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"Dr. Manhattan" is vinyl form! We will be pressing our self-titled full-length album to vinyl with your help!!
"Dr. Manhattan" is vinyl form! We will be pressing our self-titled full-length album to vinyl with your help!!
130 backers pledged $5,131 to help bring this project to life.

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Thank you for your patience!

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to take a minute and thank you all for being patient through this wait with us. We had no idea how big of a project this would all become, and we are sorry to have keep you all waiting through the process. To hold you over, we are posting the image of the t-shirt you Kickstarter-ers will receive - assuming you pledged $35. Everything is coming together nicely though and we will keep you posted to the minute of when things happen. Sorry again and again, and thank you again and again.


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Feb 1 Update

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to send you all an update to let you know that we are still diligently working on the Kickstarter treats for you all and that nothing has been sent out yet. Nothing is wrong, we have just been back and forth between certain designs and details. We should be getting the shirts in this weekend which is a big part of the holdup. 

ATTENTION: Anyone who hasn't filled out their shirt size, we will have to guess and we don't want to send you the wrong size. Here are the people who haven't filled out their shirt sizes: MEGAN VANCE, JOEL ZIMBRICK, ANN MORRISON.

Sorry to keep you all waiting. We have been trying to write new music to record for you all due to your amazing donations, plan shows to play for you, and other things that bands do on top of getting the Kickstarter packages going. We have piled our plates high and to you all we are sorry for the wait. When we start sending them out we will shoot you all an update on that to keep you in the loopski.

Thanks again so much for your patience and beauty. We are very excited for this year and what's to come. It's because of you all that we're excited about anything again. 

See you this weekend.


We Did It! Please Read!!

Sorry about the late Kickstarter posting, but we were so excited about the show and posting on Facebook that we didn't update the derned Kickstarter page. 

Yes, it's official...we did it.

With your guys amazing donations, we not only surpassed our original goal of $3,000...we raised $5,131 - an extra $2,131! It was awesome how you guys turned out in huge numbers to support our cause. Now with the extra donations, we have raised money to do something great for you recording a new album - so stay tuned for more information on that. 

We wanted to thank you all so much for helping us out in our time of need. We want to thank everyone who came out to our show on December 23rd - which was HUGE. Sorry to all of the under-agers that got the boot, we are going to have a show for you guys that will be fantastic as well. If you haven't sent us your shipping and survey info yet, please do! Or else you won't be able to get these wonderful toys.

I was a silly head and forgot to ask everyone: DO YOU WANT BLACK OR WHITE VINYL???

Please send us a message and let us know! Thank you guys again and again. Stay tuned to the Facebook page for updates on the future doings ( ). 

It's been a weird ride, Ace. 

Too much love. <3

Goal accomplished! Goal #2?

Thank you, thank you, and...THANK YOU!!!

You guys have been absolutely amazing throughout this Kickstarter campaign and it's because of you that we've made our goal. Not only have we made our goal, but we've raised $1,000 on top of it thus far! With the seven days we have left, we'd love to raise as much money as possible to use towards recording a new album. We're already in talks with a recording studio, engineer, producer and potential let's do as much as we can in order to make an album worthy of your ears! 

We have a very special video from our leading man, Matt Engers, to thank you for all of your kind donations and support throughout this process. Enjoy, and be safe! Thank you again, friends!!!

<3 Dman

$1,921 in 9 days!

Hello world...

...over the past nine days, you have all been fantastic! In just over a week we have raised over $1,900! Incredible!! Your overwhelming support has not only warmed our hearts, but it has inspired us as well. And since you all have decided to kick it up a notch, we've decided to do the same for you.

We have 21 days to reach our goal of $3,000. If we make it, the self-titled album will be pressed to vinyl and we'll all have a merry Christmas! BUT if we DOUBLE our goal in that time, we will record a new album for you all! Here's the scoop: We need $3,000 to record a new full-length album, so if the Kickstarter page hits $6,000 by December 21st we will record a brand new full-length album in the beginning of 2012. We know it's a lot to ask of you guys in three weeks, but if we reach this goal, we will have one final incentive to give you all...

So, with your help...we can really crush this goal over the next few weeks! We are not looking to profit off of this in any way, so any extra money acquired will go towards making this new album as great as possible. It's a win/win situation: either you are getting the self-titled album on vinyl and a new Dr. Manhattan album will be recorded with your help, or you are supporting the band's cause to record new music and you get a record and other great incentives for free! Either way, it's win/win/win!!

We thank you all for being so great to us over the years, months, weeks, and we're hoping you all can knock it out of the park over the next three weeks. Let's make this jam dream a reality. We've been fortunate enough to have the greatest people support our band over the years, and we can't thank you with your help, we can put out a great album funded by the fans for the fans.

Sweet dreams,


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