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Instaxxx is a book of mostly nude instant film photos by photographer Nate "Igor" Smith.
Instaxxx is a book of mostly nude instant film photos by photographer Nate "Igor" Smith.
Instaxxx is a book of mostly nude instant film photos by photographer Nate "Igor" Smith.
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Get Your Postcards! Fill Out Your Surveys!


Post Cards!

The Instaxxx postcards are here! I want to send these out next week so please, please fill out your BackerKit surveys! 

Less than 60 of you have yet to fill them out so we are doing pretty good, but getting them all filled out would make my life so much easier.  If you didn't seen an email search your email for an email from BackerKit.

It takes two seconds to send it in and it makes my life a lot easier. If you have any questions or would rather I send your postcard with the book feel free to email me at 

Other Updates!

On Wednesday I had my first layout session for the book with my designer. It was only two hours so we didn't get a ton done but we made a lot of cuts and we designed several page layouts so now I can start organizing images on my own and our time spent next week should be much more productive because we will just be dropping images into layouts that already exist.

The only other update of note, for now, is that I found about 20 images that had been missing. I had scanned them and everything I just had put them in the wrong folder. A bunch of them were really good ones and I can't tell you how happy I was to find them. I also dug up a few more images that I didn't think worked at the time I started scanning but work really well with the new layout. I find that often images that aren't that great by themselves can work really well in a series.

Really excited to keep working on this layout. I hope you guys love it. 

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    1. Tom on April 6, 2017

      Thanks for the quick response. Looking forward to the postcard and the book!

    2. drivenbyboredom 4-time creator on April 6, 2017

      Hey Tom, the pre-order page has an automatic $5 shipping charge for whatever you buy because it's designed for people to pre-oder the book. If you go to BackerKit via the original email you filled out your survey with you should be able to add a postcard with no extra shipping charge. Also, as long as you donated $5 or more you have a card coming anyway. Thanks!

    3. Tom on April 6, 2017

      I came back to this post after filling out my survey last week. I thought you know, that postcard is lit, let me get one. So I went through the order process and BOOM - your fulfillment site wanted to bang me with a $5 shipping charge on a $1 postcard. Don't you just stamp it an mail it? Whoa! I should have tacked it on the original order.