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Worker placement and dice management board game with high strategy and depth set in an incredibly immersive high fantasy water world!
Worker placement and dice management board game with high strategy and depth set in an incredibly immersive high fantasy water world!
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Caiman's Journal : Black Market Set #2 - Solo Mode Design Diary

Posted by Druid City Games (Creator)

Caiman could sense her presence in the dark room. The hissing, scrabbling sound of her breathing, and an indescribable menace. Clenching his jaw he spoke calmly “Horn Eyes, ahem, hauh, sorry to bother you at this hour.” She hissed loudly, coming fully awake. Caiman heard her claws extend in the darkness, and spoke in a rapid whisper. “Not here for trouble Horn-Eyes, just needing some help on the sly.”

“Skulking in the shadows like a true Tidal Blade” She hissed “Didn’t think I’d have the pleasure of your company after your turtle friends busted you.” Caiman breathed a sigh of relief, sensing that the danger had passed and that Horn Eyes was angry, but not aggressive. A light flicked on in the corner, bluish flames emanating from a forged glass dome. In the flickering light Caiman saw the hideous mass of eyes that made up Horn-Eyes face.

“Wouldn’t be here if I could help it, Horns, but my luck ain’t holding.” Caiman said “Can’t win the tourney with all these rough breaks, even if I’m the best of ‘em.” Horn-Eyes huffed and shuffled the market is owing ye a debt.” She said sweetly “But business is business, what ye be offering and what ye asking?”

“Ain’t looking for no contraband that's sure. No special favors neither” Caiman said pulling out a Challenge card and handing it to her “Just want to make things right, earned them points fair and square” Setting it next to the card on the table, he whispered a final plea to Horn-Eyes.

A dazzlingly horrid smile breaking across her mutated face Horn-Eyes spoke “Ye still are me favorite Cai, and ye are right ye deserve to win. And what seeing as ye can pay, I’m happy of any help I can give ye.” Plucking the card off the table Horn-Eyes shouted “Reever!” A moment later a sleepy looking frog emerged from an alcove in the back fo the room. Hopping up on the table it grabbed the card and stared at it, it’s left eye rolled lazily in a gentle unfocused arc.


The heavy coral desk in the Citadel of Time was adorned with the blazing emblem of the Tournament. Sitting at the table, two young attendants took turns slotting Challenge cards into a large device.

“Miskie -Glassforgers Duel - 2 Pts, Axl - Spire Slide - 2 pts, Caiman - Seize the Key - 6 pts.” the frog attendant called out.

The young salamander at his side looked up from sorting the next set of cards and spoke “Hold it, wasn’t that the Challenge that was cancelled due to the attack?”

“No, no this is good! Comes from higher up, I just got word from the big bosses” The frog said, gripping the next set of Challenge cards.

“Weird, well, if you say so.” the salamander replied sliding the next set of Challenges across the table.

The frog picked up the next set of Challenges looking at them closely, it’s left eye staring lazily into the distance.

Black Market Cards 

The newest set of Black Market cards gives contestants access to new bonuses to help them win the tourney. Your reputation is still at stake, but sometimes you need to change the rules.

Card #1 (4 Fruit) Complete a Challenge from your hand without rolling. 
Card #2 (4 Fruit) Deal 2 hits to a Monster. (Only unarmored spots).
Card #3 (0 Fruit) Reduce Spirit Trait 1. Advance one Trait 2.

Solo Mode Design Diary 

Click image to read the entry on BGG - Leave a comment!
Click image to read the entry on BGG - Leave a comment!

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Team Tidal Blades 


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    1. Désirée DragonsDream Greverud on

      For the life of me, I will never understand people's need to tell us what they don't understand about how other people have fun

    2. David

      For the life of me, I will never understand the appeal of solo gaming.

    3. A.C. on

      @Karsten The ring around the "?" has all four colors, including the Spirit Red, so yes, you can use it to gain Spirit after spending the Spirit.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kyle (FLIPSID3 Gaming)

      Solo mode sounds wicked fun - thanks for including that!

    5. Karsten Kutterer on

      @A.C. My question was more along the lines if the +2 to a trait has to be something other than Spirit. Also, to answer your question, I believe the "two fingers" is supposed to be the rock area of the Droska Ring.

    6. Marcel Claxton

      Love the attention your team put into developing solo mode. Check it out over at BGG.

    7. David

      Do you advances traits from the challenge you complete notre rolling dices but by buying the black market card ?

    8. Jared on

      Solo mode actually sounds really cool and fun! I love your goal to make it mechanically unique and thematically sensible and faithful to the pvp game!

    9. Missing avatar

      Mike Goulding on

      Just a heads up - The link to the Designer Diary is not doing anything...

    10. A.C. on

      @Karsten. You are losing 1 space on the champion board, and spending an action to do it. Whether it's a good strategy probably depends on the state of the game at the time this comes up in the market.

    11. A.C. on

      What is the design element running across the bottom of the market cards? I ask because the left side (which I refer to as the two fingers) looks out of place being a solid color with a dark outline rather than the organic fading that almost all other art in the game has. Maybe I'm just not seeing what it's intended to be.

    12. Karsten Kutterer on

      Not saying this is necessarily a good strategy, but with the "Card #3 (0 Fruit) Reduce Spirit Trait 1. Advance one Trait 2" could you increase the Spirit Trait 2 after reducing it by 1?