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Can you outwit your friends, avoid foul creatures, and build 3 houses before anyone else?  2-4 player board game, 40-60 minutes
Can you outwit your friends, avoid foul creatures, and build 3 houses before anyone else?  2-4 player board game, 40-60 minutes
Can you outwit your friends, avoid foul creatures, and build 3 houses before anyone else? 2-4 player board game, 40-60 minutes
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    1. Missing avatar

      lau ing yik 2 days ago

      still no receive from Malaysia, got the tracking number 1 month ago, but never update anything.

    2. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      I know I'm late but I just opened my game to play it. I have noticed I am missing a wooden roof. What should I do?

    3. Godfather Punk
      2 days ago

      @Oliver - Belgian delivery was also only last Friday, though I've been waiting since the beginning of the month.
      There was a delay because the first truck was full (or somesuch) and part of delivery had to wait for the next truck.
      Anyway, it was certainly worth the wait.

    4. Oliver Knieling 3 days ago

      Still nothing here in Germany :-(
      Packages have been sent out on 5th April? Of course... sure...
      More than two weeks for delivery from Germany to Germany?!
      Delivery by bicycle? C02-neutral?

      Pls. check your distributor if the 100+ games are still in storage!

    5. Godfather Punk
      3 days ago


    6. Godfather Punk
      3 days ago

      Received in BE (EU)!
      Wow! If there exists a reward for box deign, this game would win hands down.
      Thanks @DruidCityGames for a beautiful gaming experience!

    7. Matt Breight 4 days ago

      I have not received the replacements yet. What should I do? Please let me know of I have to refill the form

    8. Missing avatar

      5 days ago

      Heya! Just got my final replacement piggy that appears to have gone to market.

      Thanks folks.

      This game is very popular with the locals.

    9. Kevin Renaud 6 days ago

      Should I fill out the form again for my replacement pig as I haven't heard anything and its been over a month

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Britton
      6 days ago

      I am UK based and have received no game or tracking info. Please help.

    11. Missing avatar

      ปีศาจ กินจุ 7 days ago

      Hi, I’m in Thailand. I haven't received games and tracking number.

    12. Missing avatar

      on April 17

      Just wanted to say congrats on a fun and unique game! I've played this with several friends at this point and we all really enjoy it. I also received my blue pig replacement quite quickly. The friend cards can really change the strategy of the game in a huge way and it allows you to play differently each time you went about it. So far it seems like straw is a bit overpowered, but I think that is based on the people I play with (I've won all but one game so far and it was always with 2/3 houses being straw). The gametrayz are genius and make everything SO much easier. The box really had a lot of thought put into it for storage and I appreciate it greatly. Cheers!

    13. Missing avatar

      Tessanger on April 17

      Hello, do you condiser any update regarding missing/broken pieces? I filled the request, because my blue pig arrived broken, but from then no message. I would appreciate atlest some general info here on Kickstarter.

    14. Chayanich Kovavinthaweewat on April 17

      I’m not recieve my game yet. I’m in Thailand. I already send you an email but no response too

    15. Philip Verdoodt on April 16

      Its been a month now since i sent a mail to get a new blue pig. What is a normal time for it to arrive?

    16. robert bates
      on April 15

      Received the replace die on saturday uk thanks.

    17. Purification Ritual on April 14

      I'm in So. Cal, is there an ETA? I'm going to a friend's board gaming even and I really want to bring this along.

    18. Missing avatar

      Pichdarong Pantong
      on April 13

      I didn't recieve any tracking number, i'm still waiting for my game.

      I see many people in my country already recieved a game but not me....

      How can i contact you to check about my shipping?

    19. Jakob Broberg Hansen on April 13

      @DruidCityGames I had hoped that filling out the replacement part survey would result in a replacement of my damaged figure, but more then a month has passed and no word from you guys. Should I fill out the form again or contact you guys in some other way? Hope to hear from you 😊

    20. Joseph L. on April 12

      This may be a little late to the party, but finally able to open my copy and couldn’t find the Big Bad Wolf figure anywhere in the box. Watched an unboxing video on YouTube and saw it in the slot with the pigs. Mine unfortunately was empty. Anyone else have this happen?

    21. Missing avatar

      canard on April 12

      I finally received the game. It's such a beautiful game !!

    22. Tim Eisner Collaborator on April 11

      @Aeron - Indeed it is not possible to simply discard a Friend card. When a new Friend is drawn it must go to one player. If you do not want the Friend you must give it to a new player. Sometimes this is a tricky balance and difficult decision to make. Hope that helps.

