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Worker placement and dice management board game with high strategy and depth set in an incredibly immersive high fantasy water world!
Worker placement and dice management board game with high strategy and depth set in an incredibly immersive high fantasy water world!
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Final Chapter - Angler's Wrath

Posted by Druid City Games (Creator)

The long cavernous halls of Angler’s laboratory stretched ahead of them and Sagashi was amazed at the size of the place. “A quite impressive structure. It must have been quite a feat to build.” Angler disregarded the compliment “I didn’t build it, been here almost as long as the Citadel. I did add my own touches though.”

Turning a corner, they entered a large tunnel paneled with coral walls. “I’m always improving things, a born tinkerer. They said I should’ve been a Betalod for all my strange ideas.” Sagashi nodded appreciatively. “I’d say you’re too productive for a Betalod, seems they just come up with fancy ideas.” Angler smiled. “All them stories you hear about the old Tidal Blades are true you know,” Angler said, eyeing the Chameleons gear. “They were great fighters before, but with my new tech they were unstoppable.” He spat, his words taking on an icy tone. “And what do the Betalods do, the mighty Iran Toru, they go and freeze time with their fancy Hyperloom.”

Sagashi was surprised by the vehemence in the old Turtle’s voice, the rage in his eyes. Everyone else he’d met in Naviri seemed to think the Hyperloom was the only reason they had survived. “Wasn’t the monster invasion imminent? It sounded like the threat was too great,” Sagashi said, hoping to draw out more of the story from Angler.” “Bah!” Angler cursed, “the Citadel is nie impregnable and with all of my custom enhancements, the old Tidal Blades would’ve kept the monsters at bay.” He slowed, considering. “Some would have died true, most probably,” he said with a sigh. “The Citadel can’t hold everyone, but those were the muck eaters, the weak, the feeble minded. Not a great loss.”

“But no, they sacrifice our best, leaving the meek in their wake. It’ll be their own fault when the dam breaks. These new so-call Tidal Blades won’t stand a chance.” Angler was so caught up in his speech, he seemed to have almost forgotten Sagashi’s presence. As they ducked to enter a small laboratory covered with intricate shell devices, Sagashi’s sense of foreboding grew. “It is always a tough call when sacrifices must be made. I don’t envy anyone in that position,” he said evenly.

Sagashi’s breath caught as he saw a mysterious creature in the back of the room, housed in a large vat made of reinforced forged glass. “Aha, my newest beauty. Quite enchanting, isn’t she?” Angler pointed at the strange creature, it’s body was shaped like a seahorse but behind it spread large webbed wings. It’s iridescent skin shone as it moved, drawing the eye.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Sagashi said, approaching the glass. “It’s beautiful!” As Sagashi drew close, the creature lashed out, the sharp talons on the end of each wing striking the glass. Sagashi jumped back. “Huah!” Angler laughed, “nothing to worry about, my time-jumping friend. My boys caught her out by the Fold yesterday, and this forged glass will keep her harmless until we can learn her secrets.” His eyes twinkled with a menacing light “We can learn much from these beasts, turn their strengths to serve our purposes.”

“But nobody would listen. Nobody! “Testing monsters it too dangerous,” they said.” Turning, he pointed to the large gash running down his back. His shell was split almost clean in two, the dark scar twisted and ugly. “See this? A gift from Krobaak, everyone’s favorite Judge,” he spat. “When they kicked me out of the Citadel.”

Sagashi, stunned by the scar and caught speechless, was relieved when he spied his Timesplitter on the table. Hoping to change the subject, he asked “Any luck with my tech, right kind of you to help a traveler out.” Picking up the Timesplitter, Angler quickly adjusted a few of the nobs, installed a new casing and then handed it to Sagashi. “Good as new, my friend.”

“Thank you,” Sagashi said earnestly, as Dru curled protectively around his neck. Hooking the device onto his belt, Sagashi said with as much cheer as he could muster “I hope I can repay you somehow”. Angler flashed a twisted smile. “Consider it a favor. I like you, strong minds must swim together.”

“Of course, of course,” Sagashi said halfheartedly. Putting on his best smile, he looked around for the nearest exit. He had made up his mind to leave at once, but his eyes stopped upon spying a strange looking device on a nearby table.”

“Marvelous creation after marvelous creation” Sagashi spoke enthusiastically as he moved to the table. “Oh this?” Angler said carefully picking up the device. “You do have an eye for the exciting.” Angle paused, seeming unsure if he should continue, then grinned. “Just a little surprise for the final Challenge. Something my good friend Krobaak will certainly appreciate.” Leaning closer, Sagashi’s unease changed to fear, recognizing the markings on the deadly device.

New Sagashi Character Cards Unlocked! 

Now Sagashi has all he and Dru needs to compete to be a Tidal Blade!

True Sight Goggles: (?) you use to complete Challenges may advance any trait of your choice instead.

Trophy Loop (Shell Shield Upgrade): Spend 2 used Shells to gain your current Champions Board reward.

Therian Glider: Attempt any style of Challenge at any Arena.

