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Can you outwit your friends, avoid foul creatures, and build 3 houses before anyone else?  2-4 player board game, 40-60 minutes
Can you outwit your friends, avoid foul creatures, and build 3 houses before anyone else?  2-4 player board game, 40-60 minutes
Can you outwit your friends, avoid foul creatures, and build 3 houses before anyone else? 2-4 player board game, 40-60 minutes
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    1. Missing avatar

      Gabrielle Plunkett about 5 hours ago

      Hey- I still haven’t received my copy of the game and I’m in the US. Did I miss something? Did anyone else receive theirs?

    2. Nephastus on

      Finally I received my box in Brazil. Stunning.

    3. Missing avatar

      lau ing yik on

      there is no updates since 3 months ago i received the tracking number, what is wrong with the shipment? this is so ridiculous...

    4. Missing avatar


      Replacement piecs are not enough.

      What should I do?

    5. Missing avatar

      Nattawat Chuenprachapongsa

      I still waiting my package too

    6. Nathakorn Soontornworachan

      Hello, I'm a Thai backer and have not received my game yet. Should I be concerned? Thanks

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert Simm on

      I'm still waiting on anything at all ti come through the door. No game no stretch goals. Apparently i did make a mistake with my pledge manager but that was corrected months ago and i still have no postage confirmation.

    8. Podwodny on

      Recieved my missing part today. Thank You very much! :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Shiyao Li on

      I'm really tired of waiting, still no signs of replacement.

    10. Fredrik Schulz on

      Well it’s “nice” to see that I’m not the only one waiting for replacement parts. Almost two months and counting, still nothing.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gustav Tsai on

      I'm a backer from Taiwan, almost every backer in Taiwan already received their game months ago, and I'm still waiting for mine. I checked the email today, and found an email from Jan 6 2018. The topic is "Gustav Tsai, your The Grimm Forest pledgemanager is ready!". I click the confirm details link, and it says "Your Order Is Incomplete!". The truth is I already complete my PM at May 3 2017! I have a confirmation email from you through It says:
      Thank you for your order! When your rewards ship, you may receive an additional email with specific shipping details.

      I have no idea what to do now. Please check my order!!

    12. Darren Arimoto on

      Hello, I'm a US backer and have not received my game yet. Should I be concerned? Thanks

    13. Nephastus on

      Received an informative email talking about Grimm Forest already arrived in São Paulo - Brazil, but a month ago and no tracking number ever since this.

    14. Tim Mckinstry on

      Replacement piece received. One amazing game, very happy with it.

    15. Kelvyn Dominic Li on

      Hi Druid Games, have not yet received any updates on the delivery. Can help check? Thanks!

    16. Podwodny on

      Also did not get missing part in Poland, but still patiently waiting ^^

    17. Missing avatar

      Shiyao Li on

      Still not receive any replacements here in uk.🙄

    18. Druid City Games 4-time creator

      @Krag - Funagain had you marked as a "in store" pick up. Did you set that up?

    19. Missing avatar

      Krag Kellems on

      I have still not received my copy, and I'm getting quite discouraged with the start of your new kickstarters and only email updates on the Brazilian backers. :( Are any of the US backers who haven't received their copies going to get any updates soon?

    20. Kelvyn Dominic Li on

      Hey there guys, have not received the game yet :( can help check? Thanks

    21. Dave Datema on

      @druidcitygames: Yeah! Our replacements have arrived! They look great.... only one little thing...

      We finally have the last playerboard (the Rapunzelboard), but my wife noticed that there is no fryingpan on this board. Now she is sad...

      (Seriously. We've played it with 4 players this weekend for the first time and it was even more fun then with 2. I'm proud to say that this game replaced Mice & Mystics as my 'most beautiful game in my collection')

    22. Mike Chen

      @creator: please give me your response on my email. I still not receive my package. It's been too long.

    23. Missing avatar


      Played this game several times already. This game is ruthless. A wolf in sheep's clothing for sure.

    24. Missing avatar

      Shiyao Li on

      Still not receive the replacement here jn UK, should l fill the form again?

    25. Missing avatar

      Megan Sahely

      I still have not received my game as a US backer. Could someone please be in touch to resolve?

