” A look of sadness spreading across his face, Iran Toru continued “As we have seen only too clearly in recent days, the Barrier is breaking down, and we must prepare for the next chapter in our battle.”

“The tournament was called before we knew of the instability of the Barrier. It was called to herald the coming of a new set of heroes, for in the 15 years since the Barrier was created, we have not been idle.” Spreading his hands expansively, the old Arcanist spoke with renewed vigor “We have just finished experimental work on the Nexus, a device which will allow us to enter and move through the Barrier. Those that are named as the new Tidal Blades” he paused, motioning towards the assembled contestants “Will be the first to enter, and with luck will rescue the Tidal Blades trapped within.” The crowd grew excited chanting the names of their favored contestants.

Motioning for silence, Iran Toru gestured towards the tall Chameleon “Sagashi, our newest contestant and the first friendly creature to emerge from the Barrier, has not only provided us with valuable information from beyond the Barrier, but he has helped us prevent a tragedy.” Sagashi waved and bowed “The Coral Guards will be investigating Angler’s Cove and all associated with it will be brought to justice. But today is not a day to dwell on dark things. Today is a day for joy and celebration.” Pausing dramatically, his voice picked up energy “Today is a day of victory, today is the day when we announce our newest Tidal Blades!” Enormous applause rang from all corners of the stadium. The awe and surprise of the strange news washed away by the excitement of seeing the new heroes named.

“The results of all the Challenges have been tabulated, the battles with monsters, and demonstrations of bravery noted, and the winner of the tournament is…”

At that moment through the hush of the crowd’s anxious anticipation a high pitched scream was heard, “Heeeeeelp! Heeeeeeeelp! The island has awoken! It followed me here!” Grido the Tooth, the elderly Fish-folk, came huffing and panting into the arena.

Iran Toru, recovering from the interruption, quickly gathered his wits. Looking to Master Goro he spoke “Akora advancing on the Citadel, indeed this threat is serious, Goro what is to be done?”

As Master Goro huddled with his Coral Guard, the contestants did not wait for instructions. “Axl, grab your staff, you and I will guard the Inner Reef” Dust spoke quickly “Eko, any idea of how we can harm the island?” Caiman hoisting his harpoon growled “I will hold the center, let’s go.” They raced out of the Chronosseum towards the Fold.

Looking around in astonishment, Iran Toru spoke “Where’s Sagashi?”

“He left with the others” Master Goro replied. With a wry smile Iran Toru said “Well my friend, it seems our presence here is superfluous, all of our tabulating and calculating is unneeded.”

His eyes twinkling, he ripped up the score sheets and spread them to the wind.

“We have found our new Tidal Blades.”



We did it...together! We are OVERJOYED with the results of this campaign. Thank you . with everything we have backers!  We are ready to get to work making this happen! 

Team Tidal Blades - (Daivd, Lina, Tim, Ben, & James)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lee G. on

      Had Akora printed at double size. Really nice.

    2. Missing avatar

      Park youngmin on

      Could you please provide more 3D printable files for other monsters to backers?

    3. ReadyToPlay on

      @Peter Can you upload a picture of how it came out? I'd love to see it!!!! Whet kind of 3d printer did you use?

    4. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      Well, mine's done printing, looks neat!

      What I'd really love is for either a) some fan be allowed to 3d sculpt every monster or b) DCG sculpt all the monsters. Since b) is probably not going to happen, but we have a lot of engaged fans, it would be pretty cool if it could happen.

      Not like they have game play functionality, but painting them up and placing them on the monster cards when they appear would be very much extra deluxe :P

    5. CGM on

      Well... the world is huge, i will not say "in most libraries" maybe happend in a few cities of a few states in a little few countries in the world.

      I love these sentences and how fast we forget the inmensity and variability of our world.

    6. Eric Poulin on

      3d printer are in most Librairy. If not, lot of people on internet can do it.
      At the end, it’s just a free « goodies ». Come on guy’s, be happy and dont worry ;)

    7. Eric

      I also don't have access to a 3D printer but would love to buy one...if anyone is willing to assist?

    8. Sheriff K on

      I'm somewhat disappointed, because this means I'll have even MORE miniatures to paint (and mess up) because of those busts! >_>

    9. Chriss Jackson on

      But wait... who won the tournament?

    10. Josh N. on

      Dana - it was one of the free stretch goal monsters, the community voted on his art and skills

    11. Missing avatar

      Dana Parker on

      Does the community made character have any game relevance. It would be nice to have a set of monster cards to print to incorporate into the game... Or are there cards and I missed the connection?

    12. Claymore Nash on

      Nice! I think the nearby University has a 3D printer I can use but if not does anyone have suggestions for getting Akora printed?

    13. Never Bored Wes on

      Just making sure yall know my last comment was satire. Appearently people actually do get upset by free crap that they can take or leave at their discretion.

    14. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      Mine is already printing :P

    15. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      You can use a 3-D printing service if you can't print it yourself.

    16. Kelly on

      Sweet! Thank you so much for the print file DCG! Will definitely be making him this weekend! :)

    17. Petr K.

      There are no wargaming people :-/ I have no acces to 3D print. I do not know the exact intention of your last "gift". It causes more anger than joy :-(

    18. Souli Thong

      What would be a way to go about getting this printed? Thanks and congratulations on another amazing campaign!

    19. Ian P. Dwyer on

      Thanks for the 3d file! I'll get right on printing it! Want me to tweet at you with the result when I finish? It'll probably be a few days.

    20. Jacques Capesius on

      Congrats you all! Exciting! And now the wait begins...

    21. Inthereal Games on

      Wow congrats on such an amazing project. I am so happy to have been able to have seen the amazing mind of Tim Eisner in person working on this project while at Gencon (such a huge fan) and also the ever awesome and fashionable James Hudson. I am looking forward to having this game in my collection for years to come.

    22. Never Bored Wes on

      This is ridiculous. You should give us more free stuff to complain about... Learn to run a Kickstarter James....