Dru’s Telepathic Link: Give 1 Fruit to another Character at your Location. Gain the ability of one of their Character cards this turn.

Dru Surveillance: Give a Character at a different island a Shell. Take the Island Bonus at their location in addition to your own.

Phantom Krill is a Creature of the Void. (?) symbols may not be used to hit these creatures.

Over on BGG the user moonmoonpie posted this pic that his daughter drew for the monster contest: 

We thought it was great but it wasn't entered into the voting. So we took inspiration from her drawing and named it the Phantom Krill! We love being able to do stuff like this and it's why we keep coming back to Kickstarter! Everyone give a round of applause to Moonmoonpie for being an awesome supportive parent and his daughter who is on her way to being an amazing artist! 

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    1. Alie Koffeman on

      @David and Lina OMG! Just when I thought you guys could not get more awesome, you do this! Always that extra step above and beyond. My daughter will be ecstatic. She was already asking for something like this but I really did not see this coming. We were using a screenshot from the update xD Honestly, you guys are the best! Now I'm going to wake her up and show her the good news. And sending the final illustration when it's done? Just wow! *dies*

    2. David and Lina (Mr. Cuddington) Collaborator on

      @Alie: Thank you for the heartwarming comment, this made our day! :) Here's a link to a high-resolution image of the sketch so your daughter can use it on her phone. We'll make sure to send you the final illustration next year when we have time to finalize it!…

    3. Alie Koffeman on

      @Jess Turner Thank you ^^ I'm probably biased as a mum, but I think both my girls are crazy talented
      Just glad eldest is starting to realize this is well :3 Also, is that a basenji I see in your profile picture?

    4. Jess Turner

      Alie, your comment is so heartwarming!! Your daughter is very talented, and I hope she continues to love art. 💙

    5. Connor Giesbrecht on

      I love this new monster! So cool! Though I think the wording on the flavour text is confusing and awkward: "Creatures of the Void are not to engage lightly."

      The contestants (Ie. Axl, Caiman, Dust, etc.) are not "creatures of the Void"... right?
      Maybe it is supposed to say: "Creatures of the Void are not to be engaged lightly"?

    6. Alie Koffeman on

      Just came home from board game night and noticed this. I instantly yelled at my daughter to come over. She is crying and blubbering right now. She is shaking all over and she keeps repeating how awesome it is and she feels so so so proud of the design, how it turned out and about herself. I'm crying too because she is is so proud and happy. Thank you, DCG team. You did not have to do this, but you did anyway. Words cannot express how moved we are and how much this means. Thank you, everyone of you, for the kind and heartwarming comments. Now I'm going to throw some more money at this game, what I can afford to anyway. And WOW! David and Lina, such a wonderful, amazing and beautiful interpretation of my daughter 's drawing! My daughter wants a picture to be able to use as a background on her phone and she just claimed this monster as HERS 😁 Did I say thank you yet? THANK YOU!!!!

    7. Steven Tolhurst

      Words cannot describe how much I am going to miss his campaign , best of the year by far, This last monster rocks !

    8. Missing avatar


      I think all Kickstarters should follow this format. It has involved the backers, kept progress moving by providing valuable updates with new content, and has been exciting since day 1. Loving this campaign!

    9. Devils_Advocate on

      One small clarification question.
      Since the Reward on the Phantom Krill reads: Draw and play 1 Character Card.
      Is there any special reason, it does not say "Gain a Character Card" like the Lobobster or is it in any way different form the Two-Headed Hydra which only says "draw 1 Character card" ? Or is it just same thing but with different words?

    10. The Board Game Spotlight

      I LOVE this story. So cool. You guys rock!

    11. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      Crazy cool, and a nice gesture too.

    12. Board Game Closet

      That $750 is well within view now. Come on people! This is great.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kyle (FLIPSID3 Gaming)

      What a wicked cool way to show homage to a budding young artist! Moonmoonpie congrats!

      Every time I read an update it's filled with more story and lore and cool updates that add yet another layer of intrigue and awesomeness!

    14. Missing avatar

      Sefton Chatfield on

      That’s amazing. So glad her picture got used. Great monster.

    15. Eric Poulin on

      Right! I like creator doing this.
      Moonmoonpie great artwork!

    16. Missing avatar

      Themis Sakkas on

      I was really hopeful you guys would do this once I saw the thread on bgg and I am glad you did. You deserve all the support you are getting and more

    17. Lloyd Petersson on

      I wasn't afraid of Sagashi being left behind. My favourite character's ready for the challenge!

      Including the Phantom Krill with the inspiration of a fan drawing is very hearth warming. I wish the best for Moonmoonpie's very promising talent daughter: keep up the good work and you'll see, everything makes its way.

    18. Kory Dondzila

      I like how the changes are very minimal, mainly change in pose. Stayed true to her design.

    19. Heath on

      Wow. More than any components, deluxe-this or miniatures-that, turning that girl's sketch into an in-game monster is reason enough to support DCG. Such a cool gesture. Makes me proud to be a backer!

    20. Wolf310 on

      As always, spoiling us too much :). Thanks for doing this.