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Worker placement and dice management board game with high strategy and depth set in an incredibly immersive high fantasy water world!
Worker placement and dice management board game with high strategy and depth set in an incredibly immersive high fantasy water world!
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The Myriad Maze - Final Challenge Part 2

Posted by Druid City Games (Creator)

Pandemonium erupted in the arena as smoke poured from the Elder Tidal Blade’s podium, obscuring the platform completely. The voice of Gills, the announcer, cut in adding to the mayhem. “There seems to have been a...malfunction…I..uh...” As most of the occupants of the Arena ran for the exits, or stared in dismay at where the Judge should be, Sagashi slipped into the shadows near the edge of the Arena where a young chameleon waited.

“Did you get him in time?” Sagashi asked. Kase nodded, and Sagashi handed him something wrapped in cloth. “Be careful with it, sometimes it…” he started, but trailed off when he realized Kase was already gone. Wow, that kid was good at blending.

Before Sagashi had time to look for him, he felt powerful arms grab him from behind, roughly pinning his limbs to him. “You’ve got some explaining to do, frogman!” growled Caiman, as Axl came running up.

“What happened? Did the Judge just--”

“First off,” said Sagashi, “I’m a Chameleon--check the tail, ya alligator. Second the Judge is fine. I--”

The loudspeakers interrupted him, “I’m pleased to inform you that the Judge is safe. He had an urgent matter to attend to in the Droska Ring, and had to leave shortly after the beginning of the challenge. We’re very lucky that no-one was hurt during this incident.”

“You see?” said Sagashi, “He’s fine, just like I said.”

Caiman didn’t relax his grip. “Sure. Maybe your plot was foiled. Eko told me she dropped you off at Angler’s cove.”

Sagashi glanced at the Betalod, who gazed back at him with a serious expression.

“Look, Eko, you were right. Angler was a big bad turtle.”

“I don’t recall saying that, exactly…” she said, deep concern in her eyes.

“Ok, fine, but listen. I met Angler. I learned what he was planning. But I’m not that kind of reptile. Luckily, I was able to track down this kid I’d met at the Entangler’s Hideout. He seemed like he had a few tricks up his sleeve--and luckily, he did. Like getting the Judge to move very quickly.”

Caiman finally relaxed his grip, and everyone looked relieved. “How did Kase do it?” asked Axl, realizing immediately who Sagashi was talking about.

“No idea. That boy doesn’t share his secrets--and he doesn’t work for free, either. But luckily, I had a gadget that may be able to help him out of a little jam he’s in.” Sagashi smoothed his rumpled clothes.

Gills voice crackled out over the stadium once again, “All right, the remaining jury have decided that even though the challenge was interrupted, they have seen enough to make a decision. If everyone would gather in the center of the stadium, the winner of the tournament will be announced shortly.” ---

This update unlocks two new Market cards that allow you to save up their effects to use later at the most opportune time (they still must be played on your turn). You can move the Judge to the island that is most beneficial to you, or move another player’s disc and figure to a location of your choice--freeing up a location you want to go to, or enabling a power from one of your character cards. These cards add to the strategic choices available you and allow for big turns when you need to outpace the competition.


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    1. Board Game Closet

      Final Day!

    2. Never Bored Wes on

      When you move somebody, I am assuming they do not get the benefit of the spot they landed on. This can be an EXTREMELY back stabby card as you can use it to move somebody to a location they desperately need to complete their mission or goal and still take whatever choice most benefits you in the same turn. I love it

    3. Tim Eisner Collaborator on

      @Devil's Advocate is correct there are 2 different cards. The first moves the Judge and the second moves another player's character and disc.

    4. Devils_Advocate on

      @A.C. sounds like card A moves the judge (according to the picture) , so card B should probably move the player disc.

    5. A.C. on

      Is it two different market cards, where card A moves the Judge and card B moves other players, or is it two copies of the same card and you can move the Judge or a player with either card?

      Just looking for clarification as the wording was a bit unclear and we only see the top card that shows the Judge only.