    23. Missing avatar

      Aeron Tolentino on April 11

      @Tim Eisner - Is it not possible to discard a Friend card? I.e. you do not want the new Friend you’ve just drawn (you prefer the current) but all of your opponents don’t have Friends still so it would be disadvantageous to you if you pass it to them. Please clarify. Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert Simm on April 11

      Still haven't received my game in the uk. I checked the pledge manager and it says i have it. im pretty sure id have noticed.

    25. Kevin Renaud on April 10

      I ordered one of the pigs about a month ago and haven't heard anything here in Canada

    26. Sam Drayson Le Tissier on April 10

      @Druid City games
      I've just received an email from Skybound that my replacements are on the way! Unfortunately the address is wrong, a 2 was missed off :(
      Is it possible to redirect a delivery whilst in transit?
      Thank you!

    27. Tom van der Spek
      on April 10

      @ Druid City games, Shiyao Li: Today the one missing floor of one of the wooden houses, arrived at my doorstep here in the Netherlands! Thank you very much! Excellent service!

    28. Missing avatar

      Shiyao Li on April 9

      Any news on the replacements? Nothing here in uk at least, no confirmation, no notice, do I just wait?

    29. Druid City Games 4-time creator
      on April 9

      @Nephastus - You and all other Brazilian backers are still in process. We are currently importing all Brazilian games in together to try and reduce the chances of missing product. As I am sure you are aware, shipping into your country from the outside is very costly and very risky.

      This method, partnering with a game distribution company inside the country should really help us avoid those issues. Those games should be arriving this week from sea freight, then we will need a week or two to get them through customs and to the fulfillment center, from there they will start shipping! We are pretty close now, thanks for your patience.

    30. Nephastus on April 9

      Me too. You already launched more than one new project and I didn't received any information or tracking number related to my pledge since then. How you dare to send me email requesting to support another project instead of provide tracking number of this one?

    31. Missing avatar

      on April 9

      @Druid City Games

      At least please respond to my comment or email, so I know you are trying to handle this.

      I still haven't received anything even the tracking information.

    32. Missing avatar

      Sonja Ljostveit
      on April 7

      Thanks Kevin :-)

    33. Kevin Renaud on April 7

      Sonja, Yes Druid City Games said that was a mistake and the 20, 15 and 15 is what you are supposed to get

    34. heyley on April 7

      Still waiting for delivery......

    35. Missing avatar

      Sonja Ljostveit
      on April 6

      I forgot to mention that I loved the inserts that are keeping all in place :-)

    36. Fernando Antônio Prado on April 6

      Any news for Brazil? A tracking number or at least know if it's on the way...

    37. Missing avatar

      Sonja Ljostveit
      on April 6

      Got my game in Norway today :-) It looks great. I have only one question. Is there a typo in the rulebook when it says 60 single resources? I only got 50 (20 straw and 15 of each of the two others).


      Still waiting for delivery in Brazil ...
      tracking number?

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Kopp-Jones on April 5

      Maybe I missed something, but when should we expect to hear about replacement pieces? I've used the form but heard nothing since.

    40. Missing avatar

      on April 5

      Finally! I've received the game in Singapore. Can't wait to check it out when I'm home.

    41. Missing avatar

      on April 4

      @Druid City Games
      I've asked so many times about my packages, now I have not received anything, even the tracking number. Most of my friends, they are in the same country and same province of mine already received the games. Could you please check that there is something wrong ? Thanks.

    42. Darren Hsiao
      on April 4

      @Druid City Games
      Dear Druid City Games,

      I have sent you more than 5 emails and KS messages, but got no response.
      Where are my orders? When can I received my orders in Taiwan?
      Can you check the shipping status and reply to me?
      Just want to know the latest news for shipping.


    43. Missing avatar

      Helix on April 4

      Game received in Norway:) Looks good!

    44. Jan Kador
      on April 4

      Was just delivered by UPS in Braunschweig/Germany.
      Still CCS didn't say a word, why it went wrong, while Druid City Games did a lot to make this shipment possible.
      Hope fellow backer receive their games soon.

    45. Oliver Knieling on April 4

      Still waiting for delivery :-( (Germany)

    46. William on April 3

      Received the game. Love the trays!

    47. Missing avatar

      Lars on April 3

      Edit : fact

    48. Missing avatar

      Lars on April 3

      Finally got my game. And it looks great except for the gact that the wheelchair for the blue pigs is missing(both her legs are broken at the base). But just looking at the game makes it woth the wait. It really looks gorgeous.

    49. Arnan Thamsiramas on April 3

      That Genie of you is brilliant!!

      The game box and tray are excellent. Thank you for this piece of art.

    50. שחף חיימוביץ on April 3

      hi there,
      i got only 10 pieces of wood (1) and 10 pieces of bricks(1) insted of 15 each.
      how can you help me with this?

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