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"Days of War" will deliver a fiercely competitive shooter in a visually stunning WWII environment.
"Days of War" will deliver a fiercely competitive shooter in a visually stunning WWII environment.
1,276 backers pledged $68,508 to help bring this project to life.

October Dev Update

Posted by Driven Arts (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Here is a peek at what we've been working on over the past month and a preview of some things that will make it into the game soon.  



Over the last month we have devoted a lot of time to performance optimization, an effort that will continue up until Early Access and beyond. While it is hard to show this progress in a few screenshots, the impact in game has been significant in terms of frame rate gains and overall smoothness. This is something we are taking very seriously and spans multiple development verticals (art, code, animation). 

Dedicated Servers  

We’ve said from day one that we want our community to be able to host and control their own dedicated servers, but we also want to make that a simple and easy thing to do. To achieve that we’re putting a good chunk of time into a Server Admin Panel that will allow full server control from a UI inside the game itself. This allows you to both play and administrate at the same time with ease. Before we hit early access we will be testing this feature with our clan partners to make sure we design it with you in mind and get the functionality you desire.  

Server Admin Panel Concept
Server Admin Panel Concept

New Map  

We’ve begun playtesting and art development on a new map which takes place in the Alsace region of France during the allied campaign to recapture the Colmar Pocket in the winter of 1944-1945. We are excited to bring in the historic architectural styles from the region along with a more pristine and colorful counterexample to our drearier rubble filled maps of Normandy.  

Riquewihr, France, during occupation
Riquewihr, France, during occupation



Alsace Region, France
Alsace Region, France



We are partnering with a 3rd party provider called Easy Anti Cheat to help ensure we remain cheat free from day one. They offer a multi-pronged approach to cheat prevention and levels of automation that are instrumental to a small team like us.  If you are interested in learning more check out their site at


New heads  

Days of War is getting a new face, actually multiple new faces. The system we’ve built allows us to get a bunch of variety which will turn our army of clones into something that feels a bit more real.  




We’ve had a placeholder for the Gewehr 43 for some time now, and are happy to announce the model is finished and should make it into the game soon.

Gewehr 43 with Scope
Gewehr 43 with Scope


Dev Days

We attended the Steam Dev Days Conference last week, an event put on by Valve with panels discussing everything from how to navigate the Steam platform and Early Access to what the future of Steam looks like.


In addition to the ongoing development and testing, we've begun to prepare our Steam Store Page and Release Announcement Trailer.  The store page is set to be released next month.  This will come with a special announcement of some stuff we have been working on in secret over the past couple months - so stay tuned for that.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Driven Arts

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    1. Missing avatar

      ralf wagenleitner on

      Thanks mates! Good work!

      For anti-cheating is there are a kick-ban-vote possible?
      worked well on halflife 1 servers - if more than 70% of the players vote to kick a guy for cheating he got kicked.
      Would help a lot in other games :o)

    2. DanishPsychoBoy on

      Sounds good, I am looking forward to trying the game, when I have my PC build done. ^-^

    3. Brian Ehlin on

      I may have missed this info, but what exactly is the estimated release date for this game?

    4. Maxime on

      Can't wait to test the map wich takes place in Alsace, I live there ! (I live in Colmar)

    5. Missing avatar

      Philipp on

      As one of the early Alpha Tester

      I can confirm that the optimization on the game itself is amazing from the first time i step my foot into the game, up to this point! It's just AMAAAAAAAAZIIIIING AND FLUUUUUFFFYYYYYYY!!

      And it's a great progress from the 1st day i joined :)