    26. Missing avatar

      Kayle on

      A couple of hours after my comment here I received a cc of a mail sent to CSS Express by Druid City games asking for clarity, and CSS responded with a UPS tracking link saying they are sending the package. Thanks for the swift response, I really don’t think the fault lies with your team, but I guess the KS was too much of a success for the distributors to handle. Thanks again! I’m eagerly awaiting the game.

    27. Henrique Pinheiro on

      Druid City Games do not reply to my messages. I am asking for a refund for weeks without an answer. Really unsatisfied with your customer service.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kayle on

      Hi, Netherland here. It's been exactly 2 months since I received the confirmation that my game was being shipped from CSS Express in Germany, but so far nothing has appeared at my door. I don't want to be impatient, but seeing as you are responding to Brazilian backers, please look into what's happening in Germany as well.

    29. Brettner on

      I find it a bit disturbing, that DCG has not answered any questions here in the comments section since April 11th... especially regarding the whereabout of app. 100+ games that still have not been delivered in Germany. See comment from Oliver Knieling 4 days ago... I am not panicking but as i said above, i find it a bit disturbing.... Any info is much appreciated.

    30. Nephastus on

      Not to mention eventually the trouble asking for replacement parts... will need an entire year to solve possible issues related to replacements after the game itself knock my door?

    31. Nephastus on

      Still nothing to brazilian backers. Who is the chosen partner into Brazil to make the delivery??

    32. Missing avatar

      lau ing yik on

      still no receive from Malaysia, got the tracking number 1 month ago, but never update anything.

    33. Missing avatar


      I know I'm late but I just opened my game to play it. I have noticed I am missing a wooden roof. What should I do?

    34. Godfather Punk

      @Oliver - Belgian delivery was also only last Friday, though I've been waiting since the beginning of the month.
      There was a delay because the first truck was full (or somesuch) and part of delivery had to wait for the next truck.
      Anyway, it was certainly worth the wait.

    35. Oliver Knieling on

      Still nothing here in Germany :-(
      Packages have been sent out on 5th April? Of course... sure...
      More than two weeks for delivery from Germany to Germany?!
      Delivery by bicycle? C02-neutral?

      Pls. check your distributor if the 100+ games are still in storage!

    36. Godfather Punk


    37. Godfather Punk

      Received in BE (EU)!
      Wow! If there exists a reward for box deign, this game would win hands down.
      Thanks @DruidCityGames for a beautiful gaming experience!

    38. Matt Breight on

      I have not received the replacements yet. What should I do? Please let me know of I have to refill the form

    39. Missing avatar


      Heya! Just got my final replacement piggy that appears to have gone to market.

      Thanks folks.

      This game is very popular with the locals.

    40. Kevin Renaud on

      Should I fill out the form again for my replacement pig as I haven't heard anything and its been over a month

    41. Missing avatar

      Chris Britton

      I am UK based and have received no game or tracking info. Please help.

    42. Missing avatar

      ปีศาจ กินจุ on

      Hi, I’m in Thailand. I haven't received games and tracking number.

    43. Missing avatar


      Just wanted to say congrats on a fun and unique game! I've played this with several friends at this point and we all really enjoy it. I also received my blue pig replacement quite quickly. The friend cards can really change the strategy of the game in a huge way and it allows you to play differently each time you went about it. So far it seems like straw is a bit overpowered, but I think that is based on the people I play with (I've won all but one game so far and it was always with 2/3 houses being straw). The gametrayz are genius and make everything SO much easier. The box really had a lot of thought put into it for storage and I appreciate it greatly. Cheers!

    44. Missing avatar

      Tessanger on

      Hello, do you condiser any update regarding missing/broken pieces? I filled the request, because my blue pig arrived broken, but from then no message. I would appreciate atlest some general info here on Kickstarter.

    45. Chayanich Kovavinthaweewat on

      I’m not recieve my game yet. I’m in Thailand. I already send you an email but no response too

    46. Philip Verdoodt on

      Its been a month now since i sent a mail to get a new blue pig. What is a normal time for it to arrive?

    47. robert bates

      Received the replace die on saturday uk thanks.

    48. Purification Ritual on

      I'm in So. Cal, is there an ETA? I'm going to a friend's board gaming even and I really want to bring this along.

    49. Missing avatar

      Pichdarong Pantong

      I didn't recieve any tracking number, i'm still waiting for my game.

      I see many people in my country already recieved a game but not me....

      How can i contact you to check about my shipping?

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