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$7,142 pledged of $28,000 goal
$7,142 pledged of $28,000 goal

Project Re-launch - Update

This post is to the Zeppelin backers and a fair number of new people asking when the project will be restarted or where they can purchase the Zeppelin Stylus.  

I can’t believe that it has been nearly 2 months since the project was cancelled.  Time really flies.  Since then, I managed to get 4 Kickstarter volunteers, kyleMichaelRStella Violano and Jesse Diaz to beta test the stylus. For me, what convinced me that I have something really was the fact that after the initial testing and feedback was over, the beta testers continued to use the stylus and they were afraid of having to give it up. 

We did discover two design improvements as part of the testing process and have updated the design and my suppliers should be getting me the prototypes next week (hopefully). Perfection takes time, and I am glad that we did more through testing before producing large quantities.

While waiting for the prototypes, I’ve been working on marketing.  I wanted a fresh start so I will launch the product with a new name.  I will use the company name can call it the GoSmart Stylus.  Since there will be different models for body shape, finish and color, each model will be referenced via  a model number such as 200, 201, etc.   I am planning on offering two body options.  The 2nd body design will be a more conventional cylinder since some of the people didn’t like the rocket body which I can understand if they want to use the stylus to take notes for work and be more professional.

With respect to the Kickstarter Video, I realize now that I needed to focus on the benefits rather than how or what the product looked like.  So, I intend to show what you can do with the Stylus such as taking notes in class, sending hand written thank you notes, holiday cards or vacation photo postcards and of course drawing.  Since I stopped drawing when I was in middle school, I asked one of the supporters, Lar deSouza, a professional artist to use it and video record his creation.

I will also include comparison test videos to demonstrate the functional benefits of the stylus such as visual clarity, writing angle, noise, glide friction with and without screen protectors (I will use a force measurement instrument called FingerTPS) and perhaps even compare it to a regular paper note pad.

Finally I’ll include testimonials from people such as Stella Violano who beta tested the stylus and lives in Los Angeles and people off the street perhaps in front of an Apple store or a university.

Having a great product and video doesn’t do any good if nobody see it.  So this time, I plan to create a Facebook Page, Tweeter Page and YouTube Videos for people that have not backed the project yet. Perhaps most importantly, I plan to have enough pre-production units to provide to bloggers and reviewers.

If you have any suggestions or would like to see anything else, please let me know.



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    1. Missing avatar

      Harru on

      Not sure if you still need anyone to help you with testing and prototyping. I used the iPad quite a bit and would be able to provide feedback. Let me know. I want this project to be a success as well.

    2. Jae Son @ GoSmart 2-time creator on

      @chris, I am glad that you like the name. I backed the Touchfire project because it is a great idea. I am not sure if I would use it a lot since what I like to do when I have to type a lot on the iPad is to use the Nuance Dragon app that converts dictation to text. It actually works even better than the PC software that I bought a few years ago. Yes, the idea of having testimonials which was suggested by one of the backers was reinforced by the Touchfire video so hopefully the new approach will make a difference.

    3. Jae Son @ GoSmart 2-time creator on

      @gdep, Yes, Good suggestions and I am aware of the complexities of the variation so if people don't like the color or finish options, then it won't be offered. Hopefully, we can spread the word and have plenty of backers to offer a good number of options.

    4. Jae Son @ GoSmart 2-time creator on

      @ Denis, I too like the zeppelin shape. A lot more interesting that all the other generic looking styluses out there so I am definitely not going to cancel that option.

    5. Missing avatar

      gdep on

      Jae - Glad to see you're getting close to the relaunch and tackling some of the areas (ie: marketing) that you may not have focused on as much with the Zeppelin. Clearly the product and pricing were on target, so getting the word out should go a long way towards your Kickstarter success. I agree with the recommendation that Chris made regarding Touchfire - the point being that if you want ideas for your video, you'll get plenty by watching those of the more successful projects at Kickstarter.

      I have one thought to share regarding your following statement: "Since there will be different models for body shape, finish and color, each model will be referenced via a model number such as 200, 201, etc". Stay cognizant of the balance that's needed between all of the disciplines required for a successful product, as trying to be everything to everybody could get costly from a manufacturing/packaging/marketing perspective.

    6. Denis Surkov on

      Personally I really liked irregular zeppelin shape. This was the first thing that cached my attention, and I hope it will not be canceled.

    7. MOKU on

      PS.... I like the name...

    8. MOKU on


      Yes a nice simple video like the Touchfire would be perfect for the GoSmart Stylus... PS... I like the same... iGoSmart Stylus would even be better... ;-)